How Many Calories Are There in a Bottle of White Wine?

White wine
White wine

What better way to relax after a long day at work than by relaxing on the couch and enjoying a chilled glass of white wine? While white wine might be delicious and refreshing, there’s a downside to it. Wine is rich in calories. Even though there aren’t as many as you would get from a burger, there’s still enough to mess with your diet if you are calorie counting. In fact, alcoholic beverages of all types are among the first items to get “cut” when you go on a diet. If you know exactly how many calories a glass of white wine has, then this might help you still enjoy your favorite drink without going overboard on calories.

Calories in a Bottle of Wine

In general, a full bottle of wine will have between 450 to 1200 calories. The estimative range is large because there are many types of wines, and they all have different compositions that can impact the number of calories each glass offers. As a rule of thumb that you can follow, the higher the wine alcohol content, the higher the calories. On the bright side of things, white wine has fewer calories than red wine. Not just that, but there are special types of wines that have a low-calorie count. This type of wine can usually be found in Europe because the production laws in some countries require the manufacturers to lower the alcohol content.

Calories in White Wine 

If there is one thing all wine lovers can agree about when it comes to white wine, then it has to be the fact that it goes amazing with meals. This is why most people enjoy having a glass of white wine at brunch or dinner. Since white wine are always better chilled, they make for a great drink at brunch or on sunny days. Nonetheless, the estimative calorie content for a bottle of white wine is 605. The number can go lower if you choose to get a bottle of Riesling that has 590 calories.

Sauvignon Blanc is always a popular choice, and it contains 595 calories per bottle. This means that you will receive 119 calories in five ounces of wine. If you enjoy Chardonnay, you should know that it has the highest number of calories per bottle, measuring 615 calories. A glass that contains around 175 ml of white wine will have around 160 calories as a general estimate. This is quite a lot if you compare it to food. For example, 160 calories amount to eating half a burger. To make things even scarier, burning 160 calories takes around 30 minutes of jogging.

Final Words

If you are on a diet or calorie counting, drinking wine is a bad idea. While having a glass during dinner doesn’t seem harmful, it can have a significant impact on your diet. This is why it’s best to follow the dietician’s advice. If you are not following a strict diet, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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