Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves

They say that wine flies when you are having fun…or was that time? We do not seem to remember at this point, but we guess it goes both ways. Time surely flies by when you gather around with good friends and catch up with your lives, when you spend it on an exotic beach or when you finally lay back in a fancy restaurant to have dinner after a dreamy day of sightseeing over your favorite city. Imagine how much better would any of these scenarios get if you would have by your side your best friend, always ready to cheer you up, the one that makes no fuss but helps you when you are incredibly thirsty. Are you wondering what are we talking about or you already guessed who the main character is?

We don’t want to leave you hanging anymore: of course we are talking about your favorite wine. It is there after a hard day in the office, it stays proud at all parties, it saves you whenever you have no idea what gift is more appropriate for your manager. Wherever you go, it will go – all you have to do is find a suitable way of transportation and take it along.

It is not by chance that most countries have their very own traditional type of wine. Travelling goes hand in hand with enjoying a sip of ancient legacy, so you must definitely try a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay if you visit France and enjoy a fine Barbaresco or a classic Chianti while admiring the great ruins of Ancient Rome. Mark your visit to marvelous Barcelona with a cold glass of Bodegas Roda and you will definitely remember what a great wine o’clock you had whenever you will feel that fine taste again. Do you recall how in Marcel Proust’s famous novel “In search of the lost time” the main character had a deja-vu moment while tasting a sweet madeleine? Now that is the great feeling you ought to experience: a simple wine sip should transport you back in time at your happy place, when the wine was fine and the sun set over another fabulous day of you journey. All you have to do is bring back home that iconic wine with you.

We all know that travelling with bottles might prove just as challenging as travelling with small children. You have to find a suitable place for them in your luggage, they make great noise if not packed properly and can ultimately get damaged and make a lot of mess. That is a certain path to ruining the ending of a great vacation. Since this event does not make our short list of holiday fun, the wine industry came up with a great idea, a creative way for carrying wine safe and sound from one destination to another, whether you are travelling by plane, driving a car, cruising along or sending it as a gift: the wine bottle protector sleeve. Ingenious yet simple in design, this contraption is not new, but still works and does exactly what it promises: takes good care of your wine bottle by dressing it up for the occasion and preventing it from ruining its appearance throughout the journey.


If you are still reluctant to whether you would need this device or not, just take a look at the great advantages it brings about:

Protects bottles against breaking: a glass bottle is a delicate object and while it can successfully carry an impressive quantity of wine in great conditions, it needs protection too. Just think about how harsh your luggage is manipulated at the airport or how much pressure it endures if you are driving on a sinuous road. Don’t you think that a little bit of extra safety will make a huge difference between an untouched bottle safely reaching its destination and a broken one, which snapped under severe physical stress? Do you think that you would get that promotion you worked so hard for if your manager receives a damaged bottle of wine as a gift on his birthday? Not anymore! Be smart and take the right decision.

Protecting the objects around from getting stained or destroyed: we believe this phrase says it all. A bottle of red wine broken inside your luggage equals disaster. Sorry, but we don’t think that you will be able to save your favorite white blouse or use your make-up anymore.

Protecting wine labels from getting scuffed or marked up in the suitcase: of course we all like wearing designer clothes and having a famous brand luggage, but we would rather have the Gucci or Burberry logo on our outfits and suitcases, not the Pinot Noir symbol imprinted in stains. The wine bottle sleeve will certainly protect against spills and keep your beloved items safe and sound.


One of our absolute favorite wine bottle travel protector is the Jet Bag set of six-sampler pack. Made in USA, it proudly states its purpose even from the very start. Despite looking as a plain and simple plastic bag, its design is actually quite ingenious. The logo conveys the idea of protection by displaying a plane carefully and gently surrounding a bottle. Of course it does not say specifically what type of liquid it carries inside –it is up to you to choose between vinegar, oil, liquor or perfume, but we strongly believe in your good reasoning and consider wine your top choice to bring home as a delicate memory from a fantastic vacation.

If you feel the logo does not state the obvious, on the lower side of the bag you can find instructions on how to use it properly in order to make sure that your wine travels in perfect conditions. It is quite simple and you can even manipulate it with one hand: just open the bag, put the bottle inside and finish up with the zip top closure, completely securing your liquid and protecting the other belongings close by. It can carry a standard bottle and absorb up to 750 ml of liquid in case of leaks or breakage. Moreover, it meets the 3R conditions: reusable, resealable and recyclable. It can be used over and over again and when it gives in after a couple of years, you can just through it away in the plastic bin without worries of damaging Mother Nature. But do not think that far, it comes with a 5-year warranty, which assures you many trips together and makes it a great gift for every occasion when wine is required. Just to be certain, try to keep it away from extreme temperatures.

Go out and buy this protective bottle bag: it is small and thick so you can keep it in your car, luggage, drawer, purse or even pocket: you never know when it is high time to buy a bottle of wine and need a safe way to transport it.

Made out of a very resistant yet thin polypropylene material, this wine bottle protector sleeve gently cares for a wide variety of bottles, from the standard 750 ml to the bigger and even oddly-shaped ones. The 7 inch long material can stretch and mold according to your needs and demands, efficiently preventing bottles and glassware from banging against each other. We are confident that you will find it very useful if you are both a wine and nature lover and like travelling the country from one corner to another in an RV or if you are a collector with a keen eye for fine liquors proudly displayed in designated racks. A man with great taste like you knows that it is all about the label. A damaged label or an unreadable one will spoil the intensity of the feeling and might lower the impression on your friends. Just picture what a disaster it would be if you take off your wine from the wall mounted rack and you accidentally scuff the label. How frustrated will you get if you see that the label scratched against other objects in your luggage? And how would you be able to concentrate on driving if the bottles keep making noise in the back?

Should you store it in such a wine bottle protector sleeve in advance, you ought to be the proud owner of an exquisite collection of wines from all over the world, perfect and untamed by the outer evil forces. You should also add a few trips to your portfolio along with your favorite wine and consider yourself the happiest man on Earth.

And did we mention that they are totally re-usable and eco-friendly? Because they are. Use the 25 pieces over and over again and if they do not compel to your standard anymore, just put them in the plastic bin as the conscious consumer that you are and they will be recycled. The only drawback that we can highlight is that they will not defend your bottles too well against breaking, nor will they mark safe your other items against stains in case of leakage. But other than that, they do a very clean job.

If the design did not catch your eye, the motto behind will definitely catch your attention: “No breakage, no spill, no worry with MALSA bottle protector!”. Bold statement, isn’t it? It is not by chance that the manufacturer has so much confidence in his own product. The thick bubble padding is totally shock absorber, creating a good permeation barrier, while the multiple PVC layers designed with bubbles is not only efficient, but also funny and distressing.

Leaving the games behind and getting back to adult business, these wine bottle protector sleeves are great for many other purposes. They are ideal for travelling not only because they provide increased protection for your wine, but in case of breakage, they successfully withheld the liquid inside. However, this situation is highly unlikely to occur as the double zip locks and the heavy-duty Velcro seal protects against leakage. In addition, it keeps the air tight inside and helps the protector sleeve mold against the bottle shape, taking up little space in your luggage so you can easily accommodate other things. The material favors the bottle’s position to get in and out, so you do not have to be a handy man to use it correctly.

Most users appreciated this product as highly efficient and durable even at bumpy and long trips, so choose it with confidence that you are doing the right thing. You can use it over and over again, being 100% satisfied by its services as the manufacturer himself guarantees.

If you are feisty and like driving your car on mountain roads or fly many hours to reach exotic destinations, but every time you hit the ground you are lusting for your favorite wine, you might want to consider choosing an excellent way of transportation for it too. These items are the perfect wine bottle travel protectors for you.

Their motto “No breakage, no spills, no worries” says it all. They are the real deal and carry your best friend safe and sound thanks to the very durable and highly efficient PE and PA material which needs to be bloated using a small syringe (included in the pack). The all-round inflated columns gently but firmly safeguard your bottle as they are all independent and will keep your wine safe even if one of them caves in. They are a match made in heaven even for 1L glassware. They protect from any external damage any bottle with dimensions up to 13 cm height and 3 inches diameter. Think of these wine bottle protector sleeves as comfy pillows that softly hug your wine and put it to rest until it safely reaches its destination. Just like a loving mother does to her child.

While it offers exquisite protection, you should know that this comes with a price: it takes up quite a lot of space in your suitcase because once inflated, it does not go back to its original shape. It is strong and stubborn and will maintain its stumpy figure for many months. A minor setback, but consider more space in your next luggage – it is reusable – and find another good beverage to bring back home. It is worth the effort.
However, if you are dissatisfied with the product, the Jimei manufacturer has it all covered and provides full refund or replacement. Given these conditions, we think you should give it a try.

If you are a packing freak and want to take along the whole house even if you go away only for a few days, you should try a more flat item to transport your favorite beverage. The Wine Skin Bags are the real deal as they are the original protector sleeves and after many years, still number one in the user’s preferences.

Popular at wineries and airport shops and highly appreciated by travelers all around the world, this wine bottle protector sleeve is valued because it is light-weighted and provides a perfect protection against leaks due to the double-adhesive seal. It comes in packs of 8 items, so even if it is not reusable, you are covered for many trips to come.

The tough vinyl exterior, actually shaped as a wine bottle, is impressively durable, while the bubble-packaging enclosure assures extra protection. It has a friendly design and you do not have to be a handy man to flawlessly pack your wine: just place the bottle inside, peel the inner seal and press the vinyl together with the adhesive strip. Then gently peel and stick the outer seal and fold the vinyl flap onto the second adhesive strip and press it as tight as you can. Job well done! Your wine is up and running for another journey! Isn’t this original WineSkin technology awesome? You just put the “skin” on the bottle and it is good to go. Get it?

Should you consider yourself an unlucky person and want to feel safe and protected against all odds during traveling, then you have to purchase the Yunko wine bottle travel protector. The high quality PE/PA and 9 layers of co-extrusion film are very strong and each air bubble column will assure the best protection for your liquor bottles. We genuinely believe in the manufacturer’s statement, promising no breakage or deformation, so we are confident to recommend it for transporting not only bottles, but also glassware, small electronics and other fragile objects that need a gentle caress.

In terms of usage, they firstly come flat so they take up minimum space, but will very quickly inflate when you need them to. The cushions stay straight and sturdy, just like the wine bottle inside, and for this reason all users appreciated them as useful and highly efficient.

Even if they come in packs of 20 pieces, each one of them is reusable and will hold the air tight for many months to come, so keep in mind that once used they cannot be deflated again. But they are so helpful that you just have to make a little more room and take them in your next luggage.

Travel in style with this premium wine bottle travel protector. No breakage and no leakage is what the double layer protection promises by keeping the bottle in place during long and bumpy journeys. This state of the art cushion consists of a double layer bubble padding, highly resistant and successfully absorbing shocks, fitting any type of bottle up to 1L capacity and even bulkier bottles that need to take a stand. They will surely be noticed if they travel in such luxurious pack and appreciated if they are gifted in this stylish manner.

The versatility and durability of this wine bottle protector sleeve has no limits. You can seal it as many times as you need. It is easy to use and accommodates your favorite beverage in only 4 simple steps: put the bottle inside, push it gently until it is perfectly fitted, close the zip lock and fasten the seam to prevent accidents. The double layer is double safe and can carry any type of glass you want, being designed in accordance with check-in luggage and carry-on purses.
We cannot seem to find any drawbacks as this item is stylish, easy to use and reuse, so go ahead and make the purchase. You have 30 days to change your mind, but we are sure that you will not: it is not only efficient, but will make you stand out by proving everybody what great taste you have.

If you are looking for something more affordable yet well-functioning, take a look at this reusable wine bottle travel protector with upgraded triple protection. The PVC outer layer and the double layers bubble bags provide anti-impact and triple seal leakage defense, significantly diminishing the chances of your bottle getting damaged.

However, if this unfortunate event ever occurs, do not get too stressed about it: the double zip lock and the Velcro seal keep not only the air tight inside, but they also block the liquid so as not to stain other belongings in the luggage.
The design is speaking for itself and ultimately sells the product: the bottle shape gives you an obvious hint about its purpose, while the name of “wine angel” symbolically suggests to give your wine wings to fly. Do not worry, it is perfectly safe and you will soon be reunited at the final destination.

So, wine and traveling enthusiasts all around the world, where will your steps take you next? Just book a flight or mark your next car stop on the map, safely pack your bottles in one of these ingenious and efficient travel protectors and go where the wine takes you.

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