Best Wine Coolers 2021: Top Quiet Wine Refrigerators

best wine cooler reviews under counter freestanding

How do you know when it’s actually time you purchase a wine cooler and are not being talked into an impulsive buy? Other than giving a contemporary feel to your house, they let your wines mature at the required temperature, are low maintenance and fit anywhere and everywhere.

What’s more?

You can now showcase your exquisite collection at a social gathering and have a good, freshly served glass of wine to yourself too when you’re on your own.

The best wine coolers guide will help you find the best wine chillers in terms of utility, features, appearance, and durability.


Best Rated Wine Coolers 2021: Under Counter, Built-in, Freestanding and Dual Zone

Before moving on to detailed reviews, let’s take a quick look at our picks the best wine refrigerators 2021:

Our best wine fridge reviews will help you make the right choice when spending your hard earned money.

Top 15 Best Wine Coolers 2021

1. Kalamera 15” – Best Under Counter Wine Cooler

Kalamera 15'' - Best Under Counter Wine CoolerThis is a single zone wine chiller that has a storage capacity of 30 bottles. Its built-in temperature memory function and LED control display keeps your wine chilled, within a range of 40-66 degrees Fahrenheit, complying to your specific needs. The stainless frame and double layered tempered glass are a classy combination of elegance and utility, providing insulation to keep the wine chilled at all times, preventing the glass from fogging up.

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With six strong beech racks, it provides loads of space to hold wine bottles with sufficient space for air flow. Although they are strong enough to hold the wine bottles in place, they simultaneously provide the required softness to keep your wine labels unscratched. The stoppers on the side prevent the wines from falling off the racks.

The wine sediments remain undisturbed through its noise reduction and low vibration technology, giving you the freshness you desire by retaining the freshness for a long time. Not only in taste, but the wine maintains its freshness through the odorless environment inside the fridge, retained by the carbon filter. With customization at heart, this under counter wine cooler allows you to experience the luxury and fine quality you pay for by its all in one complete package and can be installed under a kitchen counter or in a bar area, as you may please. This is the best under counter wine refrigerator for money.

2. Avanti EWC1201 – Best Coutertop Wine Cooler

Avanti EWC1201 - Best Coutertop Wine CoolerThe Avanti EWC1201 is a 12 bottle capacity wine cellar with digital display and touch control system. It is a free standing wine cellar with a curved glass door. The refrigerator has a sleek design with thermoelectric cooling system, allowing you to set temperature within its 47-64 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. This model is designed for accommodating 750 ml bottles. The bottom three racks are fixed into one unit, making it a hassle to adjust bigger sized bottles in there. One of the key features is its vibration free technology, that keeps the sediments undisturbed, ultimately retaining the wine quality for a long period and giving your kitchen or lounge a contemporary look.

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Its compact size doesn’t make it a hassle to place and makes it occupy less space than other alternatives. Although it is a good buy for its price, Avanti EWC1201 does not incorporate noise free technology, which might be a nuisance. Secondly, since it is a single zoned cooler, you would be only able to keep all sorts of wine at a single temperature.

3. Kalamera 24” – Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Kalamera 24'' - Best Dual Zone Wine CoolerThe Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator is one of the most magnificent wine chillers you will ever come across, in terms of size and appearance. Its outlook comprises of black and stainless steel. With a capacity of 46 bottles of 750ml, you may place it as you may please, under the kitchen counter or as a freestanding wine cooler.

Goes with a contemporary and sophisticated styled kitchen/lounge/bar. Its edge over other wine chillers is its dual zone temperature control allowing you to cool different kinds of wine at the temperature they require i.e. upper zone range between 40-50°F and a lower Zone range between 50-66°F. The noise free and vibration-less feature add to the luxury this cooler has to offer, retaining wine freshness over longer periods of time.

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Kalamera makes use of smart technology with its Temperature Memory function, with a digital LED temperature control, that automatically maintains the set temperature, in case of a power outage, so that is another responsibility off your shoulder. Unlike outdated wine cellars, it uses compressor cooling and has a triple layered tempered glass with a double pane glass and anti-UV layer, providing utmost insulation to your wine. Though this specific model is pricey, the features it has to offer are worth every penny, giving you the luxury you desire.

4. EdgeStar CWR181SZ – Best Built-in Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR181SZ - Best Built-in Wine CoolerThis stainless steel, sleek designed EdgeStar wine cooler is a feasible option, for both under the counter and freestanding placement. The ultra slim cooler has been designed to host a capacity of 18 wine bottles (750ml) with illustrations to use the space to an optimum level. Perhaps, the best feature is the ease with which it can fit anywhere since it is only 12 inches wide.

The black dot matrix protected glass door with stainless steel borders complement your existing kitchen/bar appliances. The fine finish of its black cabinet adds to its beauty when placed as a freestanding unit. The conveniently designed sliding wooden shelves let you reach the bottles at the back with ease.

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Its front ventilators allow easy circulation within its under the counter placement, minimizing any chances of hot touch-points or uneven cooling. The carbon filter prevents any bad odors from developing inside the cellar. The digital LED display , interior lighting and touch controls let you keep tabs on the temperature inside and are extremely simple to understand and operate. It tackles the UV rays penetration into your wine bottles through its tinted glass, keeping your wine safe from changes in taste and quality.

Very competitively priced, this EdgeStar model offers almost everything you’re looking for from style and appearance to comfort and protection, delivering its promise of quality.

5. EdgeStar CWR301SZ – Best Freestanding Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR301SZ - Best Freestanding Wine CoolerThe 15 inches wide EdgeStar CWR301SZ is the best wine cooler for individuals who want the cellar to be placed extremely subtly without compromising on the overall appearance of the bar. Designed with a sleek styled trim door, interior LED lighting, and sliding wooden racks, this wine cellar provides ample space for your wine bottles without occupying too much itself. This wine chiller has an impressive capacity of 30 wine bottles at a reasonable price.

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This model is a single zone wine cooler, which might limit the customization of temperature ranges, a dual zone cooler has to offer. The easy to access touch controls and digital display make adjusting the temperature easier than ever. The tinted glass prevents UV rays from affecting the wine quality, taste and maturation, since any wine fridge is prone to sunlight and UV rays. The auto-defrost technology keeps the wine from freezing but chilled at all times. The low noise and vibration reduction avoid the wine refrigerator from compromising on wine quality.

The compact size alongside its capacity to hold 30 bottles and other additional features sure add to its credibility, and would definitely blend in with any kitchen theme.

6. EdgeStar CWR361FD – Quietest Wine Refrigerator

EdgeStar CWR361FD - Quietest Wine RefrigeratorEdgeStar produces one of the quietest wine coolers in the the industry with versatility in sizes. Although much of the basic features remain the same, the storage quantity in this specific model is massive. It has a capacity to store 36 bottles of 750ml each. Bigger sized bottles can be adjusted too if one of the shelves is removed. The timeless appearance is enhanced with its French Door that allow you to store wine in two compartments. The stainless steel trimmed doors and racks add to the novelty of this appliance, which speaks for itself.

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Red and white wine can be stored at their required temperatures in the same fridge because of its dual zone feature. The temperature control in itself is extremely simple to use, despite being digitally machined, with an in built touch control. The blue LED lighting inside the cellar displays your collection without creating any heating-up trouble. To avoid the machinery from heating up, the ventilation system is built in the front, that allows you to use it as a built-in wine fridge or as a free-standing appliance.

Although the refrigerator is to be placed indoors ideally, its tinted glass protects the wine from UV rays penetration keeping it crisp and fresh, in case it is placed outdoors for an event too. A high functioning wine cooler, that keeps up with your lifestyle, the EdgeStar CWR361FD is a noise free and vibration-less appliance priced reasonably to suit your needs.

7. Whynter WC-201TD – Best Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Whynter WC-201TD - Best Thermoelectric Wine CoolerThis Whytner wine cooler is a thermoelectric cooling system with single zone functioning. It’s tinted black mirror door complements the sleek countertop adding sophistication and grace to the overall appearance of your kitchen. Designed to be placed on yachts and in luxury hotel rooms, you can rely on its exquisite outlook to add beauty to your kitchen or lounge.

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Since this is a freestanding wine chiller, you can not place it under a kitchen counter. Another limitation is its single zone functioning, that forces you to store both red and white wine at one temperature. Though its compact size has a capacity to store 20 bottles at once, its stainless steel shelves are removable, letting you fit in bigger sized wine bottles, as per need.

Other additional features you may be looking for are its precise touch control temperature adjusting system, LED lighting, and a noise free and vibration less thermoelectric cooling, providing you luxury with utility. The variety of features for a price this reasonable is a rare find, making it a smart buying option.

8. AKDY – Best Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

AKDY - Best Dual Zone Freestanding Wine RefrigeratorThis AKDY wine refrigerator is among one of the best-looking premium quality ones available commercially. Designed with a dual zone temperature zone, the machinery comprises of thermoelectric cooling system, keeping your wine fresh as ever. This is ensured through its vibration reduction technology that leaves the wine sediments undisturbed.

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The wooden shelves can easily accommodate 46 bottles and can adjust bigger sized bottles too by removing one or more of these. The black exterior is complemented by the see-through glass door which beautifies its elegant appearance. The LED lights are bright enough to showcase your collection and the button controls add a touch of simplicity. The utility is hampered a little with its single-way placement i.e. freestanding. Since it does not have front ventilation, it can not be placed under a kitchen counter.

However, the built-in fan technology is a plus since it evenly distributes the heat energy and keeps the system from heating up. If you’re searching for something noticeable and magnificent for a wine cooler, this is a suitable option.

9. NewAir AWR-290DB – Top Rated Dual Zone Wine Fridge

NewAir Dual Zone Built-In Wine CoolerThe NewAir AWR-290DB is a complete package best suited to all your wine chilling needs. Though it is pricier than other options, you will see in the next few lines, how NewAir makes it worth the money with its versatile features.

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Firstly, this model can be used as both, a freestanding wine cooler and a built-in kitchen counter. Since it is only 15 inches wide, Second, its utility is enhanced by its dual zone cooling option. Thirdly, it hosts a majestic capacity of 29 wine bottles to fit in its high quality wooden sliding shelves. Comes with front ventilation, disallowing heating up when placed in a built in kitchen counter. Better and long-lasting cooling is ensured through its compressor cooling technology.

The UV painted glass door has stainless steel borders that are trending these days. Like other premium quality wine coolers, it is silent and vibration-less, with even circulation and an easily operable touch control panel, an option you definitely need to consider if you’re willing to spend a slightly higher amount on a wine fridge.

10. Whynter BWR-281DZ – Best Built-in Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Whynter BWR-281DZ - Best Built-in Dual Zone Wine FridgeIf you’re searching for something to replace your trash compactor or have an empty counter cabinet slot, might as well get this Whynter wine cooler in there. Its 15 inches width makes it extremely compact and ideal for a freestanding as well as built-in counter placement.

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Starting with looks, the exterior is pretty attractive with a stainless steel double pane glass door in a smoke gray shade. The shelves are removable but not sliding which might make accessing the back wine bottles harder. The mechanism is made highly reliable with its high powered compressor fan cooling, maintaining even temperature and cooling in both its temperature zones, making it suitable for both, red and white wine storage.

Since it is slightly higher priced than other alternatives, the extra features need to be evaluated too in terms of their utility. The warning systems are quite intuitive and alert you in case of an open fridge door and machinery malfunctioning. Secondly, the lock and security is upgraded with its security lock and key system while the door is designed with a reversible door swing, easing small tasks for you.

Ideal for hotel rooms and luxury lounges at home, this specific wine fridge is a good deal considering the versatility of its functions without having compromised on the looks.

11. NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NutriChef PKTEWC120 Wine coolerThis wine cooler under the NutriChef brand makes use of thermoelectric refrigeration technology and is endowed with temperature controls. It is available in a self-supported structure which makes it possible to be kept on the floor, counter-top or under the table.

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The chic look of the NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is bound to add life to any space, be it your room, kitchen or workplace. The door of this cooler is made of stainless steel and is anchored on top of a strong, black casing which only adds on to its marvelous aesthetic.

The thermoelectric cooling technology incorporated in this product, along with an upgraded fan structure allows it to function noiselessly, making it appropriate for use in many locations including your workplace. This innovative technology also eradicated radiations that may be detrimental quality of your wines.

Also, the interiors of this wine cooler light up with blue LED lights which makes this model all the more unique and also evades the possibility of the warming effect of luminous lighting.

There is a temperature and light regulation console on the forward-facing side of the cooler which enables you to turn the blue LED lights off inside the cooler without opening the door and regulate the temperature inside the cooler.

The temperatures inside the unit fluctuate from around 10 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius and the cooler is equipped with a self-regulating system for changes in room temperature.

Furthermore, the interiors of the cooler are put together smartly in order to improve storage area and expediency of access. It is further subdivided using gleaming chrome shelves which permit storage of both vertically as well as horizontally placed wine bottles.

An extremely robust piece, the NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is composed of actual metal instead of colored plastics which happens to be a widely used material for many wine coolers.

This is definitely a great purchase because along with all its amazing features, it also comes with a one-year warranty which allows you to be at peace about the durability of this unit.

12. NewAir AW-210ED Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

NewAir AW-210ED Streamline 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine CoolerThe NewAir AW-210ED is one of the few wine coolers available in this size that is equipped with one door for every refrigeration section. Dual doors enable the unit to maintain a stable temperature in every section. This wine cooler is appropriate for chilling all sorts of red as well as white wines. If you’re someone who likes their sparkling wines at rather low temperatures, this unit may not be appropriate since the lowest temperature it can sustain is 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

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This wine cooler incorporates an innovative thermoelectric cooling mechanism which allows it to run silently. Furthermore, it does not include moving parts and does not make use of hazardous elements like Freon. Many wine collectors favor this kind of motor because they provide noiseless functioning and are Eco-friendlier than compressor units.

However, coolers that fall under this category are not capable of reaching lower temperatures like the 40s which is required for cooling sparkling wines. Every section is equipped with its individual set of digital consoles and thermostat. If you’ve been searching for a wine cooler for cooling sparkling wines or just need one that reaches lower temperatures, consider the NewAir AWC-330E model.

Furthermore, the NewAir AW-210ED is equipped with 6 slide-out racks composed of real metal along with 2 fixed racks. This unit is available is form of a beautiful black cabinet with a door of the same color. The interiors are illuminated with blue LED lights that are situated in both sections.

The bottle-storage capacity of this unit is around 21 standard-sized wine bottles. The upper section of the cooler can house up to 6 typical wine bottles and the lower section can hold around 15. The top section is meant for white wines and can be adjusted to hold a temperature that falls between 44 and 66 F. The lower section is suitable for all your rosés and dark reds and can be set to hold a temperature between 54 to 66 F. Every single section comprises its own series of digital regulations and thermostat.

Furthermore, this piece is created to function in covered spaced with the surrounding temperatures falling between 50 to 80 F. Some reports have shown that units that use thermoelectric technology may have difficulties functioning at higher temperatures. To be on the safer side, it is better to have an indoor space dedicated for this unit with consistent lowers temperatures falling in the 70s range.

Lastly, this unit is a little slim for its height and it doesn’t have a locking system. Because of these reasons, it is best to place this unit in an area which is not accessible to children so as to avoid any of your wine bottles from breaking.

13. Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine CoolerThe Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Wine Cooler, built to have zilch radiations, helps in keeping your wines safe and chilled at precise and consistent temperatures. It also provides a steady environment and shields your wine from external light and elements that may prove to be harmful which protects the integrity of your wines.

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Because of all the protective features of this unit, your wines are all the more protected and easier to preserve. It also helps develop the flavor, color and aroma of the wine, along with the smoothness, body, tannin and sweetness which enables you to enjoy some of the best and most flavorsome wines that are balanced, rich, lithe and have the ability make any moment ten times better.

This beautiful unit is a must have for wine aficionados and collectors since this piece, composed of stainless steel, is very strong and can hold up to 18 standard-sized wine bottles. It also has interiors that are illuminated by LED lights that come with an on/off control. Also, the unit consists of touch controls and LCD display which gives you all the more reason to show off this chic unit along with your wines.  Lastly, its thermoelectric cooling mechanism provides for silent functioning, with zilch radiations further adding onto the perks of purchasing of this unit.

This unit is one of Ivation’s most unique models which is generally used as a free-standing wine refrigerator. Its structure and supple interior illumination will look flawless in absolutely any space, be it the kitchen or the office. This amazing piece is available in a lovely stainless-steel clad, black body along with shelves made of stainless steel or wood. The model that comes with an optional door lock is ideal for those with children in the house.

14. Phiestina Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler RefrigeratorAll of us want the best wine coolers to store our rosés, dark reds and whites in order to maintain the integrity of our collection. We all know how chilled wine is so much more flavorful. However, storing your reds and whites in a single section may not be a great idea.

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If your collection has both types, you’re in luck! The Phiestina PH-CWR100 33-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator is just what you’re looking for!

This unit allows you to store up to 33 standard sized wine bottles and keep them nice and chilled. It has a freestanding design which permits you to keep the unit anywhere you wish to. Regardless of where you keep it, it is bound to augment the beauty of the room.

This unit isn’t just a pretty package. It is in fact replete with unique features. It consists of adjustable temperature settings so that you can chill your wines as per your requirements. Regardless of whether you like your wines mildly cool or downright icy, this unit comes with temperature controls that range from 40 to 50 degrees F, which is the upper section and 50 to 64 degrees F, which is the lower section.

This model consists of 7 removable beech-wood wine racks that enables you to create space for bottles of red and white wines that have longer necks or unusual shapes.

The unit also consists of a compressor cooling mechanism which proves to be much more energy efficient than other mechanisms present in most wine refrigerators. It also provides for noiseless and silent functioning. Besides, the upgraded control system that comes with it allows the compressor to not run unnecessarily while simultaneously sustaining a steady temperature, which further leads to reduced radiation, racket and excessive energy utilization.

The interiors of this wine cooler are illuminated by durable, energy-saving blue LED lights that add on to the beauty of the piece and will further help augment the space you place it in.

The unit also has a compact construction and does not require a very large space to be kept in.

Furthermore, the unit also comprises of digital touch consoles which allows you to adjust the temperature with the touch of a finger and the LED panels show you the actual temperature inside the cooler at all times.

This Phiestina model has undoubtedly made it ever-so-simple to store more wine bottles in a rather compact space and that too with the perfect temperature settings. Not to mention just how much energy it saves because of which it has been Energy-Guide approved as well!

If you identify yourself as a total wine collector, this wine cooler is a marvelous option that you must consider.

15. NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler - Red and White Wine ChillerRegardless of whether you are looking for an in-built wine refrigerator in your pantry or bar area, or a freestanding piece to place in your bedroom or living room, the NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 wine refrigerator is one that will suit your needs perfectly!

It consists of a competent binary-zone system that helps keep your reds and whites nice and frosty on the basis of the temperature you set. The interior of the unit is illuminated by LED lights that literally throws light on your collection of dark reds, rosés and whites, allowing you to show them off with an easy-to-operate plug-in system.

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This unit is also very power-efficient and environment friendly as it consumes low power which in turn makes it flawless for any event whatsoever.

The unit also has controllable and alterable temperatures which can be set as per your requirements along with an LCD thermostat screen. It also has an in-built ventilator and aeration vent along with armored glass sealed with an air-tight cover.

Furthermore, the NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 wine cooler enables you to enjoy the flavorsome taste of your wine the way it is supposed to be relished! It shields your wines from external light and other factors and helps restore its body, smoothness, tannin, sweetness and acidity, maintaining the integrity of your collection. The binary-zone system chills your whites and reds to its fullest making every glass you serve extremely savory – just how it is meant to be.

Lastly, this unit also lets you tailor the core as per your requirements in order to create more storage area for bottles with longer necks or unusual shapes. Each and every shelf in this unit is made to hold around 18 standard-sized wine bottles. Augmenting the unit’s storage capacity further enables you to have an even more extensive range of unique reds and whites.

Wine Fridge Buying Guide

If you’re fond of showcasing and having a huge wine collection, chances are that you might be looking for a suitable wine storage. Wine storage can either be a simple wooden cabinet, or a refrigerator depending on the capacity of your existing refrigerator. Once you have decided to purchase a wine cooler, it is important that you evaluate the appliance on a set of certain criteria that measure utility, functioning as well as appearance.

The following guide will assist you in making a better purchase than you would have, otherwise.

1. Capacity

The first and foremost factor that needs to be considered is the capacity a wine cellar possesses. For this you need to see your requirement and the best wine coolers available in the market. Varying capacity wine chillers ranging from less than 10 to 30 bottles or more can be found with multiple functions. Getting attracted by a larger capacity wine fridge is no sensible move, as it is highly likely that the space might go waste, if it is more than your required need. Keeping other factors under consideration, choose wisely.

2. Shelves

You must be wondering what difference shelves would make? Or what exactly does one have to evaluate shelves on? The shelves in a wine cooler can either be stainless steel chrome or wooden in material. Stainless steel shelves have a contemporary feel to them as compared to the wooden ones. Secondly, the shelves should be sliding while also being removable. This lets you access wine bottles at the back of the shelf easily, and makes cleaning the shelves a breeze.

3. Vibration and Noise

A factor often overlooked is the noise your wine chiller makes. That mostly becomes noticeable when you experience the silence of a high quality noise-free wine cooler. Many reasonably priced refrigerators also offer this feature, so be careful not to miss it out. Secondly, it is important that any refrigerator you get is vibration-less. The sole purpose of getting a wine fridge is to have it served fresh. Refrigerator vibration disturbs the wine sediments, making it lose its crisp and affecting its taste. Watch out for that.

4. Cooling System

A lot of people may be unaware that wine refrigerators either have a compressor cooling system or a thermoelectric cooling system. The basic difference precisely is that while the thermoelectric cooling system is quieter, the compressor cooling system is more effective when it comes to cooling. Secondly if you’re planning on placing both, red and white wine, you will be needing a wine cellar that maintains two different temperatures. i.e. a dual zone cooler which is different from a single zone cooler as you’ll learn later in this article. Therefore, you need to take your pick wisely, deciding upon whatever comes above in your preference list.

5. Size

A number of key factors come under consideration when deciding on what size do you need to get your wine fridge in. For this you need to first decide whether the wine chiller has to be placed in a freestanding position, or in a built-in kitchen counter. If its the latter, you would want a smaller, more compact and less wider wine cellar. It also depends on the amount of wine bottles you plan on storing in the wine refrigerator. Thirdly, it also depends how noticeable you want your wine fridge to be. A majestic and luxurious wine cooler with ample capacity would require more space too, unlike a small, compact one.

6. Ventilation System

Depending upon how much space you’re willing to free up for the wine fridge, you need to look out for how its ventilation functions. Most dual-installation wine coolers (i.e. freestanding and built in) come with a front ventilation system, disallowing the system to heat up or causing malfunctioning. Other bigger sized, freestanding wine coolers, on the other hand have a back-ventilation which does not allow them to be placed under a counter. Such wine cellars need open space at their back to avoid heat-up.

7. Special Features

One of the special features you want in your wine fridge is the auto-defrost function. As the name suggests, it prevents the wine cooler from frosting up your wine. This is done through its temperature control that melts excessive ice and prevents its build-up in the first place. Another feature you want is UV protected, tinted glass doors, that retain the freshness of your wine by keeping it safe from UV rays penetration.

Best Wine Cooler Brands

There are a lot of different brands available in the market but only few offer the best value for your buck. The best brands that I can recommend are Edgestar and Avanti. There are some other lesser known brands as well but I won’t recommend you waste your money buying those.

Some of the topmost brands in the wine cooler market are mentioned below.

1. Whynter

A comparatively small manufacturing firm, Whynter was established in Santa Fe Springs in California in the year 2006. It mainly focuses on creating electric appliances for daily household requirements and its manufacturing services are headquartered in California. The company has experienced a lot of success and is on the rise because of its high-quality wine coolers/refrigerators.

Whynter provides an extensive variety of wine coolers, ranging from small, compact models that have an 18-bottle capacity to massive units that have a capacity of holding up to 124 standard-sized wine bottles.

Some wine coolers that they manufacture are designed to have dual-temperature sections so that you can store your favorite red wines as well as white wines.

If you’re searching for a good quality wine cooler for your office, home, or any other space, consider looking at Whynter’s units as they are truly amazing with quite a lot of unique features.

2. NewAir

NewAir, founded in the year 2002, can be classified as a leading producer of luxurious, customarily created electric household appliances. The company manufactures a wide range of wine coolers, all of which are very reasonably priced and are rated as one of the highest quality wine coolers in all of US.

Choosing the perfect wine cooler is a rather unnerving task since there are so many models available out there with so many different prices. It is very normal to be confused while making a choice. However, if you’re searching for a wine cooler that suits your requirements, is dependable and is available at an affordable rate, then you should totally consider giving NewAir wine coolers a shot.

The wine coolers that this brand produces are designed to look chic and stylish along with silent and noiseless functioning. These units will chill your wines appropriately, at the required temperatures and they actually perform better than other exorbitantly priced wine coolers available in the market today.

3. EdgeStar

Another great wine cooler producing brand is EdgeStar. The company, with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, manufacture an extensive range of different wine coolers. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the electronics industry.

EdgeStar is renowned for its dependability, slick designs, unique features and noiseless functioning. It also has outstanding bottle capacity that allows you to store 20 to 200 standard-sized wine bottles, depending upon your requirements and the model you decide to purchase. What’s more? They are very reasonably price and will definitely not break the bank.

Lastly, EdgeStar is known to have remarkable functioning and compact European style designs. If you’re looking for a wine cooler that saves space and is easy to carry around with high quality performance, then you should definitely consider the various units produced by this brand since these units make sure that you display your wine collection fashionably while also cooling and storing your wines the perfectly.


AKDY, a member of NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), falls under the high-end category of wine cooler producers. Founded in 1963 in Philadelphia, this company is one that chills your wines just the way you like it – nice and frosty or a mildly chilled.

Their wine coolers are designed to deliver a decent degree of practicality in their disposition. They offer a number of reasonably priced wine coolers that comprise of unique features that every wine cooler must have, catering to all your needs and requirements.

The units are available in many sizes, zones, dimensions, and chrome-plated racks, along with interiors that are illuminated with LED lighting which allows you to showcase your collection in the best possible way.

So, whether you have a few wine bottles that you need to store or an entire collection of Bordeaux and Chateau bottles, a wine cooler manufactured by AKDY is space-saving way to hold all your bottles and chill your wines perfectly.

5. Avanti

Avanti is one of the leading wine cooler brands available in the market today. They are known to produce high-quality units that are also very reasonably priced and this can be proved by the amazing reviews they get on each of their models.

The company’s standing has been growing quite a lot and it can be credited to the compact, high-performance wine coolers they manufacture which are reviewed to be perfect for offices, houses and dorms.

One of the most trusted brands in the market, Avanti’s units are well-designed and suitable to be placed indoors as well as outdoors. Whether you have a few bottles you want to store or an all-out collection of bottles, they provide a wide range of high-quality options for you to choose from. They also offer choices in dual and single zones and you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for the best quality wine cooler out there, this brand is definitely worth considering.

Types Of Wine Refrigerator

1. Freestanding vs Built in

Wine refrigerators are categorized into two types, based on their placement and installation. A wine fridge designed to be placed alone, similar to a refrigerator, is a freestanding wine chiller. The built-in wine cooler is one that can be placed under a kitchen counter. While the built-in wine fridge has front ventilation, a freestanding wine refrigerator dissipates heat from the back. Built-in wine chillers are smaller in size but can hold as many bottles as some freestanding wine refrigerators are capable of.
It is completely a matter of choice and how noticeable you’d like your wine fridge to be.

2. Thermoelectric vs Compressor Cooling System

Wine chillers either operate on a thermoelectric cooling system or a compressor. Simply put, the thermoelectric cooling system pulls out heat, keeping the inside cool by separating the hotter air released.
They are quieter and vibrate less. Contrary to that are wine refrigerators with compressor cooling units. The compressors maintain the set temperature through a thermostat and the refrigerant in them makes their cooling much more effective than thermoelectric systems.

3. Single vs Dual Zone Cooling Systems

Wine cellars are also differentiated on their capacity to cool at two different temperatures simultaneously. While single zone wine coolers are capable of maintaining only a single temperature, dual zone system can maintain two temperatures, suitable for both, red and white wine simultaneously. This, again, is a matter of choice and utility. By staying under a budget, you can, however, find a dual zone wine fridge too. It will only be considered a good investment if you utilize this feature to its optimum utility.

How to Select the Right Location for Wine Cooler

Wines always add new dimensions to delicacies in many terrains across the world. And it’s imperative that you keep them at a cool temperature for the sake of retaining the quality taste. Keeping wine shouldn’t be an issue as there are good cooling gadgets, which you can purchase at different sales outlets. These coolers will not only help retain the quality of the wine but also keep the wine bottles from breaking. Sometimes, you may be confronted with so many options regarding where to place your newly purchased wine coolers that you don’t know what to do. For the sake of convenience, here are five best spots where wine coolers can be strategically placed:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in your home that comes to mind whenever you think of a spot to place your wine cooler. It’s easy to reach out for your wines as soon as you finish dishing out your meals. Perhaps you are waiting for some minutes to have your food ready, you can treat yourself to a chilled glass of wine, as you prepare to serve your family or guests in your home.

2. Counter

If you’re running a bar on a small scale, and you want to treat your clients to a decent wine tasting experience, you can place wine coolers on your counter. The type of wine coolers that will be placed on the counters are portable ones that wouldn’t need much space. This way, you can treat your clients to the chilled variety of wines at different intervals with your cooling system on the counter.

You can use a built-in wine refrigerator if you are planning an under-counter installation.

3. Basement

If you fancy having a collection of wines, you should also make preparations for having them stored in the coolest of conditions. Your basement can also be a good place for your wines when you have a cooling system installed there.

4. Cellar

Although cellars are one of the cool places you can have your wines arranged, it will be a nice idea to have a wine cooler installed there. Since wine coolers come in various forms, depending on your budget, you can get a wine cooler that is large enough to accommodate the collection of wines you have.

5. Bar

You can have a mini bar in your own home. Having a wine cooler installed in this place will make your wine tasting experience splendid. You can invite your friends over to your house and treat them to a chilled glass of wine from your wine cooler installed in your own home.

There are still other places where you never thought you could. You can install a wine cooler anywhere as long as the pace is cool and free from moisture. With these five places in mind, you can have your wine cooler installed the moment you decide to buy one.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine Cooler

A wine cooler or refrigerator is an excellent addition to any home. It is a necessity for wine lovers and collectors. Drinking wine has a lot of benefits including the fact that it reduces the risk of heart stroke and cancer. Wine coolers are referred to as refrigerators or wine chillers (because they are essentially specialty refrigerators designed to store wine). Wine coolers are built to keep wine chilled for serving purposes. The actual temperature for cooling solely depends on the type of wine.

Below are some of the considerations for people looking to buy a wine refrigerator:

1. Budget

Before starting the purchasing process, every wine collector must consider their budget. The prices of wine coolers vary widely depending on a host of factors including capacity, size, brand, and other considerations. It is crucial to prepare a pre-set budget limit if you want to simplify the buying process.

2. Size

Before purchasing a wine cooler, critically think about the quantity of wine that you intend to store at any particular time. Since wine coolers aren’t long-term storage options, it is best to consider how much-chilled wine you will need in a short period. An excellent rule of thumb here is determining the amount of wine you need and double that quantity.

3. Temperature Range

The main purpose of purchasing a wine refrigerator is to keep your wine at a unique temperature. If you intend to store beverages with varying temperature storage requirements, search for a wine cooler model that offers multiple temperature controlled functions (this means that it can be set to vary temperatures).

4. Storage Location

When selecting the kind of wine chiller to buy, the amount of space you have in your home is another important factor to keep considering. There are diverse and multiple wine cooler designs available that you can use to accommodate different needs.

5. Design

a) Built-In

Built-in wine refrigerators are located under counters. These types are costlier than countertop units. It paramount to put the cost of labor (for its installation) into consideration. These type of coolers can be alternatives to dishwashers or trash compactors.

b) Countertop

Countertop wine chillers are ideal for small spaces. People who want to store only a small amount of beverages at any particular time can also benefit. This model is energy-efficient and budget-friendly. They are versatile because it is easy to relocate them to different locations when necessary.

c) Freestanding

Freestanding wine refrigerators have the most volume. They are the most space-consuming as well. These units are nearly the size of traditional refrigerators, so placement is an important consideration if you decide to buy this model.

6. Shelving

Shelving can vary depending on the wine cooler model or its price. Basic wine chillers come with wire shelving. More expensive models come with wood-reinforced shelving. It is important to indicate that most shelving units aren’t built to hold larger bottles. If a unit holds larger bottles, then a buyer shouldn’t forget that the overall capacity of the cooler will be reduced.

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