Best Wine Openers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Drinking wine is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax after you have had a long hard day. It not only boosts your brain power but can also be good for your heart. Bet you already knew that! So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that choosing a good wine opener is also an important task if you want to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or two. With all the modern equipment provided today, it is no wonder that you may have to research a bit to find the best wine opener for your kitchen. But seriously, who has the time, right?

Choosing the best wine corkscrew can be quite overwhelming if not done right. Th

ere are so many choices to choose from, including whether you want to go for a worm corkscrew or an auger one? Should you go with the traditional rustic opener or the newer models you see in the market? To spare you the research, the top best wine bottle openers have been listed below. It will simplify your task irrespective of whether you are a wine connoisseur or just a beginner.

Factors To Check Before Purchasing the Best Wine Opener

Once you have dealt with what to expect from your wine openers, there are still a few factors that you can look into before purchasing one. A wine opener can have a multitude of options about what it can perform and the possibilities it can provide, so it is mandatory that you know your wine openers well before heading down to the store and grabbing what you see. A few of the said factors have been listed below for your convenience:

1) Hand Strength

If you are someone who has arthritis or any such problem which limits the use of strength in your hands, you should probably opt for the new electrical openers which are easy to use and can open bottles with the simple push of a button, irrespective of strength. But if you do not suffer from any such conditions, then every option is made possible to you. You could definitely go along with any type of wine opener as per your wish.

2) Host A Lot Of Parties

Do you love hosting parties or having your friends over most of the weekends? Or maybe you have a job serving wine? You need to open your bottles quickly and the traditional ones don’t really make the cut, do they? If your answer to these questions was positive, then you are definitely a person who needs to get a lot done, and requires a wine opener that can keep up with you.

It would be best for you if you purchase a high-quality electric wine opener, which can open a multiple number of bottles and save you time. These wine openers are usually designed to keep up with modern times. They can not only open bottles with the click of a button, but also save you time to get back to other activities that you enjoy.

3) Saving Space

Wine openers may take up quite a bit of space or may save you space depending on their build. If you have a large house with enough space in your kitchen, you can choose almost any wine opener and can most definitely opt for the electric or the lever models, which require a lot of space in the kitchen.

On the other hand, if you cannot provide extra space, and in fact, need to save some, it would be wise to select the ones which can fit in your drawers quite comfortably. You can opt for the traditional opener, waiter’s corkscrew, or a winged corkscrew depending on your aesthetic preferences.

4) Portability

You are always on the go and need a wine opener that is portable and easy to use. So, what should you choose? It should fit perfectly in your pocket and also be portable, unlike the electric models which take up space on your counter. In that case, you can opt for a waiter’s corkscrew, which is perfect for a professional environment and gets your job done too. Not only can it fit in your pocket, but it is also great for a bar or a restaurant and is quite easy to carry.

5) Age of the Wine

If you prefer old aged wine, and actually have quite a few bottles of them, then you are looking for a wine opener which can delicately remove the cork without spoiling the wine. A good wine opener or corkscrew will open the bottle without making the cork crumble into it, as the corks become delicate with age. For this purpose, you can try a wine opener that uses prongs, such as an Ah-So wine opener.

Types Of Wine Openers

When you are in the market looking for the best wine opener for yourself, it is essential that you know the type of wine opener that you are looking for. Not every wine opener is the same. They are all built with different designs, abilities and functions. Some may be hi-tech, like the electrical corkscrews, while others many be quite simple. Based on your requirements, you can look through the various types as given below:

1. Waiter’s friend

Waiter’s friend or Sommelier’s knife, as it is frequently called, is the pride of any bar or restaurant and is the most simple to use. It is also quite compact and can fit easily in your pocket, and this is why it stands out.

2. Winged Corkscrew

The winged corkscrew is another built which was a big hit in its heyday. Even though it may not be dominating the market now, it is still a good choice for a wine opener and if you choose a good quality one, it will last you for years. It usually comes with the screw in the centre and two lever or wings on the side on which you have to pull once the screw has penetrated the cork.

Even though it takes less effort than a waiter’s corkscrew, it can lose control of the cork if you’re not careful. The major drawback of this design is that it isn’t as effortless or controlled as the newer models and mostly shreds your cork in the process. But the one major advantage that it has over its competitors is its strength and durability which makes it a long-lasting product.

3. Rabbit Design (Lever Style)

A rabbit design corkscrew is essentially a type of corkscrew that you have to clamp over the top of a wine bottle (normally using the rabbit ear grip) and then pull the lever inserting the worm into the cork and push it back the other way to the original position, pulling the cork out. These designs would usually take the cake for being simple and short mechanisms that you use before the electrical ones hit the markets.

The biggest advantage of this system, besides reducing everything to one lever, is allowing the person opening the bottle to have complete control over it. With its stylish lever, it reduces your effort, and makes the whole procedure easy. Most people swear by the product! However, if after some time, you start facing resistance when opening, it might be time to replace the worm.

4. Screwpull System

The Screwpull is a classic corkscrew and one of the most simple innovations. It wraps around the top of the bottle like a winged corkscrew and clamps down on the cork, but it does not have levers or wings on its side that stick out for you to pull the cork. Instead, you just keep turning and the cork pops out, in one single motion.

Its simplicity makes it seem attractive, and is one of the easiest corkscrews you can use. It is ideal for personal use, like for picnics, or when you want to just have a drink in your leisure time. Their compact size makes them ideal for kitchen drawers and they can also fit easily in your pocket.

5. The Ah-So

The Ah-So is a peculiar corkscrew with two thin metal blades of unequal length that burrow between the cork and the bottle to lift the cork out. It shimmies into the cork and then shimmies out, taking the cork with it. It can be a bit difficult to use and you would require practice to be able to open bottles efficiently with the Ah-So.

The AH-So has a loyal following, and is often referred to as the “butler’s friend”. It is far superior to all its competitors. It can safely remove the cork or the seal of the bottle without damaging it so you can taste-test the wine easily. This corkscrew is an important device for aged or matured wine, or for anyone in the winemaking industry. Naturally, it is the optimum choice for decaying or defective corks, where the centre may be the weakest part and the corkscrew ensures comparatively less shredding than its competitors.

6. Electric Bottle Opener

Electric bottle opener is basically the modern day corkscrew, which is offered for under $20 and is cheaper than the winged corkscrew, waiter’s corkscrew and other options. They do all the work for you if you lack the upper body strength of struggling with the more traditional corkscrews when opening a bottle. You can opt for them if you can afford the kitchen space.

One of the major drawbacks of this product is that it may be clunky and heavy, so it is not easily portable. Some of the electric openers are also quite noisy. It would be unwise to opt for one if you have to open an old bottle as the cork may already be falling apart and opening it with an electric corkscrew might make it worse.

7. Table Mounted Wine Opener

The table mounted wine openers are quite similar to the rabbit design, but are longer. It features a clamp and a crank like lever. The heavy design is useful in opening lots of wine bottles with very minimum efforts. It is quite an ornate piece, and should be purchased only if you have kitchen space as it cannot fit in a drawer.

This wine opener is not cheap and it would only be preferable to buy one only if you have an unlimited budget. They can make a lovely addition to your kitchen and would only add to the aesthetics of it.

These tips and guides will not only ensure that you now have a fair guide to the types of wine openers, but also help you to enhance the overall wine tasting experience. As you can see, choosing wine openers can be a challenging task, and for that, we have provided you with everything you need to know about wine openers. The top picks for the best wine openers that we would recommend have been listed below for your convenience.

Top 10 Best Wine Openers 2021

1. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Brookstone Compact Wine OpenerWith traditional corkscrews being a thing of the past, this sleek connoisseur wine opener is a revolutionary new design that allows easy and effortless cork removal every time! It boasts of an ergonomic handgrip that safely secures to any bottle of wine for easy single-motion cork removal.

The extra long handle provides great leverage, and works well with both natural and synthetic corks. As the design is sleek and compact, it can be easily carried in your pocket or bag and can accompany you anywhere.

A favourite among customers, it can be purchased for under $50 and is simple and quite easy to use. Its simplicity has been lauded and can be the perfect housewarming present for your friends.

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2. HiCoup Kitchenware

HiCoup KitchenwareWant to purchase a professional and yet portable corkscrew to keep handy? Well, look no further. HiCoup brings you one of the top-rated products of the year with its Waiter’s corkscrew! Built with stainless steel and flamingo resin inlay, it is an all-in-one corkscrew which can function as a bottle opener as well as a foil cutter.

A trusted product of all professional waiters and sommeliers, it has been designed to give you a great sense of confidence when opening even the most challenging of corks, in an easy and effective manner. It is also spring loaded with a 2-step fulcrum that can easily pull out even the longest of corks. Its long serrated foil knife removes all foils with great ease.

Not only is the product aesthetically pleasing, but it is also available in a wide variety of colours! Its sleek and beautiful design has been appreciated by customers who claim that it is a no.1 product, and is a great value for money. It can open your beer bottles too! And if that’s not all, the product itself is of high-quality and durable, yet it can open even the most delicate of corks without them crumbling.

HiCoup is so confident that this corkscrew is everything that you need, that they back this product 100% and it comes provided with a lifetime warranty. Definitely a top product to go for!

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3. Ipow Wing Corkscrew

Ipow Wing CorkscrewIpow brings to you its no.1 bestselling wing corkscrew that is multifunctional and can be used by professionals and wine enthusiasts alike. The brand itself is dedicated to making your lives easier and this very thought has given birth to the wing corkscrew.

With its ergonomic curved handle lines, it fits perfectly in your hand and can be used for all cork stoppers and beer cap bottles. The anti-slip wing handle and lever principle make it easy to grasp while making sure you use minimal effort while opening the bottle.

A top rated product according to consumers, it is sturdy and long-lasting, while also maintaining excellent quality at an affordable price.

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4. HiCoup Kitchenware Wing Corkscrew

HiCoup Kitchenware Wing CorkscrewAnother amazing product by HiCoup is the wing corkscrew, an all-in-one bottle opener with a bonus wine stopper in a deluxe presentation box. Now, there’s no need to wrestle with the bottle to be able to drink some wine. The wing corkscrew not only makes opening bottles easier and more efficient, but also comes with a stopper, so you can preserve your wine and finish it later without spoiling it. The corkscrew is easy to grasp and the sturdy product combines function and style.

Customers have commented on the product and its sturdy design. They liked that it offers so many functions but have pointed out an exception- that the design may be a little bigger than expected, but it gets the job done anyway.

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5. Aunool Corkscrew Wine Opener

Aunool Corkscrew Wine OpenerAUNOOL presents a heavier corkscrew wine opener than its counterparts. It comes attached with a bottle stopper and foil cutter. It is a premium corkscrew with a zinc alloy that maintains a steady link with the penetrated cork and makes removal easy and simple.

With its thick design and stainless steel auger, not only does it not break but it also prevents rust and spoiling of wine. The foil cutter can also cut various foils with ease, and make the whole overall experience good and simple.

A highly recommended product, its services also include a 30 days money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Customers have described it as a great product and surprisingly high quality for such an affordable rate. It has been recommended as the perfect Christmas present and wine lovers would love it!

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6. Le Creuset TM100L2-31

Le Creuset TM100L2-31This is the original self-pulling corkscrew invented by Screwpull in 1979. With its perfectly shaped screw and its timeless design, not only does it glide through the toughest of corks with ease but also makes opening bottles effortless. It works on any size of bottles and any cork type, be it natural or synthetic. The product also pushes the extracted cork off the screw without damaging the cork and is easily portable.

According to reviews, the product is great at the affordable price it is offered in, but the design may also be a bit fragile and should be handled properly. You can go for this model if you prefer a vintage feel to your wine opener.

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7. Bellemain Premium Wing Corkscrew

Bellemain Premium Wing CorkscrewThe Bellemain wing corkscrew is probably the toughest corkscrew with a 100% zinc alloy. It is a heavy-duty, non-stick wine opener built to make removal of corks effortlessly easy. Not only does it feature an ergonomic easy-grip design, but harbours great strength and resistance to corrosion, unlike the traditional die-cast or metal designs. The product removes the cork easily without it crumbling into your wine and has an elegant, timeless design.

According to customers, it looks great and is easy to use. Not only is it available at an affordable price range, but it also offers great quality and has a no-holds-barred, anything-goes 100% lifetime replacement warranty. This product is certainly a keeper if you love a stylish and easy-to-use wine opener.

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8. Le Creuset PM100L2-31

Le Creuset PM100L2-31This pocket-sized corkscrew features superior self-pulling technology, and a folding handle that makes cork removal seem quite easy. With its smooth, sculpted shape and soft-touch panels, it provides a comfortable and secure grip and the self-pulling travel corkscrew features a rotating handle that turns with just one finger. Opening bottles has never been easier!

The handy corkscrew not only effortlessly removes dry, brittle and stubborn corks from the bottle in seconds, but it also removes the cork off the screw without any damage to the cork. Le Creuset travel corkscrew measures approximately 7 by 6-½ by 7-⅔.

Customers have claimed that it is good product at an affordable rate but have noted that while it might be a tough corkscrew, if not used properly, it may have the tendency to break. The product carries a limited five-year warranty period, and is priced at under $30.

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9. Oxo Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Oxo Steel Vertical Lever CorkscrewThe OXO Steel Lever corkscrew does not let a stubborn cork get between you and your favourite bottle of wine. With its die-cast zinc handle and non-slip grip, it provides leverage for comfortable use and the non-stick screw glides smoothly into the stubborn cork and makes removal effortless. It also features quick release of the cork from the screw and a removable foil cutter which can remove various foils. The Vertical Lever corkscrew comes equipped with an extra screw for long-term use and would be perfect for your kitchen.

According to reviews, customers have fairly liked the product and some have even called it the gold standard of corkscrews. Others have also differed from this and said that you must know how to open the bottle properly in the first place, or might end up disappointing yourself if you do not know the correct usage. OXO corkscrew helps you remove corks with minimum effort and can be considered for purchase.

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10. True 0436 Twister

True 0436 TwisterAs the name suggests, the Twister features an easy-turn corkscrew with the non-stick worm that is sure to be a favourite among customers! With its sleek construction of chrome and plastic, it makes uncorking effortless and efficient each and every time! The non-stick worm finds the centre as it spins down through the self-bracing frame of the corkscrew and into the bottleneck.

It does not require any pull from your side, and you simply have to turn the handle and watch the Twister do the work for you. This gem of a product offered for under $15, makes opening the bottle easy and is just the right size to fit in your pocket, so you can take it wherever you go.

Customer reviews suggest that the corkscrew is absolutely foolproof and reliable, while also being the easiest corkscrew you will ever own! It gets the job done for you without compromising on the style. If you do not like heavy electrical wine openers and wish for a simpler one, then this is the one for you. A top product in corkscrews and highly commended!

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What To Expect From A Wine Opener

1. Has a screw that’s at least 1.75 inches long

It is necessary that you check if the wine opener you wish to purchase has a screw that is 1.75 inches or approximately 4.5 inches long. The length of the screw will ensure that you are able to open your bottle without dropping any residues of the cork into your wine, which can affect the taste and be a major mood killer. Shorter lengths of corkscrew can make the task of opening a bottle difficult as it tears through the cork and is just a waste of your effort.

2. Extracts the cork without shaking the bottle

It is important that you do not shake your bottle before opening or serving it. Shaking the bottle brings up any residue that is within the bottle to land up in your glass, leaving you and your guests with a bad taste in the mouth. You should, therefore, go for a wine opener which can help you extract the cork with minimum shaking and physical effort to make the job easier.

3. Doesn’t require too much strength

The job of a wine corkscrew is to make your job easier. With a corkscrew, you should not have to use physical force to open a bottle. You might end up tearing the cork and leaving its residue in the wine or even end up breaking the bottle, which is a huge no-no. The best wine openers use some sort of leverage to ensure that minimum physical effort is required from your side.

4. Has a worm and not an auger

Yes, there is a thing called a worm and an auger in the world of wine openers. They are both the design of the metal used when removing the cork. The worm, as the name suggests, is like a thin metal coiled worm, while the auger is like a worm that has been coiled around a nail. If you do not want to shred your cork when opening a bottle, it is better that you choose a worm corkscrew, as the auger has the tendency to shred corks, making it difficult to open the bottles as well as leaves residue in your wine.

5. Gets the job done safely

When you purchase a wine opener, you should check if it is safe and does the work that is required of it. It should enable you to open your bottle of wine without having the thought of getting hurt cross your mind when you do so. The opener should not break, break the bottle or even cut your fingers as you use it. Opening wine bottles should be an easy procedure for you and not something to struggle with.

Final Thoughts

By now you must have gained a fair idea about the types and different uses of various corkscrews that are available for you. Based on the age of your wine and your own personal choice, you may freely purchase any of them. For a corkscrew at an affordable rate, screwpull are a better option, while the electrical ones would fall on the expensive end of the line. Your choices may also vary according to your aesthetics and how quickly and easily you want to open a bottle.

You should check for durability and easy usage, which are always the top two factors that people usually look for in an opener. If it happens to meet all the criteria that you require of it, then stop thinking and go ahead, and make that purchase! The wine opener will not only be your best friend when you host parties but is also amazing for times when you just want to sit back and enjoy a drink by yourself. So make sure you pick the right one!

Editor’s ChoiceLe Creuset TM100L2-31

Le Creuset TM100L2-31

Editor's Choice