Does It Really Matter What Types of Wine Glasses You Have?

Various types of wine glasses
Various types of wine glasses

Most people know how to tell the difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses. However, there’s more to glass shapes than this. There are unique glass shapes specially designed to give the drinker a more intense experience where he can taste each flavor and aroma. Therefore, it matters what types of wine glasses you have.

Although, we do need to mention that the glassware is not that important if you just want to have a drink after a long day at work. The shape of the glass comes into play when you want to taste all the details of the wine’s flavor.

Why Does Wine Glass Shape Matter?

Wine glasses come in all shapes and forms. Studies have shown that the shape of the wine glass directly impacts the effect of the wine on the fragrance and taste. This thanks to the fact that some glasses allow the ethanol to flow freely.

Kohji Mitsubayashi at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University performed a full research study on why glass shape matters, and he discovered the “ring-shaped vapor pattern.” Here is how Kohji Mitsubayashi describes the pattern: “This ring phenomenon allows us to enjoy the wine aroma without the interference of gaseous ethanol. Accordingly, wine glass shape has a very sophisticated functional design for tasting and enjoying wine.”

Régis Gougeon, from the University of Burgundy, France, claims that the size and shape of the wine glass allow for improved detection of ethanol. “Bearing in mind the flavor enhancer properties of ethanol, this work provides an unprecedented image of the claimed impact of glass geometry on the overall complex wine flavor perception, thus validating the search for optimum adequation between a glass and a wine.”

What are the Best Wine Glasses?

For Reds:

  • Bordeaux Glass

The Bordeaux glass is iconic in movies and all other forms of art. The reason behind this is that this is a tall glass with a wide bowl that looks fantastic. The wide bowl allows red wines to breathe.

For Whites:

Since white wines are unoaked and feature a rich fruit aroma, it’s best to use a Riesling glass. The stems feature smaller tapered bowls that help the drinker reach the scent faster.

For Rose:

  • Wide Glass

The golden rule that you need to follow when selecting the best glass for Rose is to go for wider bowls. The wider bowls are perfect because they help the wine’s texture aerate while the drinker gets to enjoy the full aroma.

Do You Need Fancy Wine Glasses?

Even though the shape of the wine glass impacts the taste and fragrance of the wine, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to purchase a set of fancy wine glasses. In case you are a sommelier who wants to feel even the tiniest of detail in the wine’s taste, you will need the glasses. Otherwise, you are better off purchasing glassware that fits your needs as a casual drinker.

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