Best Wine Making Kits 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve been a part of the wine universe for a long time now and consider yourself a sommelier, you know how much wine enthusiasts love the best wine making kits. Yes, we agree they make you feel a little dubious to use in the beginning because you would feel that the wine would turn out to be of lower quality than the ones you usually purchase in wine shops.

Why Choose Wine Making Kits?

The best wine making kits help you in making your very own wines within the comfort of your home. Be it dark reds, rosés or any other kind; these miraculous kits help a great deal in producing wines as per your palates and requirements, giving you full freedom to alter whatever it is that you desire.

Now, it is very normal to wonder why wine making kits have piqued the public’s interest at such a large scale. Well, not long ago, wine making kits were chiefly used by wine producers who grew their own fruit and owned vineyards or wineries.

Moreover, a lot of wine sommeliers and vintners are celebrated for their perfect winemaking procedures and techniques, all of which has gotten them a star-spangled reputation among wine aficionados across the world.

In today’s wine world, however, the regular public can have the liberty to make their own wines at home using winemaking kits and enjoy vino that is certainly no less than the best of Merlots and Chardonnays.

Another reason why wine making kits are quite the buzz is because of the money it saves. For instance, if you buy two bottles of wine in a week, even at a minimum, you would be spending quite a lot. Even more, if you choose to get the good or premium quality bottles. Let’s be real; you know your friends will get drunk on those bottles in one night, making you splurge more on more bottles. Not to mention, the amount of money you’ll spend on wines in a year isn’t less either.

This is where these wine making kits come into play. Home brewing isn’t just for beers anymore. You can certainly make your own wines and show off your artisanal vino to your friends at any party. It is quite interesting, to be honest.

Now, because of these kits, absolutely anyone, from pro winemakers to casual hobbyists to sommeliers can make the beverage they love so much from scratch.

Factors To Take Into Consideration Before Purchasing the Best Wine Making Kit

There are tons and tons of wine making kits available not at local wine stores, but also online. Some of them may do a great job and serve their purpose marvelously, whereas some may just fail to live up to your expectations, leaving you disappointed in the end.

Now, we understand that choosing one kit out of so many available options is an unnerving task and can prove to be rather stressful. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of factors you must take into consideration before purchasing the best winemaking kit. So, kick back, relax, and read on to make the perfect choice.

1. Your Expectations

The first thing to take into consideration before buying the best winemaking kit is determining what exactly you desire out of the wine you wish to produce. This depends on the fruit you choose for it. Even if you don’t have a certain grape varietal in mind, take into account the style, characteristics, richness, roundedness, texture, and palates that you wish for your first batch of wine to comprise of.

Considering what type of wine you usually enjoy is another easy way to choose the best wine making kit that works perfectly for you. However, bear in mind that a chief factor to never forget while buying a new product is starting small and simple. Do not, by any means, go overboard and splurge on products that are too complicated for your beginner-level expertise.

2. Types Of Wine Making Kits

Before taking your pick, understand and research more about the types of wine making kits available in the market today.

There are four types that very widely used – a mix of concentrated and unfiltered grape juice, entirely pure grape juice (which require no water whatsoever), partially concentrated grape juice and entirely concentrated grape juice. The latter two will require you to ass water in order to make a regular 5 to 6 gallons of wine enough to fill 19 to 23 litre bottles.

We don’t mean to get too technical about the procedure, but the juice that is mentioned above refers to the fluid extracted from the grapefruit, whereas the concentrate is mainly just grape juice with the removal of a certain amount of water.

Each one of these kits should be delivered to you with all the ingredients required to make the wine. Apart from the juice, other extra nutrients, yeast, acids, and tannins should be included as well. Nonetheless, the equipment to produce the beverage, along with the wine bottles and corks, will be an expense that you will have to bear separately.

3. Your Taste Buds

All the types of winemaking kits mentioned above differ in taste, style, and the amount of time required to make the wine. Ask yourself what your preferred type of wine is, what do you enjoy the most. Is it dark reds that you fancy? The rich, full-bodied ones? Dessert wines, perhaps?

No matter what pleases your palate, make sure you take your taste buds into consideration before choosing one. After all, you will be producing many gallons of wine with every batch. We’re sure you don’t want to be stuck with gallons of wine that doesn’t bode well with your taste buds.

This may seem quite obvious; however, many people forget this very important factor. It is important to bear in mind the style of wine you enjoy the most since you will be drinking many glasses of post-production.

Winemaking kits are available for all chief wine styles, from full-bodied reds and whites to fruit wines and port-styles to rosés and desserts; there are many options for you to choose from.

Do thorough research ahead of time because we all know that not all Chardonnays have the same taste, much like not all apples are juicy and red. If you know for sure what you prefer, make sure you read the product descriptions carefully to have a rough idea about the outcome of the kit.

4. Time Required To Make The Wines

It is very important to take into account the amount of time that will be required for your wines to be made and aged, thus being fully ready to be poured into a glass. Many winemaking kits available out there need 4, 6 or 8 weeks to prepare the wine and then the aging of the same relies on the style and persistence of the wine producer.

Bear in mind that some wine making kits profit significantly when aged for extended periods of time, anywhere from around 5 months for white wines to 12-18 months or probably more for red wines.

Take into account whether you need to have your wines ready for a party on a particular date, as well as the amount of time you are willing to let your first batch of wine age before pouring it into a glass and relishing it.

Each product description will give you a fair idea about the ideal amount of time requires; however, the general idea is that greater format kits with larger boxes work much better for aging wines.

On the contrary, smaller format kits help prepare wines at a short notice. The reason for this is that since the box is smaller, the concentrate percentage is higher as compared to juice, and concentrate kits don’t usually need a lot of time to age.

5. Price Point

Last but not least, the price point plays an important role when purchasing the best wine making kits. It is wise to do thorough research, and have a budget in mind before making the splurge. This will help evade the possibility of feeling guilty in case you overspend.

Also, opting for a less expensive wine making kit is a smart decision for beginners. If you have just entered the winemaking world, it’s a great idea to ease your way into your new-fangled interest without the splurging a lot of money.

However, bear in mind that certain wine making kits, within the same brand, are priced exorbitantly for very reasonable reasons. This is because an expensive kit guarantees wine that is much richer and better tasting. Look at the price per bottle instead of the price of the kit, even as you shop at the higher end of the spectrum, you will realise that the cost per wine bottle is still more reasonable than purchasing an analogous bottle from the wine shop.

Once you take your pick, make sure you read and understand the directions to assemble and use the product and whether you have all the equipment parts required before you commence the process. A regular wine making kit will only require a covered fermenter made out of plastic, a long good-grade plastic spoon, measuring tools, a glass carboy, an airlock and bung, a hydrometer and siphon hoses.

Regardless of whether you’re planning on making reds, whites, desserts, rosés or any other varietal, wine making kits are bound to make the process a lot easier. Even when you know what to look for while purchasing a kit, you are still left with so many options to choose from.

Well, here we are making your job even easier. We know that while many kits help to produce a great batch of wine, but many miserably fail at serving the purpose as well. So, we did all the research we possibly could for you so you don’t have to rack your brain while making the purchase. So, here we have for you our top 10 best wine making kits as per 2021.

You no longer have to be nervous about making a choice. Just pick one from the list below and have fun fermenting and producing your favourite wines at home!

Top 10 Best Wine Making Kits 2021

1. Deluxe Wine Making Kit

Deluxe Wine Making KitThe Deluxe Wine Making Kit comprises of all the equipment that will be required in order to prepare up to 6 gallons of wine. The brad’s wine producers have handpicked every piece of the kit, and double checked them for quality and longevity. This product also goes a step forth and offers many more equipments as compared to other winemaking kits that claim to come under the Deluxe category.

Put more precisely, this winemaking kit consists of a bottle filler which has easy usability, along with a ½-inch automatic siphon pump – an equipment that many brands don’t include in their kits.

Additionally, the kit also includes a 7.8-gallon fermenter and grommeted lid, a binary lever corker, a 6.0-gallon glass carboy, a food-grade plastic spoon, a set of 30 corks, a cleanser for cleaning the equipment, an airlock, a siphon hose, a wired bottle brush, a triple scale hydrometer, a drilled global carboy bung, and a wine degassing rod.

Moreover, all the pieces in this winemaking kit have amazing durability, and will last for many years before they wear out and need a replacement.It is safe to say that you can use the Deluxe Wine Making Kit in order to make the best batches of wine at home itself!

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2. Winemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment Kit

Winemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment KitThis Winemakers Depot’s 3-gallon wine making kit is one that enhances the winemaking process all the more. It consists of a 3-gallon carboy glass, 6.5-gallon fermenter with an air-tightening lid, a bottle filler which employs automatic shut-off, a 3.8-inch hydrometer, a dual scale, and an adhesive thermometer.

These are just some of the necessary equipment that the product provides. Apart from these, they also offer a 24-inch racking cane and 2 to 4 oz. sterilizer packets. Along with it comes a 3.7-inch siphon hose with a shut-off clasp that aids in moving the wine and a punctured stopper made of latex for the carboy.

All the items included in this kit make this kit one of the most versatile and best wine making kits available in the market today. So, go ahead and give it a shot!

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3. 1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Kit

1 Gallon Wine from Fruit KitThis 1-gallon wine making kit by Fruit Kit further unravels the pride and amusement that comes with making small batches of wines. The product includes everything you require to make a delicious, zesty wine in the comfort of your home. Always wanted to make your own vintage wine? Well, Fruit Kit has you covered!

You can now make your own country wines using local fruits, preserved purees, homegrown juicy raspberries, or absolutely any other fruit that satisfies your palate. The kit is accompanied by a recipe booklet with simple step-by-step instructions for 101 recipes that will assist you in preparing your vinos flawlessly.

This wine making kit comes with all the items required to make the best wine possible – a 20-gallon fermenter made of plastic with a lid, a 1-gallon pitcher, a 15-inch racking cane, punctured screw-top cap, tubing, an airlock, a straining sack, and a 2-ounce O2 wash.

It also includes tannin notes, yeast nutrients, an acid blend and all other seasonings needed to make a 1-gallon batch of sweet, fruity wine.

If you’re someone who loves making small batches of wine for personal joy, then don’t look further. Just purchase this product, and you’ll be good to go for years!

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4. North Mountain Supply 1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Complete 30pc Kit

North Mountain Supply 1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Complete 30pc KitThis North Mountain 1-gallon wine making kit is tremendously effortless to use and includes every single thing you require to make a full-fledged batch of delicious vino. It comes with a properly structured, step-by-step instruction booklet with the company’s wine producers’ top 100 recipes that assists you in making the best wine you have ever tasted.

The entire winemaking kit has a sum of 30 items in total including all the equipment and ingredients. This further makes it one of the most wondrous kits available in the market today.

Precisely, the kit includes a 2-gallon fermenter, a glass jug with a 1-gallon capacity, an auto-siphon, a 5-inch siphon hose, double air locking, a bung, and screw cap.It also has a straining sack, a 4-ounce O2 wash, a set of 50 Campden tablets, 3 packets of yeast nutrients, an acid blend, pectic enzyme, tanning, a hydrometer, a test container, a set of corks, a corker, shrink lids, a bottle filler, and lastly, a stabilizer.

Because of the wide range of products included in this kit, the product is considered to be one of the best winemaking kits available in the market. There is no reason for you to not give this versatile kit a shot!

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5. Cabernet Sauvignon Kit – Master Vintner 1 Gallon Small Batch Wine Making Equipment Starter Kit with Little Big Mouth Bubbler Glass Fermenter

Cabernet Sauvignon Kit - Master Vintner 1 Gallon Small Batch Wine Making Equipment Starter Kit with Little Big Mouth Bubbler Glass FermenterIt is always wise to pick a winemaking kit that consists of all the necessary equipment. The Cabernet Sauvignon Kit caters to just that. This starter kit includes everything you will possibly need to make an amazing batch of wine. Moreover, all the items are tried and tested for durability and quality.

You can choose a kit that satisfies your taste buds more. The ones available are the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

The kit includes a slightly big-mouthed bubbler glass, a primary fermenter, a 1-gallon glass jug that works as a secondary fermenter, a herculometer, a triple scale hydrometer, a test container, a corker, a set of corks, and all other things you will require to make the finest of wines.

Feeling a tad bit anxious because it is your first time? Well, you needn’t worry, for the product comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction booklet which is written and rewritten after rigorous research and tests. It further makes the winemaking procedure seem as easy and making a cup of tea.

Be it a lavish kitchen or a matchbox apartment, this product is fit for all. Its easy cleaning properties makes it all the more desirable, and the wine it produces has the taste of the fine wines that are aged in professional wineries.

The company put this kit together, keeping in mind the amusement that the person using it should feel. The product ensures that no matter what recipe or ingredients you choose, your first batch of wine is sure to be a massive success and will make people coming back for seconds.

If you want to give homemade wines a try, be assured that this product is sure to turn your pastime into a full-fledged hobby. What’s more? It also makes for the perfect gift for all the wine aficionados in your life!

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6. Master Vintner Fresh Harvest 1 Gallon Homemade Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest 1 Gallon Homemade Small Batch Fruit Wine Making KitThe Master Vintner Fresh Harvest winemaking kit includes everything you will possibly require to prepare an exceptional glass of vino from scratch using your preferred fruit, all of this within an hour!

The product comes with sufficient items to prepare up to 15 1-gallon batches of wine. The kit also has a set of tips and tricks that makes the winemaking process super amusing and brings a lot of clarity.

The complete kit consists of a recipe booklet, a 2-gallon malleable fermenter with a lid, a 1-gallon pitcher, tubing, an airlock, a screw cap and as straining sack, a sanitizer and a set of Campden tablets.

The kit also includes pectic enzyme, an acid blend, grape tannins, yeast nutrients, additives, and multipurpose dry yeast, along with a racking cane, a hydrometer, and tubing.

The kit is considered to be one of the best in the market. So, go ahead and add a bunch of vibrant additions to your wine rack and enhance the beauty of your collection!

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7. HomeBrwStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Premium Mead Kit

HomeBrwStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Premium Mead KitHomeBrwStuff’s first-class Nano-Meadery Kit comes with all necessary gears required to prepare amazing 1-gallon lots of mead. This winemaking kit includes all important stuff required to make your very first batch.

Making small, 1-gallon batches of mead is a perfect way to start the process at home. This acts as a test run before you leap on to making larger batches. Because of its versatility, the product is perfectly suitable for mead sommeliers who love making pilot lots as well as amateurs who wish to accelerate their mead-making skills.

The complete kit comes with a 2-gallon main fermentation vessel, a 1-gallon glass carboy, a small auto-siphon with 4′ 5/16″ x 7/16″ piping, and a hose clasp. It also includes a triple scale hydrometer, a bung, and a 3-piece airlock, along with a thermometer and a set of 10 Campden tablets.

To make your job even easier, the product also has a detailed instructional booklet with an elementary mead recipe which is much more enhanced and comprehensive than the traditional one. Lastly, the kit comes with 3 pounds of natural honey and red yeast by Pasteur.

This brand is a 100% genuine and offers a kit top-up as soon as the current one gets over. So if mead-making is your thing, you should try this fantastic kit out!

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8. North Mountain Supply 3 Gallon Wine from Fruit Complete 32pc Kit

North Mountain Supply 3 Gallon Wine from Fruit Complete 32pc KitThis North Mountain Supply winemaking kit comprisesf all possible gears required to make three remarkable gallons of wine in one go.

The product comes with a structured step-by-step instructional book with a hundred amazing recipes put together by professional sommeliers and winemakers. This further helps you to make the most fantastic wine you have ever tasted.

The entire kit consists of 30 items and ingredients, making it one of the most multipurpose, comprehensive kit available out there.

Precisely, the kit comes with a 6.5-gallon fermenter with a lid, a 3-gallon carboy, an auto-siphon and clasp, a 5’ siphon hose, dual airlocking, a screwed and dense stopper, a straining sack, an 8 oz. It comes with O2 wash, a set of 50 Campden tablets, a hydrometer, and a wine thief and test container combination.

That is not all. To add to all this, it also includes 5 packets of yeast nutrients, an acid blend, tannins, a set of corks, a corker, shrink lids, a bottle filler, and an energizer.

The inclusion of so many gears making it super convenient. So, you need not look further. If you’re looking for the best winemaking kit out there, go for this one!

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9. Starter Equipment Kit

Starter Equipment KitWe all know that making wine is a far easier task than brewing beer at home. The ingredients do not need to be boiled, and the outcomes are pretty consistent, primarily when you use this Starter Equipment kit with lovely wine concentrates.

We know that making wine at home requires a lot of tolerance, since the aging process lasts anywhere from 2 to 8 months before you can pour it into a glass.Every wine concentrate you receive with this product produces 6 gallons of wine once the process is complete. This amount is enough to fill around 30 bottles, allowing you to enjoy your own wine whenever you want throughout the year.

This kit comes with a dual lever corker, a 7.8-gallon malleable fermenter with a lid, a 6-gallon pitcher, a bung, an airlock, a bottle brush, 4 oz. of dry cleaner and a hydrometer. You also get straight corks, a racking cane, 5’ siphon piping, a bottle filler, and a shut-off clasp.

Make your winemaking experience even better by using this amazing Starter Equipment Kit and enjoy your very own remarkable homemade wine.

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10. Starter Winemaking Equipment Kit

Starter Winemaking Equipment KitLast but not least, we have the Starter Winemaking Equipment Kit. It is truly one of a kind and has been reviewed marvelously by many people who have purchased and used this product before.

It is an all-inclusive kit comprising of all possible gears required to make the best possible homemade wine to have ever touched your tongue. This makes it one of the best wines making kits available in the market currently.

The complete kit includes a 6-gallon glass carboy, 7.9-gallon vessel with a lid, asset of 30 corks, 3/8” minor piping, a bottle brush, a triple scale hydrometer, a basic auto-siphon, a plastic spoon, a carboy brush with an orange carboy grasp, a stirrer made of stainless steel, a dual lever corker, and a variable thermometer.

Along with this, the product also comes with a 12-inch plastic test container with a retractable bottom, a malleable wine thief, an automatic bottle filler, a small shut-off clasp, a small globally drilled stopper, and a 4 oz. cleanser to clean the equipment.

All this, accompanied by the product’s exceptional performance through the years is what makes it stand out and gives you all the more reason to give this one a whirl!

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Best Wine Making Kits: Get Started Now!

Be it a grand house party, or just some special time spent with your close ones, a glass of wine makes everything better. The feeling or joy is escalated even more when you get to enjoy, and show off your very own homemade wine! Give any of these winemaking kits a shot and we assure you, your wine will be the talk of all parties!

Editor’s ChoiceWinemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment Kit

Winemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment Kit

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