Best Wine Decanters 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you love your wine, then I am sure you must either be owning a large collection of decanters already, or have thought about investing in one more often than not. If you are a seasoned drinker, like me, you can swear by decanters for their ability to make cheaper wines taste better.

Throughout the world, decanters are considered an important part of drinking and enjoying an expensive, aged bottle of wine. It is a well-known notion that no matter what you are drinking, it will always smell and taste better out of the decanter. It is only obvious thus, a good decanter leads to a good overall experience.

This is when we talk about its usability. As a bonus, the wine decanters are extremely aesthetic and add immensely to the visual appeal of any room. If you regularly host fine dine evenings, this product is a must-have for you. They are functional, attractive, and add an air of sophistication in any gathering.

Below, we have compiled for you all that you need to know when investing in the best wine decanters available in the market. This comprehensive guide begins with a detailed list of factors that one must consider before investing in a wine decanter. This is followed by the hands-on reviews of the top 5 wine decanters in the industry right now.

If you believe that, decanting is just for sommeliers and connoisseurs, then you couldn’t be more wrong. It enhances the flavor and aroma of your wine, while also adding a sense of beauty and sophistication to your evenings. They can work as a piece of art and even double up as an extremely functional tool while pouring out that expensive bottle of wine. Whatever you choose, wine decanter is an extremely useful item to own for anyone who appreciates a glass of good wine.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Wine Decanters

If you’ve just started learning about wine, investing in a decanter might seem like a silly indulgence. As you gain a little more experience in the field of wine tasting and you start to appreciate the importance of the complexity of flavors and aromas wine offers, you realise just how important it is to invest in a good quality decanter. You learn how decanting is the most obvious way to get the best tasting experience from a bottle of wine.

For a fairly simple item, it is surprising how much one needs to take into account while investing in one of these. With the number of market options growing, it just becomes tougher and tougher with each passing day. We have compiled below a list of all the factors that you must consider while investing in the best wine decanter.

1. Price

When it comes to price, basic wine decanters are available for as low as 20 dollars. While on the other hand, elaborate models tend to cost in the upwards of 100 dollars.

For wine lovers who are just starting out and don’t want to invest in an expensive wine decanter can find a wide range of wine decanters between 20-60 dollars. For these wine enthusiasts, the primary concern is aeration, and the decanters in this price range are quite adept with providing the right amount of aeration.

However, if one wants to invest in a stylish decanter which is better at separating out the sediment that comes with a fine, aged wine, then it is always advisable that you invest in one of the higher end models. A vintage wine is a serious investment and one must make sure it is enjoyed with all the associated accessories, to get the best experience out of that thousand dollar bottle.

2. Size

Wine decanters come in varied sizes. Most decanters can easily accommodate one bottle of wine. There are others which are large enough to accommodate even more. Some are small enough for just a glass at a time and others fall somewhere in between when it comes to size.

Wine decanters that can fit an entire bottle of wine in one go are the best option for most people. Smaller decanters are perfect for those who generally don’t end up finishing a bottle of wine in one go. One must always remember to not leave the wine in the decanter for a long duration of time, as this turns the wine to acid.

Larger decanters can be quite handy when you are hosting a fine dine evening, a celebration, or any other event where a lot of people will be drinking wine. With a larger decanter, you will be able to keep the decanted wine flowing, and everyone will be able to relish the taste of your wine.

However, one must keep in mind that while a larger decanter can hold on to a larger quantity of wine with relative ease, it leads to a reduction in surface area of wine exposed when you use one decanter for a larger quantity of wine, as it won’t aerate as quickly or effectively.

3. Shape

When it comes to shape, wine decanters offer a lot of variety. One of the top concerns any buyer has is what shape to go with as this decision will determine how much surface area of the wine is exposed to air inside the decanter. There are decanters which are designed to not expose less surface area of the wine. While there are many others which are specifically designed to spread out the wine so as to give the wine a lot of access to air.

In addition, you must also keep in mind whether the decanter you are planning on investing in allows you to pour out wine easily or not. After all, no one really wants to waste wine.

Lastly, one must pay attention to the look and detailing of a shape to choose a wine decanter which they like.

4. Look

When we talk about looks, the expensive wine decanters can be quite stunning to look at. While investing in a decanter, functionality is of utmost importance, but you can get the perfect combination of art and purpose if you are willing to shell out on a higher-end wine decanter.

However, this does not mean that the simpler models are not well designed. Even the simplest of wine decanters are often quite stunning, especially when a deep red wine is poured inside it. But, if you want a wine decanter that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house, you need to spend some quality time in browsing all the options that are available, and try your hands on to something which is both beautiful and affordable.

5. Material

Most of the wine decanters you will come across are made of glass, as using other materials will add to the risk of adding unwanted flavors to the wine. There are some higher-end wine decanters that are made up of delicate crystal glass.

These decanters tend to be more expensive and delicate, and may break easily if you are not careful enough. But these glasses do add to the visual appeal of the decanter. They are also more ornate and decorative.

6. Wine Type and Age

Majority of the wine decanters available in the market are designed for specific types of wine. This means that while one may be best when combined with a merlot, it may not be as good when used to decant, say, a sparkling white. This is solely due to the fact that different wine types need different conditions for aeration. While one may need a large surface area, the other might taste the best when decanted in a decanter with minimal contact with air.

The wine decanters we have reviewed below are fine to use with any wine, but if you tend towards one specific type of wine, it is always worth investing in a decanter which is specially designed for that particular wine.

Another important thing to be kept in mind is the fact that an aged wine often requires a somewhat complicated decanting process when compared to younger wines. When your concern is more about sedimentation than aeration, a thin-necked decanter is probably the best option for you as they don’t provide much surface area so your wine can maintain a flavour closer to its original taste.

7. Ease of Cleaning

It is a widely believed notion that once the wine decanters are cleaned with soap, they can never be used again as they tend to affect the taste and flavour of your wine if the soap is not rinsed out with perfection.

Instead, one must use special types of glass cleaners which are quite easily available in the market. These cleaners generally come with specially designed brushed to make sure you can reach the wider base and fit through the neck with relative ease. Hence, one must always try and invest in a wine decanter which can be easily cleaned, otherwise you will be spending quite a lot of money either in reinvesting from time to time or on cleaning equipment.

Cleaning your wine decanter can be quite a task. While comparing different models, you must always consider whether the shape of your decanter will be simple to clean or not. You can always try and invest in a dishwasher-safe decanter to make the process of cleaning much easier.

8. Ease of Pouring

The best information regarding the ease of pouring can only come from place that the customer reviews. If your wine decanter is hard to pour from, and tends to leave spills everywhere, one may end up feeling it’s not worth the trouble after all.

When browsing through the thousands of options available in the market, try and invest in a decanter which has a good customer review. Also, give extra attention to the ease of pouring in all the reviews you go through.

Some Extra Features to Consider

While investing in a wine decanter, you can spend some time looking for these fancy features which will add both to the aesthetic appeal and usability of the wine glasses.

Hand blown: The fancier higher-end models are generally hand blown. So, if you are looking for something more decorative and aesthetically pleasing, a hand blown wine decanter will be a perfect investment for you.

Break Resistant: If you constantly break stuff or have kids around, then you will always be better off investing in a wine decanter that is break resistant, as many wine decanters are quite delicate, and tend to break or chip easily.

Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning your wine decanter is always safe when you have the option of putting it inside a dishwasher. Otherwise, the cleaning of a wine decanter can be quite a task.

Stopper: If you generally leave your wine out overnight, then it is always better to invest in a decanter with a stopper. If you leave the wine without the stopper, you will end up with nothing but acid after 12-14 hours.

Chilling Decanter: When it comes to decanting white wines, it is always advisable to invest in a chilling decanter. These decanters allow you to decant your whites with relative ease and also keep them cold at the same time.

Top 5 Best Wine Decanters 2021

1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Le Chateau Wine DecanterThe first wine decanter in this list is also one of the best wine decanters in the market at the moment. When it comes to the perfect combination of elegance and durability, there are very few others which can match the level of Le Chateau wine decanter. This hand-blown lead-free wine decanter produced using the best quality crystal glass is perfectly engineered and designed to enhance the purity, aroma, and taste of your favourite red wine.

The taste and aroma that comes with a good red wine are solely dependent upon the amount of breathable surface area that a 750ML bottle of wine is exposed to in the carafe.

The Le Chateau wine decanter comes with an 8.5-inch wide bottom diameter, which the largest in the market.

This ensures that your wine gets the maximum amount of aeration. If you like your wine which has been well oxygenated to truly experience the rich aroma and flavour that the red wines are known for, then this wine decanter is perfect for you.The Le Chateau wine decanter is elegantly designed using 100 percent lead-free crystal, which adds immensely to its already beautiful design.

This makes the Le Chateau wine decanter one of the most gorgeous looking wine decanters under 50 dollars. Another interesting addition to a near-perfect wine decanter is it’s easy to pour slanted spout. It makes sure your wine leaves the decanter effortlessly while avoiding any spills and drips.

The Le Chateau wine decanter works well for both red and white wines. However, this has been specifically designed for a merlot, cabernet or pinot noir, as it provides the reds with maximum amount of aeration. This amplifies the aroma as well as the taste of your wine. The only issue with this wine decanter is the fact that it is not dishwasher safe, hence, cleaning can be quite an issue.

However, it’s a small price to pay for this extremely aesthetic and durable wine decanter, that is the Le Chateau wine decanter.

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2. Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter

Vintorio Citadel Wine DecanterThe Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is so much more than a just an aerator carafe or a decoration piece to be put on display. It is an ode to wine lover around the globe. This decanter comes with a design which is timeless in every right. It is beautiful and yet durable.

The Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is the perfect combination of expert engineering and enthusiastic designing, which makes it one of the best wine decanters in the industry at the moment.To begin with, the design of the Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is one of the best we have seen so far. After many attempts in the past several decades, they have successfully created a decanter from the perspective of a wine drinker.

The artisanally hand-blown Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is hand blown and is made from 100 percent lead-free crystal.

When it comes to durability, there are very few others which can match the high standards of the Vintorio Citadel wine decanter. This wine decanter is produced using extra thick lead- free crystal for maximum brilliance. Due to this, we can very confidently say that this is one decanter range that will stand the test of time.

Seasoned drinkers tend to have an emotional attachment with their decanters as it is a tool which holds special meaning in one’s life. The Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is not only intricately designed and functional;it is durable enough to last several decades.

The Vintorio Citadel wine decanter has a wide 8.5-inch diameter base with an inner aerator or more commonly known as the “punt”, which allows the wine to breathe more leading to a more engaging interactive decanting experience. This inner grove design helps the drinker to evenly aerate the wine with a simple swirl, adding to a more enhanced drinking experience.

If you have the habit of you keeping your wine in the decanter for nights at a stretch, then the Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is the perfect solution as it comes with a silicone stopper which prevents dust from settling in, and also protects the decanter from being chipped near the edges. The stopper also prevents the wine inside from turning into acid, which is usually the case when the wine is left open for extended periods.

The Vintorio Citadel wine decanter also comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase due to any cause or reason. This goes to show confident the manufacturers are of their product.

The only drawback of owning the Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is the fact that, like many other luxury decanters in the market, it is not dishwasher safe. Hence, cleaning this wine decanter can be quite tedious. However, we still believe that is a small price to pay for a lifetime investment.

There are not many commercially produced wine decanters which can compete with the design and durability that comes with the Vintorio Citadel wine decanter.

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3. YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter

YouYah Iceberg Wine DecanterIf you are looking for a hand-made masterpiece, which comes with an independent design that is not only unique but also practical, then you don’t have to look any further than the YouYah Iceberg wine decanter. This wine decanter comes with a glass body that is made of 100 percent lead-free crystal. This makes the decanter extremely stunning and at the same time, improves its durability.

The YouYah Iceberg wine decanter comes with a bottle stopper which is made from food grade steel and silicone gel, first of its kind, making this extremely safe to use and easy to clean. The design of this decanter is explicitly engineered to not only ensure a good amount of aeration but also to add class and texture its artistic design. When it comes to the speed of decanting, the YouYah Iceberg wine decanter is the fastest. The bottle stopper that comes with this decanter used the newest waterfall pouring design, which greatly increases the speed and efficiency of the entire process.

This new engineering marvel in the field of decanting breaks all the shortcomings of a traditional decanter as it greatly increases the contact area between wine and air. The YouYah Iceberg wine decanter will only take a couple of minutes to decant your favourite, whereas traditional decanters generally take close to half an hour for the same.

The exquisite waterfall design which is a trademark of the YouYah Iceberg wine decanter comes with a double layer filter which will help you filter out all the impurities with relative ease. Not only that, this decanting device spreads the wine 360 degrees along the entire glass body, which increases the contact area between wine and air. This leads to a more complete drinking experience.

The YouYah Iceberg wine decanter also comes with a beveled cap on top, which helps you to pour out quite easily and without any spills or drips.Another trademark feature of the YouYah Iceberg wine decanter is the unique iceberg base that adds large aesthetic value to an already stunning wine decanter.

In the setting of wine, one can see a beautiful range of mounting just resting there at the bottom of the wine decanter. There are two benefits of this design.One being the fact that the irregular bottom increases the contact area between the wine and the air,while the other, that it ensures that this decanter appears to be more of a work of art that just a wine decanter.

The YouYah Iceberg wine decanter also suffers from one of the most common issues that generally come with owning a higher-end wine decanter. It is not dishwasher safe and cleaning this exquisite wine decanter is not the easiest of tasks.

But at around 50 dollars, the YouYah Iceberg wine decanter is one of the best higher-end glasses available in the market right now. If you don’t have any issue regarding the cleaning of your wine decanter, then this one investment which is worth every single penny.

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4. Dragonn Luxury Wine Decanter

Dragonn Luxury Wine DecanterIf you are looking for the cheapest luxury wine decanter in the market, which is stunning to look at and is also quite well designed, then the Dragonn luxury wine decanter is the perfect product for you.

The Dragonn luxury wine decanter is produced using 100 percent hand-blown lead-free crystal, which adds to the radiance of any room. This wine decanter is perfectly engineered with a traditional wide diameter design to allow maximum aeration. This wine decanter is not only intricately designed but is also quite durable. It is produced using thick glass, which makes sure your decanter does not break or chip easily. If you are just starting out as a wine enthusiast, then this is the perfect product for you.

The Dragonn luxury wine decanter also comes with a smooth pour slanted spout to avoid any spills or drips. The wine flows effortlessly from the decanter on to the wine, preserving all the wine, its taste, and its aroma along the way.

This wine decanter is not dishwasher safe, but it comes with a set of stainless steel beads specially designed to remove wine stains from your carafe. It also comes with a cork stopper to protect your wine from turning into acid. The cork stopper also prevents dust from entering the decanters.

At less than 40 dollars, the Dragonn luxury wine decanter is often touted as the most affordable luxury wine decanter available in the market and deservedly so. It has been the best in the business for several years, and is a great gifting option.

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5. JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter

JoyJolt Lancia Wine DecanterNow the biggest drawback of owning a luxury wine decanter is the fact that it is not dishwasher safe and hence, cleaning it from time to time can be quite difficult. We have reviewed for you here one of the very best dishwasher safe wine decanters available in the market at the moment.

The JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter is a beautifully designed 54 ounce wine decanter, which is engineered specifically to provide the maximum air to wine ratio. This enables the hidden flavors of your wine to be highlighted and enjoyed quicker and with relative ease.

The sharp modern cut design gives the JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter a subtlety which is quite rare in a wine decanter.

There is nothing extravagant about this decanter, but its simplicity is what sets the JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter apart from the rest of the products in this line. This decanter is produced using 100 percent lead-free crystals, and comes in a shape which lets you enjoy the wine with full bodied flavors and intoxicating aromas.

When we talk about durability, the JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter is at par with the other leaders in the business. The crystal decanter is made of high-quality material, and is hand blown, making it sturdy and stunning at the same time. These decanters are expertly crafted with the best materials, and this makes them virtually indestructible.

The best feature of the JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter is the fact that it is dishwasher safe. It is one of the best in the business and at the same time, is easily washable. If you love your wine, then this is one of the very few products you should definitely invest in.

Priced at less than 30 dollars, this is one of the most affordable wine decanters available today. The JoyJolt Lancia wine decanter gives you immense return on investment, and is worth every penny.

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Best Wine Decanters: What’s Your Pick?

There are a very few people who actually love and enjoy their wine; who love to find that hidden taste or aroma which is not easily noticeable.

This requires immense patience and a good decanter, probably the best if you are a seasoned drinker. One needs to know how and where to put his money in order to choose the best wine decanter, and that is where this extensive guide plays a major role.

Here, we have compiled all that you need to know when you go looking for your next wine decanter. After reading this, we hope you are able to make an informed decision while choosing the perfect friend for your expensive bottle of vintage wine. Cheers!

Editor’s ChoiceYouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter

YouYah Iceberg

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