What They Said About Le Madeleine…

“Le Madeleine has been feeding theater crowds for years. ….The bistro’s gone modern under chef Bruce Beaty (whose lively flavors reflect stints with Alfred Portale, Gilbert LeCoze, and Jonathan Waxman). We feel miles from Ninth Avenue reality in the quirky all-weather garden, sharing grilled lamb sausage and splendid yellowfin tartare that’s zingy from lime and ginger. The tang of ripe tomato enlivens the skate’s classic brown-butter vinaigrette. Corn custard, leaf spinach, and summer-vegetable compote tag alongside braised lamb shoulder, and the rib eye comes with fabulous frites. Lemon custard seals the deal. Grab a honey madeleine and catch that curtain.”
–Gael Greene, New York Magazine, 9/11/01

“Le Madeleine, an engaging little French bistro on West 43rd street near Ninth Avenue, is often overlooked as a moderately priced dining option in the theatre district, although it shouldn’t be. The dining room is low key and charming … The menu is straightforward bistro fare with more than a few appealing dishes.”
–Bryan Miller, The New York Times

“Civilized, quasi-French dining just west of the bustling theatre district. The bar is friendly, the seafood exceptionally good, and the help friendly to customers in a rush. But it’s after curtain that the room starts to glow.”
–New York Magazine

“Le Madeleine is a wonderful place to just be.”

“Soft lights, brick walls, fresh flowers and plenty of romantic ambiance comprise the very French very warm atmosphere of Le Madeleine.”
–Jen Reiseman, The Star-Ledger

“Just a beautiful little restaurant.”
–The Washington Post

“Café Le Madeleine is an appetizing setting in which to enjoy light and interesting meals or snacks.
–Mimi Sheraton, The New York Post

“Another unexpectedly local charmer is Le Madeleine bistro … this is a simple, casual establishment that is at its very best when dining in the pretty garden out back.”

“a small and charming café for the perfect before and after theatre snack, weekend brunch or, if you can, lazy weekday lunch.”
–Daily News

“Here’s a suggestion for a meal before or after the theatre: Le Madeleine. It’s a small, quite charming, venerable restaurant with a Frenchified air and a small garden in the back. Prices are reasonable and the food is just fine.”
–Ruth Reichl on WQXR Radio