Wine and Weight Loss – Everything You Need to Know

Fitness woman measuring her waist, weight loss
Fitness woman measuring her waist, weight loss

Are you wondering if wine can help with weight loss? There are many media outlets that claim wine can be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. However, this is too good to be true. First off, wine contains a healthy number of calories. That’s not all. Most people enjoy sipping from a glass of wine when having a delicious meal, and this leads to a higher calorie intake.

Even though both red and white wines have calories, there’s some truth to the rumor that they are helping with weight loss. Drinking a glass of wine per day is actually beneficial for your health because it can regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. Although, this only works in moderation. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out what are the effects that wine has on weight loss and our overall health.

Is Wine Good for Our Health?

You probably heard the saying that a glass of wine is good for the heart. This is not a myth. Having a glass of wine in moderation (two glasses of wine per day for men and one glass of wine for women) will have a positive impact on the heart. The wine improves cholesterol and blood pressure. This is not the only benefit that you will get by drinking wine.

Multiple research studies proved that wine helps with weight loss. The way this works is that wine contains resveratrol. The chemical is a polyphenol that excels at converting white fat into beige fat. If you are not familiar with these terms, you should know that beige fat is much easier to burn. Harvard University performed a study on the risks of obesity and discovered that women who drink wine are 70% less likely to become obese.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Even though the benefits that wine might bring might make it seem that you can stop working out and simply enjoy a glass of wine every day, this will not work. The wine helps converts white fat into beige fat, but the latter will not be burned if you are not working out. There’s also another thing that you need to take into consideration.

Each glass of wine contains calories that will add weight. If you are on a strict diet and calorie counting, you might be required to stop drinking until the diet is over. A regular glass of wine contains around 125 calories. If you drink a glass of wine when you are having dinner, the number of calories will increase significantly. This is why a healthy lifestyle is required to lose weight and build muscle.

Moderation is Key

Another key factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is moderation. Wine does have health benefits if drank in moderation. However, things take a turn for the worse if you don’t respect the rule of “one glass per day.” Dieticians and doctors agree that health-wise, it’s better not to drink at all if moderation is not a choice.

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