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Easter is right around the corner and you are planning to invite your family or some friends over for dinner? Have you already thought of the special menu that you are going to cook to impress the audience’s taste buds? Also, did you decide on the wine that you are going to pair with your intensely-flavored greens and spinach-stuffed mushrooms, lamb chops, or that delicious chicken salad? OK, we’re drooling, so back to wine. A dry red goes perfectly with any dish, from duck to steak to pasta to tartlets. We’re drooling again.
Red wine comes in different flavors, it is much more viscous than any other type of wine, and it gives you that pleasant tingling sensation on the tongue. You can go from sweet to dry, but remember that the sweeter the wine the more sugar you ingest. Also, sweeter wines might make you feel more light-headed than a drier one, so make sure you do your research before buying the perfect red wine to match with your favorite meals.

After choosing the menu, you should decide on how you will set the table and on what other activities you might want to prepare for the rest of the evening. When it comes to a table setting, a white tablecloth is always a good idea. Don’t think of anything fancy, because you’re going to need room for glasses, food, and so on. As for some group activities after dinner, how about taking your glasses with you in the living room for some mime or a fun board game?

Why Do You Need A Red Wine Stain Remover?

OK, so this was the fun part, but apart from all the cleaning that you will have to do the next day, consider the inevitable accidents that might occur to that white tablecloth or your carpet. Because yes, there will be accidents and you have to be ready to face them properly. The most common accident is spilling red wine on different surfaces or fabrics, and that requires an excellent red wine stain remover.

We know that wine stains can be real party poopers for the host, so in this guide, we have prepared a quick and simple action plan that will make you act quickly and efficiently rather than panicking and freezing. The good news is that you can make red wine stains go away. Scroll further for the most important steps you should take or avoid to successfully remove red wine stains.
Facts To Consider Before Buying The Best Wine Stain Remover

1). Act quickly
When it comes to stains, whether it’s wine, sauce, blood, etc., the longer you leave them on your clothes or carpet, the less likely they will lift out. This is no time for procrastination because red wine has this terribly speedy way of sinking into the fiber, making it hard or impossible for you to get the stain out.

2). If nothing else is within reach, use boiling water immediately
… while somebody else is running for the stain remover. Boiling water can dilute red wine stains from carpet or clothes. Molecules in wine lose their cohesion with the surface, making the process of cleaning easier. But do not settle for it, boiling water is helpful, and yet not the final solution.

3). Absorb in depth
Use a white dry material for blotting up, but do not rub, just dab at it with a damp, as you might expand the stain. Again, this is a handy solution that reduces the stain, but only a good red wine stain remover will make it go away.

4). Say No to dry heat
Dry heat intervenes in the chemical process of the stain while drying, making the stain last rather than washing it away. So, a big No to heat.

5). Using white wine over red wine is just a myth
There’s a rumor going on that white wine might take out red wine spots. We wouldn’t even try it, because, apart from wasting precious white wine, you might get an even bigger red wine stain. So remember, white wine is not a cleaning agent, do not waste it.

6). Use cold water and soap for emergency
Although it will not entirely solve your problem, cold water and soap are a great hand-on ally that, together with a stain remover, will create magic. You will get a spotless surface with only a few puffs of cleaning fluid and the most common cleaning solutions that humans have been using since forever: water and soap.

Good, so we already mentioned several times that only a good red wine stain remover will make your worries and wine stains go away. Next, let’s see a top five of the best red wine spot removers on the market.

Top Five Best Red Wine Stain Removers On The Market

Produced in 1997, Wine Away is very much appreciated by chronic red wine spiller due to its efficiency, but also to its non-toxic fruit and vegetable composition. It is not only effective on red wine, but also ink, coffee, blood, or punch.
Wine Away can be used on carpets, clothes, or linens, and does not only work on fresh stains, but also on dried spots, which is pretty rare. It has a fresh citrus scent, with no bleach or phosphates.
This foolproof way to remove red wine stains was awarded Top Tested Cleaning Award. It was recognized by Food & Wine Magazine, Modern Bride, InStyle Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and then endorsed by more media after testing it live and making proof of its efficacy. Even Disney selected it for their Food & Wine Festival.
Wine Away contains only fruit and vegetable extracts, is non-flammable, and biodegradable, which makes it safe to use around children and pets.
It has been proved that Wine Away can help in taking out bubblegum stains that accidentally land on your jeans. The cleaner makes the stain fade; after blotting and after washing those jeans it will be completely gone.
Only a few puffs are necessary, so one tube will last for quite a while.


  • Fast
  • Fruit and vegetable-based
  • No bleach or phosphates
  • It completely dissolves stains


  • Pricier, but worth it

The second option on our list today is a valuable competitor of the previously mentioned Wine Away.
Gonzo Wine Out is a remarkable non-toxic red wine stain remover that eliminates stain odor, leaving any surface clean and safe for children and pets.
It works wonders on carpets, clothes, and table linens, making even coffee, blood, ink, and grease stains magically go away.
The little spray bottle is also safe for traveling, so you can pack it with you on your next trip.
Carpet red wine stains are probably the most difficult spots to clean because you can’t just pick the carpet up and clean it.
Gonzo Wine Out is extremely easy to use on carpets by applying it to the stained area and giving it about five minutes to set before washing it. Use a dry towel to absorb the spot before cleaning it. It is safe to repeat the procedure if a stain proves itself stubborn and remains visible.
It comes with 414ml of liquid, enough to use for a long period of time because you won’t be needing gallons of it for one spot – a few puffs will do. And maybe a few more if you have to repeat the action.


  • Effective on any surface
  • Non-toxic
  • Removes odors
  • Safe around children and pets


  • Might need to repeat the procedure on difficult spots

Why classy? Because, besides the elevated price and its stylish name, the bottle looks very much like a typical wine bottle.
Wired Magazine has reviewed it as ‘the one bottle no wine lover should be without’. It has also been reviewed and recommended by The Today Show, Good Morning America, GQ, Real Simple, plus thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.
Château Spill works on any fabric and will remove new and old wine, berries, grass, or bloodstains.
Due to its great concentration, Château Spill had an immediate effect and it does not use any peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates. Made in the US, it is biodegradable and safe for colorfast washable fabrics.
Produced by The Hate Stains Co., Château Spill works with a pH-neutral, chlorine bleach-free secret recipe called ESR Formula.


  • Effective
  • Quick
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe for colorfast washable fabrics


  • Not so effective on older stains

M. Parker, a furniture maker, and M. Bailey, a manufacturer of waxes and polish unite their power in 1879 and start creating fine wood care products. They added wood floor cleaners, pet stain removers, wine stain removers, and many more.
Although the formula is very cheap, it doesn’t seem to lose any ground to the other products listed above.
If you have just spotted a stain on your tablecloth, carpet, clothes, or napkins, apply a few puffs of the odorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe Parker & Bailey solution on the spot, blot with dry material, and launder only if necessary. Repeat the action several times for carpets, as the stain might not go away immediately.


  • Very affordable
  • Effective on different fabrics
  • Biodegradable


  • Spots might not come out at the first try

Carbona is a complex brand with different cleaning and carpet caring products. Called the ‘Stain Devils’, they are split into 9 formulas designed for different spot removal.
Carbona Stain Devil #1 is designed for adhesives like tape and glue, wax, nail polish, chewing gum, paint, and correction fluid.
Carbona Stain Devil #2 is specially created for ketchup, mustard, sauce, chocolate, and spices stains.
Carbona Stain Devil #3 removes ink stains, crayon and pencil marks.
Carbona Stain Devil #4 is designed to remove blood, eggs, ice cream, yogurt, and baby formula stains.
Carbona Stain Devil #5 was created for the removal of cooking grease, oil, margarine, and butter.
Carbona Stain Devil #6 is the enemy of grass, mud, dirt, pollen, and clay. It also removes mascara, lipstick, toothpaste, and blush.
Carbona Stain Devil #7 is used to remove machine oil and grease, motor oil, gasoline, tar, and lubricant.
Carbona Stain Devil #8 is of our interest today, as it takes out red wine, coca-cola, coffee, tea, juice, jelly, jam, baby food, fruit, syrup, and vegetable stains.

The difference between this product and the rest of the mentioned ones is that this one has to be diluted. Two cups of hot water and two tablespoons of Carbona Stain Devil #8 make the perfect stain remover for red wine. Afterward, the fabric should be soaked for at least half an hour and then rinsed with warm water. You might need to repeat the procedure if the spot does not disappear at the first try.
Carbona Stain Devil #9 removes deodorant, sweat, and rust stains.


  • Different solutions for different spots
  • Effective on different fabrics
  • Affordable


  • The solution needs to be diluted

Knocking over a glass of port wine might cause serious damage to your window shades, tablecloth, carpet, and clothes. But you no longer have to throw them away and replace them with new ones or stress over combining every cleaning solution you might have at home and rub the spotted surface for hours. Now that would be time and money consuming. Make your red wine stain remover supplies and stop worrying about spots.

When in doubt, review this guide, as you will surely find the answer to most of your questions and solutions to a carefree stainless celebration. Just sip that red wine, sit back, and enjoy the evening!

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