Wall Wine Racks

Wall Wine Racks

At some point in our lives, we have all imagined living the dream, enjoying a carefree life in an upstanding mansion with a dozen rooms, infinity pool, barbeque place, home theatre and of course, the well-known and most beloved wine cellar. Some of you may even remember the popular MTV 90’s show “Cribs”, where renowned artists welcomed the general public into their massive manors and presented them room by room, ultimately ending the tour in the basement winery, where they kept their precious aged and exotic wine bottles beautifully displayed in state of the art, custom made wine cellars. What a bunch of show-offs, right?

Well, we cannot all live that kind of lavish lives, but do not get green with envy yet. We have a more affordable, but just as good alternative to showcase your wine bottles and at the same time keep them safe, in handy and in style even in smaller apartments: wall wine racks. Nowadays drinking wine from fine bottles is highly regarded as a purifying experience, it is no longer just a privilege for superstars or fashion moguls – it is a habit that most people find relaxing and comforting on tough days or while organizing casual gatherings. For special occasions, for unexpected visits or just for the good sake of our minds, we usually like storing more than one bottle in our homes, so a wine rack would be an ingenious solution for those who treat their favorite beverage with respect and are willing to add a surprising design element to one of their rooms.


If you are still debating between a wall wine rack and making room somewhere inside a kitchen cabinet for your wine bottles, like anyone else does, ask yourself this: why fit in when you were born to stand out? Below you will find a couple of compelling reasons to persuade you into purchasing this unique yet necessary item for the true wine lover we know you are:

Safety and convenience: a wine rack helps you store your bottles safe and well-organized, all in one place so you can easily access them when needed.

Design element and space saver: there are many options out there for you to choose from metal wine racks to rustic wall wine racks, depending on the room you want to hang them and the design that fits it better. Are you looking for a manly pattern, a country style alternative or a simple yet refined element? Wine racks are usually made out of wood or metal as these are the most durable and sturdiest materials. Metal wall wine racks are considered stronger but smaller, while wood is more flexible and seems to appeal more to one’s design taste as it brings out an element of surprise. Also, think of the number of wine bottles you usually store. The internet offers countless wall wine rack ideas so just go for one of it!

Good option for aging wine: for those of you who prefer old wines and are eager to age them themselves, a wine rack which holds the bottles horizontally is the perfect solution because it keeps the cork wet enough to maintain its shape and prevent any air contact thus preserving the wine’s original taste and flavor. If your wine does not live to see another day, a simple vertical wall wine rack is just as good an alternative.

We have now persuaded you to buy a wall wine rack, but there are so many options out there. Do not worry, bellow we put together a list so you can easily find the best wall wine racks and ideas and help you make up your mind at once.

If you were looking for a wall mounted wine rack, than search no more. An Amazon wall wine racks top considers the True 0841 Hanging Rack one of the best as it is simple in design, yet attractive enough to easily fit the configuration of your kitchen or any other room you might want to highlight. Allowing you to choose between 4 or 9 standard wine bottle capacity, this sturdy black metal wall wine rack saves space while at the same time holds your wine safe and unharmed in the perfect horizontal position. If needed, it can also stash bigger beer bottles or different cocktails, so it is the perfect addition regardless of your drinking preferences.

In terms of mounting, unless your walls are stone rock or curved, you do not have to be a gifted handy man in order to install it, the package comes along with screws to ease up your job, while the simple design needs only your intuition to align it perfectly. Just keep your wine in fashion, will you?

The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating your wall wine rack ideas into your home and this wall mounted wine rack proves it best. Easy to mount, it is exquisite in terms of design as it brings out a couple of unexpected features. Despite looking plain and simple at first sight, the black metal frame gives you the option to choose between the key words “Wine” and “Home”, depending on which one better suits your personality, and also carefully hides more secrets for you to discover step by step. At second glance, one will notice that it is not a simple metal holder but actually incorporates 3 divisions: the wine bottles support on top – which fits up to 5 bottles, a secret cork compartment in the middle where you can keep the removed corks (just for fun or for keeping score, no one’s judging), and finally, a wine glass collection in the bottom from where you can take your favorite glass to fill. It is safe to say that this is all you can hope for in order to keep your wine secured and well-organized, with easy access whenever you feel the need.

Talking about an eye for details, this sturdy and sleek metal wall wine rack comes with an uncommon yet handy and well-appreciated feature in the form of 6 charms. Displaying a rustic look, they are shaped as tiny wooden circles inscribed with inspirational words to elevate your spirits: Love, Live, Laugh, Dare, Dream, Cheers. Fun fact: they are not only a great conversation piece but actual wine glass accessories – their main purpose is to personalize each wine glass so your guests will not mix them up between them. What a clever idea!

If you are a fan of real wood furniture, than this rustic wall wine rack will compliment your house design perfectly. With a capacity of storing up to 4 standard bottles, it is a great addition for your kitchen, study, living room or wherever you want to place it. Do not get deceived by its massive appearance – the MDF material only conveys strength, but its bamboo finishes soothe its design, making it simple and a great space saver. You do not have to look twice to find its place because its rectangular shape and brown color makes it seem like a simple, yet chic shelf to stash your wine bottles and glasses anywhere around the house. Just hang it on the wall with the help of the included installation kit and it will keep your wine safe and in style, adding a mesmerizing element into your one of a kind decor.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine in the liberty and comfort of your own house but also have a predilection for bizarre design like chains and jail scenery, this wall mounted wine rack is the perfect touch to bring to your room’s finishes. At first glance, it might appear a simple shelf for you to store some books, photos or decorative plants, but take a closer look: it is especially designed to hold 3 wine bottles in perfect position and 6 glasses below so you can just enjoy your beverage in a single move. This rustic wall wine rack is made out of solid pinewood and the metal chain proves a keen eye for details, transforming it into an authentic wall sculpture with a distant resemblance to an old prison bench. It goes great in your dining room near a liquor cabinet or in the kitchen floating above your table so you can casually sip a glass of wine after diner.

In terms of installation, it comes in handy with instructions manual and a bag filled with screws and plugs, so you do not have to worry about mounting it on the wall. Just pick the perfect spot!

If wood is not your favorite furniture material, but wine is your favorite beverage and you want to showcase your impressive collection to your guests or simply have them displayed for your own pleasure, this Amazon wall wine rack choice will certainly appeal to your senses.

As you open up your package, you might feel discouraged by the plain, black, metal cage with the simple word “home” inscribed on it. Do not jump to conclusions yet, just easily install it on the wall (make sure you have your own screws this time) and fill it up with your top 5 favorite wine bottles and 4 matching stemware. Take a closer look and notice that between these you will find a hidden compartment where you can preserve the corks as a gentle memory of good times. Not so plain anymore, right? Well, this has certainly lifted your spirits!

Apart from its genuine look and functional purpose, this metal wall wine rack also comes with 3 wine corks, beautifully designed with joyful encouraging key words “dream”, “dare”, “cheers” and vividly colored in red, black and pink, so you can use them to keep your wine unharmed until you enjoy the next sip. This is what we call a perfectly wrapped gift for true wine lovers.

If you are not much of a daily wine consumer, but only enjoy a bottle from time to time, you might want to store some in your house just in case you unexpectedly feel the need or get a surprise visit from your friends. It could really save you from an unwanted trip to the supermarket and make room to safely store your wine, at the same time keeping it unharmed and adding a nice touch to your house design.
For this exceptional purpose, you should take into consideration purchasing and installing the Hin Plus 3 Pack metal wall wine racks. Decreased in dimensions and separated in 3 distinct round parts, they offer enough flexibility to allow you to arrange them according to your own fantasy, creating an original and asymmetric décor. In order to install them, the package contains screws and anchors, so mounting will be a cup of tea. All you have to do is come up with the perfect positioning for your wine bottles to be safe and stored in proper conditions.

Just leave it to your imagination to set things in motion: apart from stashing wine, you could use them as candleholders or flower pots to create your perfect go-to corner for distress and meditation.

If your heart is still longing for a rustic arrangement, we looked through a couple of wall wine rack ideas and chose for you the Rustic State Sonoma Wood Wall Wine Rack. Perfect for hanging above the bar, kitchen table or in the dining area, this item reminds us of a traditional farmhouse element, making one think of how cool it would be to sit on a porch and enjoy a glass of wine while looking in the distance at some pureblood stallions.

Turning back to present day, of course a horse does not fit into your home, but this wall mounted wine rack does and will definitely cheer up the atmosphere as it is the perfect solution to store 4 wine bottles or any other liquor you might enjoy from time to time. It comes in handy with an installation kit, so all you have to do is hang it on the wall, carefully fill it with your favorite bottles and sip a glass of wine to entertain yourself while admiring it. Cheers!

Another recommended Amazon wall wine rack is the Vintage View Wall Series, which seems to invite you to keep your bottles in style even from the first sight. This wall mounted wine rack beautifully combines traditional and up-to-date patterns into a timeless outline, perfectly fitting your home decor and 6 standard wine bottles.

Made out of sturdy steel and small in dimensions, it is simple not only in design, but also to assemble and mount on the wall. A highly appreciated feature is the flexibility it provides, allowing one’s imagination to run wild in installing and arranging it because it consists of several parts that can be gathered up piece by piece in case you want to transform your display into an authentic winery.

Based on a simple yet sleek and efficient concept, this black metal wall wine rack has a storage capacity of 4 wine bottles and 4 stemware in order to keep you better organized by having all your favorite belongings in one place. It would perfectly compliment a tiny corner or the place above the kitchen table, especially if you live in a small apartment or a studio, but want to add a splash of classy into your home ambiance.

In terms of design, this wall mounted wine rack is narrow and has a very interesting metal-heart pattern, keeping your bottles and designated glasses incredibly safe and stylish.
If you are not convinced yet, take a closer look and imagine what you could do about it: apart from storing wine, it can also serve as a nice shelf where you can keep books, plants or any décor you might come up with. The possibilities are endless.

If you are lucky enough to live in a bigger house or your love for wine simply exceeds your love for cooking or other hobbies, then this metal wall wine rack is perfect for you. Take into consideration that it needs about 23.6 inches space, so you might have to give up some hanged pictures or kitchen furniture. However, think of the joy 7 wine bottles or more will bring to you and your friends when you gather around during weekends to enjoy a glass and catch up with your lives.

This sturdy two-layer shelf is easy to install and comes packed along with a 5 stem glass holder, keeping together what you need the most in one safe place. Given its large size, this item allows you to toy around with many wall wine rack design ideas: you can put your favorite wine and glasses below and above you can create a small oasis with some of your beloved books, a tiny plant and a picture with your dearest memory.

After reviewing these products, choosing a wall wine rack should not be a daunting task anymore. Just take into consideration the space you have at your disposal and the design you sought after. Nevertheless, the market offers plenty of options and one of them is the perfect fit for you. Remember that a wall mounted wine rack is a great gift not only for yourself, but also for someone who has just moved into a new house or simply has a huge passion for wine.

Whatever you choose, be certain that a wall wine rack, metal or rustic, will make your house resemble a real-life mansion, so all your guests will get jealous and want to steal your idea – just keep an eye so they do not steal your wine as well.

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