Best Wine Clubs 2021 – Wine Subscriptions you Must Have!

Best wine clubs

Seasoned wine drinkers surely remember their days as amateur wine drinkers, trying to pronounce Chablis, Chardonnay, Chinon or other French wines, and trying to make sense of the term “terroir”. What we’re trying to say is that the wine universe can be rather unnerving for people who have just entered this arena.

However, even if you are a veteran drinker, it is important to consider the emergence of new-fangled wineries off late along with the enhancement in global distribution which further makes halting by the wine shops to purchase a bottle of wine rather overwhelming, laborious and time-consuming task. For this very reason, and many others, being a part of one of the best wine clubs is a wise decision for inquisitive newbies and seasoned wine drinkers and veterans alike.

Also, if you are a big-time wine aficionado, then being a part of a wine club is definitely a great choice. It is excellent for those who want to try out new things and experiment with the diversified styles of wines available today, especially if you don’t have time to visit wine stores and take your pick.

Getting to know your local wine seller and purchasing bottles from the same store is a great way to gain more knowledge about different wine styles. But, if you find yourself constantly purchasing the closest bottle you can get a hold of because you don’t have enough time to browse through the shop, then you must, by all means, be a part of a wine club.

What is a Wine Club?

A wine club is a subscription service that delivers high-quality bottles of wines to you on the daily basis. They also have the best wine of the month clubs available, wherein they send a special wine to you every month. These subscriptions may be monthly or quarterly depending upon your requirement. They also make for the perfect gift for wine lovers and aficionados.

The wine universe is a vast one and hence consists of truckloads of options for you to choose from. Some lie on the lower end of the spectrum, that is, they are of decent quality and are reasonably priced. The wines that lie on the higher end of the spectrum include your expensive, state-of-the-art whites, dark reds, and rosés.

What are the Advantages of Being Part of a Wine Club?

We understand your love for wines to the T. Your dinners seem incomplete without an invigoration glass of your favorite white or red wine. We also know that you, more often than not, keep looking for novel styles of wine to experiment with and try. In larger sense, you are what people like to call, a wine aficionado or a wine enthusiast.

And guess what? The best wine clubs in the world were started for people just like you! Not very sure about these clubs and want to know more about the advantages of being part of one? Read on because we’re here to evade the possibility of any doubt lingering in your mind!

1.  Exclusiveness

One of the best advantages of being part of a wine club is being able to own exclusive bottles of whites and reds that are not available to the general public immediately. Wine club members are the first ones to savour the flavour of novel, exclusive white and red wines. Once you are a part of a wine club, be assured that the most exclusive, high-quality wines will be delivered to your doorstep, adding up to your beautiful collection of whites and reds.

2.  Amazing Discounts

Once you become a member of a wine club, get ready to be showered with marvelous discounts on your favourite wines. This is possible because the best wine clubs tend to purchase wines in bulk because of which the heavy prices levied by distributors are eliminated, making the prices of wine bottles rather reasonable. Besides, who doesn’t love discounts? This means you get the best of wines delivered to you without breaking the bank!

However, keep in mind that shipping charges may be levied.

3.  Cost-Free Tasting Events

What’s better than a discount? Free stuff! Being a part of the best wine clubs allows you to be part of free wine tastings as well! Nothing could be better than enjoying and savoring the taste of the best red and white wines, all with zero cost!

4.  Latest Wines Delivered to your Doorstep

Love dropping all outdoor plans and relaxing at home? Don’t like stepping out all that much? Don’t worry, because the best wine clubs have you covered! Many wine clubs that exist today have the option of delivering the most recently launched wines right to your doorstep. You can opt for this service any time you like, or at particular times of the year, depending upon the club you are a part of.

5.  Entry to Exclusive Events

The best wine clubs have a number of events planned that only the members are allowed to attend. You will be able to be a part of the several wine showcases, auctions, tastings and many more such events that the general public is not allowed to attend. Feeling special? Wine clubs tend to do that a lot!

So, go right ahead and get your yourself a wine club subscription in order to get first-rate entry to your preferred winery because the advantages of being part of a wine club are astonishing!

Factors to Take into Consideration While Choosing the Best Wine Clubs

The popularity of wine clubs is on the rise, especially amongst seasoned wine drinkers. As soon as you’re a part of one, you receive a number of bottles of wine to try on the basis of your chosen preferences. There are quite a few wine clubs out there and it is important for you to determine which one is right for you.

Here we have some factors you should take into consideration before choosing the best wine club for you!

1.  Consider the State of Residence

Across the world, only 36 states permit alcohol to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep without any hassle. Many other states have a number of rules and regulations controlling the direct shipment of alcohol to consumers, while many just don’t allow direct deliveries.

So, consider the state you reside in before choosing a wine club because it will make it easier for you to understand whether direct deliveries will be possible for your state of residence or not.

2.  Budget

It is of paramount importance to understand that a wine subscription means you will have to bear consecutive costs in order to keep your participation active. This also calls for better understanding of all costs involved in subscribing to the best wine club.

Make sure you know whether you have to pay charges for signing up to a membership and whether your subscription includes the shipping charges and taxes. Also, find out the minimum number of months that you have to be part the club in order to avail discounts and ask whether you have to pay penalty charges for bottle returns or in case you cancel your subscription. Also, know whether an auto-renewal of your membership is possible.

Figure out the tenure of a typical subscription, the number of people who drop out midway, and people who have been members for a long time and then take a decision. This will help you to understand how hard the club strives to satisfy its members and will help you to make a perfect choice.

3.  Different Types of Wine Clubs

Winery Wine Clubs

A number of wineries start their own exclusive wine clubs and subscriptions that they urge you to be a part of. A benefit of this type of wine club is the special attention that winery wine clubs pay to their affiliates. They host a number of exclusive members-only events and tastings in order to honour their members, and keep them satisfied. They even plan trips to special wine centres or tasting chambers for their members along with amazing discounts on wine bottles or yearly deliveries of some special bottles of wines on the house.

Some high-class wineries deliver Vintner’s Reserve or a Grand Reserve bottles to all affiliates of their club. However, a drawback of being a part of this club is that you only get to choose your wines from the stock that is available in the winery. This may result in a dearth of options. Nonetheless, if you love a specific type of wine and are a big lover of a particular winery, then this is definitely the wine club you should opt for!

Wine of the Month Wine Clubs

Another famous kind of wine club is one wherein a bottle of wine is delivered at your doorstep on a monthly basis. The wine of the month wine club is appropriate for those who don’t give as much importance to the social context of enjoying fine wines as they do to the wine itself.

These types of clubs are great at giving stupendous discounts to its members, and presents the most extensive spectrum of wines. While winery wine clubs send domestic wines to you, a wine of the month club brings international wines to you. Some of these clubs even permit you to state your preferences, for example, they ask whether you love whites or reds, Chardonnay or Shiraz.

However, the chief drawback that comes with being a part of this club is that you don’t exactly have control over the bottles of wine you receive. For instance, if you don’t like red wines and your club delivers 5 bottles of Cabernet from 5 different countries that month, then you don’t really have an option but to take them. Nonetheless, if you’re a big fan of internationally acclaimed samples and experimenting with wine styles, then a wine of the club month is the perfect option for you to choose.

Local or Regional Wine Clubs

Another type of wine club is the local or regional wine clubs. These are a rather common and popular option amongst many wine drinkers. These wine clubs, more often than not, have an extensive array of rules and regulation that the members need to follow.

However, these rules may be different for different local wine clubs. What they do have in common is that they merge the members-only exclusiveness and access to new releases with the expediency and suitability of delivering one bottle a month which also happens to be the norm for wine-of-the-month wine clubs.

Some of these local clubs permit you to alter choices on the basis of your personal requirements and preferences. A famous local wine club permits you to take your pick from the 5 choices presented before you – dessert wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, classic red wine, classic white wine, or a bit of all of these.

4.  Understanding what Wine Clubs are Really Like

We have highlighted the advantages of joining a wine club in the section above, but we know it has its own cons as well. While there are many advantages of being part of a wine club, there are disadvantages latched onto it as well.

What you need to keep in mind is that if you’re someone who consumes a lot of wine, it may be difficult for you to save some funds to pay for the wine club membership. If you don’t drink wine a lot, then joining a wine club doesn’t exactly make sense because you’ll be receiving at least one bottle a month. The last thing you want to be stuck in is an undesired wine club membership that you want to quit but aren’t able to because of the agreement you signed and the money you paid.

Whichever wine club you choose to opt for, make sure it reflects your personal style and chic, fits into your budget, and satisfies your taste buds. Make sure you do thorough research on any club you wish to be a part of. This will further help you take your pick easily.

5.  Wine Style

In order to select the wine club that suits you best, you must ascertain your personal wine style. Do you identify yourself as someone who gives importance to the social context of enjoying wine and enjoys the exclusive events and tastings that wineries offer? Or are you someone who focuses more on the wine rather than the social aspect of the club? Ask yourself these questions before making a choice.

Keep in mind the kind of wine you love the most and when exactly do you prefer to take them. Do you love dark reds and rich rosés? Is it the lovely white wines you favour? Do you usually consume wines from the States or do you like experimenting with French or other wines as well?

If you’re the adventurous type, then it is best to pick a club that offers internationally acclaimed wine varietals. Perchance you could start your own wine club if the options are too detailed. For instance, you could savour the taste of the sweet red wines post dessert.

In this section, we slurped our way through the stock to present to you the best wine clubs as per 2021 that provide you with the best wines and membership packages. There’s something for everyone here! Because we understand that nothing lifts your spirits up after a tiring day than a bottle of flavoursome vino awaiting your arrival. Here is a list of the best wine clubs to join!

The Best Wine Clubs 2021

1. Plonk Wine Club

Oh, we know what you’re thinking about. How can a wine club named “Plonk” be any good? Yes indeed! As surprising as it sounds, it is one of the best wine clubs that you could be a part of! “Plonk” is a British Australian slang that refers to cheap wine, and not bad wine.

Plonk Wine Club brings to you an extensive array of skilfully put together boutique wines from various wine producing regions across the world. Their monthly wine clubs have a great collection of rare and exclusive wines for you to choose from. Selections for monthly deliveries include organic and biodynamic wines, terroir-motivated wines, and natural wines. Plonk Wine Clubs offers doorstep deliveries each month, and they don’t levy any membership charges. They also provide tasting notes and food coupling recommendations along with every delivery.

You can join the wine club by making a non-refundable one-time payment from your credit card. Monthly memberships of any sort are to be paid for at the first of every month throughout the tenure of your membership.

Plonk Wine Club memberships and gift memberships provide deliveries at 3, 6 or 12 months. You get to choose the specific type of wine you want by opting for a varietal specific membership. It includes 2 Pinot Noirs, 2 Cabernets, or a Sauvignon Blanc along with a light, unoaked or crisp white wine.

Every shipment is sent in the first week of every month and you will receive a box of your favoured vino in 5 to 10 business days. You can even choose whether you want 2, 4 or 12 bottles of wine in your monthly shipment. Plonk Wine Club also gives a flat 16% off for all members who opt for one whole case of wine which consists of 12 bottles and free delivery in case you reorder it. Opting for less than 12 bottles? Don’t worry! You still get a flat 10% off if you reorder 1 to 11 bottles!

Members of the Plonk Wine Club get to choose whether they want to be a part of the club for 3, 6 or 12 months. They also have the option to renew and their affiliation online using their Plonk account. They can simply call the club or email them with a membership extension request.

All in all, the Plonk Wine Club is one of the best wine of the month clubs out there. It is suitable for people who love good-tasting wines but also love to gain more knowledge about the varietals in the process. If you enjoy having international varietals in your glass, then this club will cater to your needs perfectly and keep you very happy!

Join Plonk Wine Club Now!

2. California Wine Club

The California Wine Club is a specially curated wine club experience that delivers wines from small-scale local California wineries directly to your doorstep. Because they are made in small lots and restricted quantities, you will not find these wines on the shelves of any grocery store, making this club the only way to access them.

The California Wine Club, active for the past 25 years, has made it their priority to present state-of-the-art, handmade wines for you to savour while dining. They offer a “Love It” assurance that reflects their confidence in their wines; a guarantee that you are bound to be head over heels for their exquisite collection. Also, they have seven diverse clubs for you to choose from that offer memberships on a monthly basis for all flavours and budgets.

If you’re looking for many high-quality wine options, then this wine club has you covered. You get to opt from a vast array of reds and whites,and even make combinations from among them. They offer an international wine membership where you get to savour international wine varietals as well. Champagnes and sparkling wines may sometimes squeeze their way into your box too!

All boxes you receive will have 2 or 4 wine bottles. You will get a red and white wine combination or 2 bottles of the same type of wine, depending on your preferences.

Their Premier Series does not consist of rare, vintage wines. Nonetheless, you can go for their Signature Series that offers you the most celebrated of wines from family owned California wineries.

Want more exclusivity? You can go for their Aged Cabernet package that consists of 8 to 12-year-old Napa Valley Cabernets from the most iconic of wineries in Cali.

A more sophisticated series is the Pacific Northwest Wine package that include specialised wines from Oregon and Washington State. They also have an International Series that you can opt for.

You don’t get to choose the wines you will receive each month because the wines are selected for you from that particular month’s chosen wineries. All of their wines, the importance of aromas and tastes, etc. are detailed intricately in their Uncorked Magazine that is included in all your shipments.

The California Wine Club allows you to choose whether you want your wines to be delivered every month, every alternate month or on a quarterly basis. They will be billed accordingly on a constant basis till the cancellation of your subscription. You also have the option to skip any month you don’t want the bottles. If you choose the gift membership, you will not be billed per month. Because there isn’t a contract and you can cancel your membership whenever you want to.

This wine club, however, falls on the higher end of the spectrum as compared to other clubs. Nonetheless, the highest-rated, beautiful, small lot wines you receive do complete justice to the price you pay for them, exclusively if you are a seasoned wine drinker.

Join California Wine Club Now!


WINC, formerly called Club W., was founded in 2012. Its novel name throws light on the firm’s ambition of converting wine packaging, delivery, and sales into a supply strip that makes it possible for you to have the best wines at reasonable rates.

WINC, as a wine club, stands out because it suggests wines on the basis of your taste preferences. If sophisticated wines are your thing, then you can opt for their WINC Select package. Regardless of the package you select, they provide affordable wines as compared to other wine clubs. You can save more on your bottles by taking part in their countless reward events.

WINC, as reviewed by their long-term customers, is a company that goes above and beyond to make sure their long-term customers are happy and satisfied. They provide considerable discounts and invitations to exclusive events. Many wine clubs don’t give loyalty rewards like WINC does. The selection of wines they offer is higher in quality too.

Initially, you will have to take a rapid 6-step questionnaire which will be help create the foundation of your palate. It includes questions such as how you like your coffee or how much you like citrusy tastes. Thereon, the club suggests several reds and whites on the basis of your choices. You can pick the bottles you want to receive or you can let WINC send their most-liked picks each month.

They even let you rate your bottles! Once you taste or finish the bottle, you can head on to their website and rate them. This will further help them suggest better options for you for future deliveries. You will also receive a credit of $10 as soon as you finish rating your first 10 bottles. How cool is that?

If you’re worried about being too committed to the club, don’t be. You can skip any month you wish to. However, keep in mind that skipping a month will delete your list of suggested wines. If you’re suddenly craving for a bottle, they have you covered here too! Just log into your WINC account, add your preferred wines to the cart, and select the “ship now” option. Your bottles will be waiting at your doorstep in 2-3 working days and no, this does not substitute your daily monthly delivery.

The best part about any wine club is a 100% cashback if you’re left unsatisfied. WINC also offers the same.  Even though it is highly unlikely, in case you don’t enjoy their wines, you can always have your money back for the same.

Lastly, a WINC membership makes for the perfect gift for any wine lover. They offer gift hampers and personalised gift cards delivered directly to the receiver. You can even cash your gift cards for a wine delivery or a periodic membership.

Join Wine Club Now

4. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club is a wine-of-the-month club that mails you a bottle every month. They bring wines that are made in small lots by local, family owned wineries which makes it special because their wines are not produced in bulk. Most of their wines are produced in California or in international boutique wineries. They have 6 membership options for you to choose from. All their wines have really high ratings and have been commended by celebrated wine publications like Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and Wine & Spirits.

For any package you choose, you can select between 2 to 4 bottles of wine. Any combination, be it all reds, all whites, reds and whites, will do. If your choice is 4 bottles per delivery then you get an additional 10% off on your shipment.

A much-admired aspect of this wine club is that they allow you to add a unique Plus! Program bottle. This is a supplementary feature that allows you to grab an additional bottle of a unique wine each month. These distinctive wines are high-quality, small production wines and you will receive a new varietal each month.

When you receive your wine delivery, you will also get tasting notes for each wine. Even though they aren’t as detailed as notes from other clubs, they still help you understand the basics. They also give food coupling recommendations so that you can enjoy your wines to the fullest.

If you opt for a club at the higher end of the spectrum, you will be welcomed with deluxe wines produced by celebrated wine-makers. Some packages will also get you champagnes and sparkling wines. If you want a one-time thing then you can go to their wine shop, select any wine from any package that you want, and make the purchase. You can even purchase their wines without being a club member.

Gold Medal Wine Club levies charges just as much as any other acclaimed wine club would. The prices of their wines do complete justice to the quality and richness they cater to. Your bottles are delivered on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis; however, some packages don’t allow anything other than monthly or quarterly shipments. You also have the option to set up 1 to 12 deliveries, and pay directly for as many months you wish to receive the box.

This wine club also has a membership reward program that gives its customers a flat 40% off Winery Direct Prices. You will get even more discounts if you purchase 6 or more bottles altogether.

Lastly, they provide 100% cash back in case you aren’t satisfied with their wines. You don’t have to pay any sign-up charges, monthly fees or any minimum obligation fees.

Join Gold Medal Wine Club Now!

5. Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club has been growing exponentially since its conception in 1996 and now brings to the table thirteen diverse membership stages to suit any taste and budget. One of their most reasonably priced, entry-level subscription is the Cellars’ Premium Wine Club membership. It is appropriate for amateur wine drinkers who want to gain more knowledge about local and international wines.

Members get to sample wines from classic wine-producing regions like France, California and Italy along with trying premium wines produced in Chile, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. They also have an extensive array of celebrated wine varietals like Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay along with moderately ranked ones like Shiraz and Albariño.

The wines that reach your doorstep are all thoroughly looked into by the club’s wine specialists and are chosen on the basis of their quality and value, as well as global exclusivity. As a member of the club, you get to choose to receive either 2 bottles of reds in each delivery or a white and red. The decision of how many bottles you will receive and whether they’ll be on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis are all dependant on you. You can pre-pay your bills or you can pay them in instalments.

With each delivery, you will also receive a small bulletin highlighting the winery’s history, detailed tasting notes, and recommended food couplings. If you sample a wine and end up falling in love with it, you can simply place an order for more of those with a discounted rate on the company’s website.

This is a great wine club for novice wine drinkers and you should definitely give it a shot if you are one!

Join Cellars Wine Club Now!

6. Naked Wines Wine Club

Naked Wines Club is one of the best online wine clubs you can join. It is a patron-sponsored wine company situated in Napa, California with their winery headquartered in Sonoma Valley. brings to you both, individual selections as well as entire wine cases. They also have wines produced by self-governing wine-makers and several other wine groups.  

This wine club has different reds, whites, rosés, dessert, and sparkling wines and even champagnes for sale. The club sponsors wine producers with the sustenance of more than 100,000 faithful members, who are held accountable for backing wine-makers upfront, which further results in the reduction of operating costs in the wine business. This makes the wines more reasonable since they are sold at wholesale costs. does not levy any membership charges. Wine aficionados can browse through their website and purchase their favourite wine as per their preferences. Nonetheless, the club does have an exclusive cluster of members called “Angels”. Angels are the ones who help finance the club’s wine-producing associates. They are allowed up to 40% to 60% off on bottles and complimentary Angel-financed sample wines. They can also be part of Angel-only tasting events, and have access to Angel-only bottles.

Want to become an Angel? All you have to do is apply for  membership on and wait patiently for a slot to open up. On becoming an Angel, you will have to add a certain amount into your wine reserves account in order to finance the winemakers. You can use these finances at any given point.

Naked Wines has an extensive array of hand-made wines, which are categorized on the basis of cost, wine-producer, region, style, rating, country, grape, and type. They are sold at reasonable prices that makes it perfect for any wine enthusiast.

Purchasing wines from here is a win-win since you can savor the taste of unique wines while backing autonomous wine-producers directly!

Join Naked Wines Wine Club Now!

7. Vinebox Wine Club

Vinebox, as a wine club, offers a remarkable experience to its members and proves to be an amazing choice for those who look forward to exploring new palates and wines from different regions.

The most amazing part about this wine club is their shipping method. A glass of nine diverse, handpicked wines will be delivered to you with each shipment. You will receive your shipments on a quarterly basis, which means 36 glasses of wine each year!

Initially, this might not seem like a hit seller point because not everyone prefers to drink one glass of wine at a time. Well, there’s a catch. The glasses of wine you receive are completely off the charts. This means that they are unique, and will not be found in most wine clubs. This wine club focuses more on the happiness that comes with sampling wines, but in the comfort of your home. If you fall in love with a wine, you can always buy a full bottle on their website.

At the beginning of your subscription, you will be asked a few questions, such as your favourite red wines or white wines which will highlight your preferences. You can also go for a one-time payment in case you don’t want to receive quarterly shipments.

Always been the experimenter? Loved sampling unique wines? Vinebox is the best wine club for you!

Join Vinebox Wine club Now!

8. WSJ Wine Club

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is considered to be one of the best wine clubs this year. They have a large number of members for obvious reasons. Their high-quality wines, obtained from around the world, are shipped directly to your doorstep without much hassle.

Due to their large following, they have unbelievable purchasing power. This enables purchasing bulk amounts unique wines that are difficult to find in other clubs and ship them to you at discounted rates. This also means that the wines you receive come from the highest rated wineries!

At the beginning of your subscription, you receive a shipment of 12 wine bottles at a highly discounted rate! In addition to that, you also get a complimentary professional corkscrew. This introductory offer gives the club a great edge over other clubs.

WSJ also has great customer service since they answer the phone quickly and treat your concerns very competently. They even provide bottle replacements in case something is wrong with them or if you are left unsatisfied.

You can cancel your WSJ subscription any time you want without any additional charges, unlike many other clubs. The wines you receive are so rich, well-rounded and flavorsome, that you’ll find yourself going back for seconds!

Join WSJ Wine Club Now!

9.  Glassful Wine Club

Glassful Wine Club is the best wine club you can join if you’re someone who wants beautiful, rich wines delivered right to your doorstep. It brings to you a specially curated monthly wine membership and a customized online wine store designed to enhance your shopping experience, and making it super easy to find flavoursome wines that are bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Contrary to many other wine clubs, Glassful lifts off the burden of selection process from your shoulders and delivers to you natural, organic, biodynamic, special wines handpicked by wine experts that are a part of Glassful’s crew.

Your membership begins with you taking a questionnaire that allows the club to identify your palates and preferences. Thereon, every month, you receive wines based on your taste preferences. After you sample the wine, you can rate them on their website which further helps Glassful design an online store especially for you on their website. Also, your shipment will reach you in 48 hours only!

There is not a shadow of a doubt when it comes to the quality of wines. However, the lack of choice may not go down well with everyone. Nonetheless, this club proves to be a great pick for those who love trying new wines.

Join Glassful Wine Club Now!

10. Blue Apron Wine Club

Love wine and food alike? Don’t worry! Blue Apron Wine Club has a special Meal Delivery Kit subscription that delivers boxes of freshly picked food items that enables you to whip up something yummy at home! The wine package is not a part of the Meal Kit Delivery; however, it is recommended you purchase them together since they are curated to complement one another.

Each month, you will receive six 500ml bottles of wine along with detailed tasting notes. The tasting notes educate you about the place where the wine was produced along with its history. It also throws light on the importance of the richness, color, body, and structure of the wine along with food coupling suggestions. Be assured that the wines you receive can be paired flawlessly with the meals in their kits.

This wine club also partners with wineries across the globe in order to deliver an extensive range of novel and exquisite wines each month. It’s a given that you will fall in love with the wine, the food, and the membership as a whole!

Blue Apron even enables you to choose the bottles you want – you can go all red, mix some whites or just stick to all reds. There is a myriad of choices, and you can alter them in order to complement your meal kits or mood.

Because of their unique system of pairing wine packages with meal kits, they are an absolute hit among wine enthusiasts! The wines they deliver are usually classified on the basis of fruitiness, crisp, richness, type, structure, and body. Whip up a sumptuous meal from the recipe book you receive along with the shipment using the ingredients you get, pair it with the wine you receive, and voilà – you have a perfect evening!

Join Blue Apron Wine Club Now!

Best Wine Clubs: What’s Your Choice?

More than anything else, joining a wine club actually helps you belong to a community wherein you meet people who share your love of different types of wines. It helps you make friends and widen your circle of wine buddies. After all, Michael Broadbent was right when he said, “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”


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