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Wine Etiquette Tips for Formal Occasions

Etiquette is something that seem useless but can be a powerful tool, especially when there is an audience you’ve got to entertain. No one likes being around some one who lacks the most basic of mannerisms. Etiquette is how you separate yourself from a 3 year-old toddler. So while you might consider yourself to be […]

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Fridge vs Refrigerator: What’s the Difference?

The debate is real! While most people are well-aware of what fridge and refrigerators do, but what most can’t seem to answer is that both these things are actually different from one another. Though, they belong to the same family, and basically maintain a standard temperature to preserve items, the differences exists and are rather […]

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Best Wine Coolers 2019: Top Quiet Wine Refrigerators

How do you know when its actually time you purchase a wine cooler and are not being talked into an impulsive buy? Other than giving a contemporary feel to your house, they let your wines mature at the required temperature, are low maintenance and fit anywhere and everywhere. What’s more? You can now showcase your […]

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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

The health benefits of drinking moderate drink wine are immense. Make sure you drink in moderation and do not turn these benefits into risk. A glass of wine is recommended for women and one to two for men. One of the antioxidants found in wine is resveratrol, which is what has the beneficial effect. It […]

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Understanding the Wine Temperature for Serving

Wine can be intimidating but in order to appreciate them properly, the first step is that drinking them should be enjoyable. That being said, good wines do indeed need the right temperature to bring out their full flavor. In general, white wines should be served cooler and reds drunk just slightly less than room temperature. […]

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5 Simple Tips for Storing Your Wine

In order to preserve the quality of your wine, both in taste and aroma, there are some basic essential tips that you must adhere to. These tips will help preserve your wine until you are ready to drink it. 1. Avoid Heat Wine and heat are two parallel lines; they never meet. If you are […]

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