Wine Games that Wine Lovers can truly Enjoy

If you are a wine lover (which you definitely are if you’re reading this article), and you want to find new ways to entertain your friends, stick around for some fun ideas.

The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on restaurant owners worldwide. There is definitely a lot of uncertainty when it comes to going back to everyday life and the standard way of doing things. Lots of people have gotten used to finding new ways to feel comfortable in their own homes since the home has become a place where everybody spends most of their time. Home can mean workspace, office, family time, relaxation, gym, entertaining area, and business headquarters all in one place for more than one person in most cases.

So why not make the best of it?

Even if everything returns to normal soon, hosting a wine party at home or in the backyard can be a great relaxing activity to have together with your friends and family.

If you want to spice things up at your wine party, engage in some wine games. Yes, you heard it right – wine games, trivia, and even old childhood games, but wine themed. They all exist and can turn a regular chatty wine night into a party, instantly. If you are a wine collector or have more than one bottle around the house, you can play a wine tasting game. There are also wine games that don’t require physical presence, but they can be played through video conference apps such as Skype or Zoom. Today, we are showing you everything we found in terms of wine games. There are lots of fun games on the market, but this curated list of 10 best wine games is what you need to look at if you want some ideas for your next gathering.

Let’s dive right into the wine games and start with some wine trivia.

Wine Wars is definitely a great way to learn about wines. Whether you are a wine geek or a wine enthusiast aka beginner, there is something for everyone in this game. The game has multiple categories that contain questions about the process of winemaking, growing the grapes, selecting, storing, and more. Your wine knowledge will be tested, and the battle will begin.

This is a great way to transform a regular wine evening into an exciting and fun night. There are enough questions for everyone, so you won’t get bored quickly.

If you like these types of games, another fun one to try is Wine IQ.

This game is perfect to be played over Zoom or Skype, as you don’t actually need wine to play. Of course, playing a wine game with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand is more fun, and you can always do it.

This trivial game makes a fun quiz night. It has multiple-choice questions that you have to get right in order to get your IQ points. Every correct answer translates into IQ points, and it is meant to be played in teams over two rounds. The first round is going to test your knowledge about wines, while the second-round tests your memory.

This is perfect for any wine lover, as you can learn new things by playing. It’s also an excellent idea for a fun and nerdy wine night with your friends or family members.

Not the most creative title choice if you ask us, but it is the most accurate description. This is the most fun and interactive game that you and your friends will love.

If you are looking for an entertaining night, this game is the best. Sooner or later, it keeps its promise, which is getting you drunk. You don’t need anything fancy to play this game, just some accessible wine near you at all times, as you will drink sooner rather than later.

Take turns drawing a card from the deck and read it out loud. The cards reveal instructions and are genuinely hilarious. It is always a “do this or drink” type of game flow, but the cards’ instructions are so fun and engaging that you will love to play this game for hours.

The game is made to be played by two to maximum eight players, so prepare to compete, take turns, vote, and even fool your friends – whatever you need to do to get them to drink. Cheers!

If you like drinking games, this is also an excellent option for any party. It is similar to the previous one, but with a twist. It is a game of cards, and the cards inside contain instructions, but you get five-card categories, and the game is full of dares. You have the Activity cards, which are actions to perform. The Skill cards give you special abilities. The Curse cards will make you “suffer”. The Secret cards are different hidden tricks you can do, and then the Decree cards affect everyone.

With 125 cards in the deck and a few friends, you can have a fantastic night. You will also need some wine, or you can substitute wine for another beverage. However, this game is great and can last for hours, or until your wine bottles are empty.

It is excellent as a gift for a wine and game lover.

Did we mention that there is something out there for every wine and game lover? If you like board games, especially the classic Monopoly game, you are in for a treat, literally. Grab your favorite wine and start playing with your family and friends (although wine is not mandatory to play this game).

This wine-themed game of Monopoly will keep you laughing all night long. Instead of properties, you can buy wines, collect grapes, and trade them for decanters. All of this while learning fun facts about wine types and getting really competitive. The community chest cards are creative and unique. At the same time, the deeds contain descriptions and fun wine facts to keep you interested. You can get sent to the Wine Cellar to age – then you are out for three turns.

This game can last for many hours, or you can choose the short version, which is just one hour. Regardless, you will definitely have a fun night while learning new things about wines.

If you aspire to become a pro, or you just like wine tasting as much as your friends do, this game will definitely keep you entertained for many hours. This is a blind tasting wine game, so aside from the items provided in the package, you will need wine, of course.

You can even throw a blind wine tasting party if you have more than one or two friends over. Better yet, you can turn it into a more intimate and romantic moment with your partner or spouse.

The kit includes pencils, bags to cover up the wines, a wine flavor guide, labels for wine glasses, and tasting tip sheets. The only things you need are wine glasses and some wines. This game is excellent as a gift for your wine lover friends and family members, as well as a great way to spend a fun night and learn more about wines.

So, you want to transform your regular parties into hilarious nights, right? This board game will have you laughing and making a fool out of yourselves in no time.

How does it work? You are at the vineyard, and you have to try to get to the Tasting Room by completing challenges. Throw the dice and draw cards from the decks. Take a card from each deck and complete all the funny and ridiculous challenges that will get your pawn moving forward.

The game is very straightforward. It is a combination of charades, quizzes, and a classical board game. Still, you perform your challenges while drinking the wine. This is a great party starter and a unique gift for those friends or family members who have a strong sense of humor and like to spice things up from time to time.

If you like wine stories, this game lets you create your own. This board game is intriguing, complex, but a lot of fun. It is designed for one to six players competing to turn their family vineyard into Tuscany’s most remarkable winery. You accumulate points by filing wine orders and earning favors from visitors. The game has fields, cellars, workers, and everything you would need in real life to make it in the wine industry.

This is definitely a game for passionate wine lovers that have some winemaking knowledge. However, it can also be fun for beginners or those who just want to explore new and exciting wine games. As usual, the one with the most points wins the game.

One game can last between 45 and 90 minutes, but you will be playing it over and over again once you get the hand of it. The essential edition can also be played solo. The solo version is a great addition, as you can practice, and it still keeps you engaged in the game – we can guarantee you are not going to get bored. If you are into viticulture, you will definitely love this game.

Some players associate this game with Catan, although this one is not so competitive, which is a good thing. Being so complex and different, Viticulture Essential Edition will keep you engaged for hours. Alcohol is not a requirement, but you can definitely grab your favorite wine bottle and play along!

Do you like puzzles? Because if the answer is yes, then this 3D puzzle will put your brain to the test. If you are thinking of a wine night with your friends, gift them a bottle of wine with a twist. This 3D wooden puzzle is a great way to put your engineer brain to work before drinking. The puzzle can be done and undone by figuring out the right way to intertwine and twist the wooden pieces. When it is assembled, it looks like a wooden wine holder, but don’t be fooled – it is not easy to assemble or disassemble it.

You will need to eventually work together to figure out the puzzle, which will definitely cause some laughter. To set it up, you have instructions in the package. Have fun tying ropes and twisting wood blocks to set it up for someone that likes puzzles and wine. When you succeed, you will appreciate your wine bottle so much more!

Suppose you want something more intimate to play with your partner or a couple’s game that can be played over a video conference app during the quarantine. In that case, this romantic game will engage you in some quality time with your significant other.

The game consists of cards with various questions. You take turns and engage in intimate conversation. Some might say it can be cheesy, but we think that it is somehow sweet. The wine is not mandatory. However, this wine game is much more enjoyable with a glass of your favorite Pinot Noir.

You will get a mix of 150 questions, varying from silly ones to some that can be deep and meaningful. If you thought you ran out of conversation topics when it comes to your partner, just wait until you play this game.

The game cards come in a small barrel, so you can take it with you anywhere. Go for a fun picnic or play it on the porch while you are stargazing. Either way, we think this is a great conversation starter and a great way to discover more about your partner without being so frank.

Wine Games wrap-up

We bet you didn’t know about all these wine-themed games. We are glad they exist, and there are undoubtedly many more drinking games to discover. Whether you like puzzles, board games, card games, or some useful old trivia, there is something for every wine and game lover out there.

These games are great for a fun night solo, with your partner, or with your friends and family members. We hope that we helped you discover some fun ways to pass the time and gave you some ideas for a wine party night. Now, it’s up to you to choose your favorite.

CHEERS to fun game nights!

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