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Le Madeleine has been in this location at 403 W. 43rd St. for 27 years, and, as of Jan 1, 2007, we will have 3 years left on our lease with an option to renew for another 8 years. But, we’ve received an EVICTION NOTICE from our landlord stating that he wants to DEMOLISH THIS BUILDING.

We don’t believe that our landlord has the legal right to demolish our restaurant, and we’re fighting this in court with everything we have. Illegal development in Clinton is rampant, and we don’t want to be the latest case.

We have challenged our landlord’s right to do this in New York State Supreme Court, the lowest level trial court, and have appealed an adverse decision to the Appellate Division. That court granted a stay of any effort to evict.

Le Madeleine is a part of the corner building, 607-609 Ninth Ave., an “old law tenement” landmark building built before 1900, located in the preservation area of the Special Clinton District, occupied by 12 rent controlled and rent stabilized tenants. Our landlord’s plans would harm these tenants, destroy our restaurant, which employs 50 wonderful people, traumatize our block and seriously damage the fabric of our community.

We are part of this fabric that makes our community special. We’ve served thousands of diners and have hosted theatre parties, weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs – every imaginable celebration in our restaurant. We want to remain here and continue serving our customers for a long, long time. This is our passion. This is our home.

Our legal case is strong. Our moral case is even stronger.

You can help immensely by signing this petition to the landlord.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Le Madeleine, 403 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036, Tel: 212 246 2993