Best Wine Tote

best wine tote

„Drinking wine, feeling fine!” This is not only the line from a popular hip-hop song, but it is also true. Raise your hand those of you who came home after a long, tiring day in the office and thought: „I could really use a glass of wine”. Say it with me those of you who like curling up with a good book and enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir. What would a party be without fancy bottles of Chardonnay? Or a hot day at the beach? Or even a small gathering at a friend’s house? We all know that the one bringing the wine is the most popular guy in the room.

Our ancestors enjoyed drinking wine just as much as we do, but nowadays it has become more of a purifying, yet stylish experience. Wine is also known for its curative features, not only for its aphrodisiac qualities, hence this multi-purpose product deserves excellent ways of presentation and safety types of transportation. With that in mind, the following article will present you the 5 best wine totes to walk around and carry along your favorite beverage, while keeping it chill and protected.

Transporting wine bottles can sometimes prove to be quite challenging as they are heavy, pretty fragile, make noise if they touch each other, so carrying them in a plastic, paper or textile simple bag should not be an option. The wine lovers market has designed the best wine totes especially for those of you who want to keep it in style both on the inside – by drinking the wine – and on in the outside – by wearing it with you in a fashionable manner.

How do you choose the best wine tote?

The market offers thousands of wine totes which at a simple internet search or a visit in a specific store department might make you feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind the following criteria and then be certain that you are making the best choice based on this information:

Purpose: best wine totes are designed for various destinations such as picnics in the park, office or casual parties, days at the beach, sending wine packed as fancy gifts or simply buying it for an afternoon in by yourself. They could be inspirational presents for your visitors if you own a winery and organize internal tours. Depending on your answers, you might choose a single bottle wine clutch, a multi-bottle backpack or an up-to-date wine tote in the shape of a classic purse. Another feature that one might be interested in is the characteristic of keeping the wine bottles cool for longer hours.

Materials: depending on the before mentioned destination and your budget, you can choose a fabric bag, a neoprene wine tote or even a luxury leather one. Just keep in mind that a high quality material will make your wine tote last longer and will definitely keep your bottles chiller and more secure.

Capacity: you should take into consideration how many bottles do you need to carry from one point to another. How many people will enjoy the wine with you in these occasions? Choose the best wine tote that fit 1, 2, 4, 6 or even more bottles.

Design: as they come in various shapes and sizes, select the best wine tote with a design that speaks to you and caters for your fashion taste. If you are a cheerful person and like bright colors, choose one that matches your personality. If you are more of a sober guy, opt for darker colors and single-printed ones. If you are looking for a great gift, think of what the other person prefers. Also some of the best wine totes are designed with additional pockets and accessories that might help you fit other belongings in the same bag or where you can keep specific items such as wine glasses or corkscrew – would you find them necessary?

Now that we have established what criteria one should take into consideration when purchasing the best wine tote, we will further present the top 5 best wine totes listed on the market.

This neoprene wine tote is one of our favorites as it provides you the option to choose the one bottle or two-bottle capacity. Also, it is engraved with the very popular message nowadays starting with „Keep calm and…” of course ending with „drink wine!” – it’s like this neoprene wine tote is selling itself by inviting one to enjoy himself, distress and rejoice in a heart warming atmosphere.This will certainly draw attention on yourself and make you the favorite wine bringer wherever you go.

The neoprene wine tote is also special due to its material as it is made out of stretchy neoprene, strong and enduring, able to carry two bottles of 550 ml or one bottle of 750 ml. The handlers are fix and sturdy so it can easily be carried around without creating discomfort whatsoever. Moreover, the neoprene wine tote activates as a cooler and a divider by keeping the bottles nice and chill for up to 4 hours, more than enough time for one to reach his destination, separating the bottles as not to clang, making the transportation both safe and silent. Also the neoprene wine tote is easily washable and usually strain resistant, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it too often.

It is the best wine tote to offer as gift to wine lovers as its capacity and design are appropriate for any age and gender.

This neoprene wine tote is very practical as it can only carry one bottle, but comes in the package of 3 products for you and maybe 2 other wine lover friends. What makes it so special is the floral, colorful, cheerful design, which most likely will appeal to ladies and any other person who still longs for the flower power, hippie revolution.

The neoprene wine tote is made out of a durable, stretchy material which allows one to carry along one 750 ml bottle of the favorite wine, making sure that it is kept safe, chill and in style at the same time. Just like other neoprene wine totes, the sturdy handlers make it comfortable and ensure its place in the top of the best wine totes available on the market. It is perfect for short walks from the supermarket or to your best friend’s house, getting your wine safe and sound for being enjoyed in front of the tv or while discussing the latest gossip.

It would also make an inspired gift for someone who loves wine and has a vivid personality, as it is not only incredibly cute, but due to the resistant material, this neoprene wine tote is light and likely to maintain its bright colors even after several washing cycles.

One of the most beloved and said-to-be one of the best wine totes available on the market is the Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote. Simply by taking a glimpse at it you can guess why: it looks exactly like a casual, yet incredibly stylish women’s bag. One might not guess that you are actually carrying inside the party starter, the problem solver, the mood elevating red or white wine.

This fine wine tote is available in five colors (black, red, gray, white or spiral), depending on what appeals to a woman’s senses and wardrobe: it actually has some quite interesting patterns such as faded squares or even daring colorful circles. It has the capacity of carrying around 2 separate bottles through a padded divider and keeping them safe from collapsing and touching. The inside is made out of Aluminum foil composite thermal insulated material and 5mm PE foam padding which provides safety and ensures an efficient chilling process.

This product sets itself apart from its neoprene wine totes competitors due to its premium materials: the leather handlers and the adjustable shoulder strap are valuable additions and represent extra features to compliment this fashionable bag as they provide more comfort and flexibility. Also it comes with a specific bonus in the form of a free corkscrew, the perfect accessory for any wine lover.
Furthermore, it is a very versatile product as you can also carry champagne, water or any other beverage you might like, while it has an additional pocket large enough for you to keep your personal belongings.

Buy it for your mother, your sweetheart, your best friend, your favorite colleague and you will definitely notice a changed, flattering behavior afterwards! It is one of the best wine totes, an original gift who will surely be highly appreciated. Give it to a person who „has everything” and you will see that it will not be casually thrown in the gift basket. Who does not enjoy a good wine and a chic bag?

After reviewing a wine tote which fits into every woman’s dream, let’s find out which is the best wine tote for a fine, stylish man. That’s right, guys, we have the perfect gift for you as well: the beautiful, sober yet dashing Wine Enthusiast 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote.

This product is ideal for taking wine to a picnic in the park, to a formal event or carrying it to your best friend’s house to watch a sporting event.
This neoprene wine tote has the capacity to fit 3 bottles of your favorite wine or 2 bottles of the sparkling champagne you love so much. At the same time it keeps them chill and ready to serve once you reach your destination through the included flexible chiller pack and the insulated durable black nylon material.

Other than high capacity, this neoprene wine tote sets itself apart from its competitors through the classy design: it is shaped as a popular masculine carrier, with a small hint of elegance and distinction imprinted by the shiny, black color, the two-way lock ready zipper which easily keeps the wine bottles secure, and the resistant and adjustable shoulder strap, making it comfortable and easy to carry around.

Whether you want it for your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, manager or father or even for yourself, this neoprene wine tote is the best wine tote, the most appreciated and the most stylish one you will find on the profile market.

We may have saved the best for last: this 4 bottle, large capacity and beautifully designed wine tote definitely sets itself apart.

It is the best wine tote due to the 4 bottles it can carry around, its neutral outline and its ability to keep the wine chill for hours to come.

The main features that set it apart are the materials: PU thermal insulated material and 5mm PE foam padding protect the wine bottles from external collision and keep silent while on the move.
Due to the fact that it is a big, rectangular shaped, neutral colored item, it can successfully pass as an ordinary, stylish bag, without becoming ostentatious and attracting unwanted attention. Its adjustable strap, sturdy handle and stiff bottom will make it comfortable to carry around, fixing the bottles in a perfect vertical position.

Furthermore, the inside divider is removable so you can actually carry more than wine bottles – personal belongings, other beverage, wine glasses or even fancy cheese selection to go with your favorite wine.
It might also become the best wine tote offered as a gift on Christmas or Easter day, on a birthday anniversary, for the host of a casual party or simply a bag to carry the wine around.

So wine lovers all around the world, what will you choose?

Take into consideration that the wine tote is a perfect, more stylish alternative to the plastic or paper bag or even for the giftwrap you usually use in order to transport wine from one point to another. While the neoprene wine bag is a cheaper, fun, playful and effective mean of transportation for your favorite wine, the insulated and portable wine totes are not negligible options either: they are stylish, can carry your personal belongings and at the same time keep the wine perfectly chill for longer hours. Remember: a wine tote is not a trifle, it is a way of presentation, a trustworthy protector, something that your guests or hosts will definitely remember you by. Go ahead and make the purchase!