Best wine books

Drinking wine and curling up with a good book is precisely what the doctor ordered for relaxing after a long, tiring day. Just as one glass (or more) of your favorite wine can take you to your happy place in a couple of moments, a chapter of a great book expands your horizon and gently absorbs you into its wild universe. But imagine how much better would it get if these two would mix up and you could drink and read about wine at the same time. Ah, the perfect storm…

Now you are surely asking yourself: “Why should I read about wine when I can simply drink it? What else is there to know except which one is my favorite?” Well, get comfortable into your chair and buckle up as you are about to embark on a timeless and fabulous journey around the world where wine and books get together into perfect harmony.

Best Wine Books

Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack’s “Wine folly” is by far one of the most approachable and easy to digest wine books of all times. It is not by chance that this masterpiece won the prestigious James Beard Award. No matter if you are an amateur or a pro, his book has something for all of us, transforming the wine drinking process into an actual sacred ritual. Step out of your comfort zone and learn from the best that there are more than 100 types of grapes and wines color-coded by style in the entire world. Next time you have the chance, be brave and try a new selection – this book surely encourages you to do so by thoroughly presenting all the information there is to know about it. It is high time for you to stop associating wine only with Spain, Italy, or France – discover new territories and learn that Greece and Hungary also have rich, unexploited areas where grapes are turned into exceptional wines. But be patient enough and first take a step back in history to learn about wine labeling and classification 101 for wine countries before venturing yourself into the unknown. As one reader appreciated, “this book is a great finding for beginners and a mandatory shelf resident for any respectable wine lover”.

Feeling hungry after so much reading (or drinking)? This volume has it all covered and instructs you on how to correctly mix up food and wine so as to get the best out of each. The marvelous illustrations and the uncanny yet funny style of the writers will definitely catch your attention, walking you from one corner of the Earth to another and transporting you on a timeline from past centuries to the struggling present. In the end, should you feel wasted, remember: it’s not the empty glass of wine that you hold in your hand, it’s the journey you have just passed through. The “Wine Folly” is confirmed to have this effect.

When you read “a world-class sommelier”, you might imagine the author Aldo Sohm as a stiff person, elegantly dressed in a black suit with a long tale in the back and an immaculate white shirt on the front, staying discreetly in a corner and waiting for the snob guests of the fancy restaurant to ask for more wine. When this happens, he gently approaches their table, perfectly pouring wine into their glasses and making small talk regarding the interesting history of the wine he serves, using a flat tone and an even voice. Sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? Such character as described above can never do or write anything catchy. You would definitely move on if you would come across his signature on a book in the library, but trust us…you would be making a huge mistake.

Aldo Sohm is indeed one of the most respected sommeliers in the world, but there is nothing boring about him or his book. Just take a look at the “simple” title he chose for his masterpiece. Casual yet catchy even from the very start, this book reveals that wine drinking should not be an unyielding process, but rather a fun and lively experience once you crack its code.

Speaking both in voice and visuals, the book embarks you on an incredible journey where you get familiar with the fundamentals of wine and everyday tips and tricks. Know your way around wine. How impressed would your friends be if you were able to set up a fancy wine tasting at home? What wine will you choose and how will you drink it if you are invited to an expensive restaurant where all eyes are on you? Which ones are the best wineries to visit? How should you handle tricky wine situations? Do not panic! All this information and more is actually very approachable and will only rekindle your love for wine once you get acquainted with them. Learn the answers by reading this wine introduction masterpiece. Trust us – all your friends and colleagues will be jealous and consider you the king of wine matters.

Reading about wine cannot get any funnier than this. You have to admit that the “Cork Dork” alone is the perfect metaphor for describing the best, yet the most obsessive sommeliers in the world.

Author and not so much at first wine enthusiast Bianca Bosker had one major curiosity from which this great book emerged: what is the deal with wine? Why are people willing to pay so much money on a single bottle? Why does it have to be served in such a strictly manner and why is it considered a defining element for so many cultures around the world?

Skeptical but eager enough to learn her way around wine, the author invites the reader to join her for a mysterious journey into the underground of wine drinking, takes him on a tour of the most impressive New York city restaurants and California’s mass-market wine factories and even introduces him into a neuro-scientist’s MRI. Her curiosity knows no boundaries and she is kind enough to share her findings with the general public. She allows us to discover the best hidden secrets of God’s liquor by putting it all out on the table in a funny and entertaining manner. The reader will definitely enjoy the good quality humor and the intriguing facts the book reveals, while of course sipping out of a glass of red wine.

What better way to enjoy a chilling afternoon and learn new things about how to become a cork dork yourself?

Considered one of the best wine books ever written, the title speaks for itself. Just like its religious homologous, “The Wine Bible” has complete answers to all the questions a wine amateur or a professional sommelier might ask. Go ahead, we dare you: ask a question, read the book and see if the answer lays inside. We can assure you it does.

The author Karen MacNeil is a respected expert teacher and probably used all her educational skills when working on this book. It is fun and well-researched, covering all topics from basic, general information to wise advice, amusing jokes, fun facts, tips and tricks, maps, labeling and recommended bottles. She definitely knows her way around the best wine regions in the world and can also successfully guide you through some of the most peculiar and eccentric wine aromas rooted in China, Japan, Mexico or Slovenia.

Reading the description of each wine is an absolute delight. The author uses her unique voice to capture the reader by setting up a well-defined scenario and taking him so deep that he can actually feel and taste the wine. It is almost like a 3D movie experience, it activates and indulges all your senses, so go ahead: buy the book and take the journey!

A classic in the area of wine reading, “The World Atlas” saw the light of day in 1971, but from that date on it did nothing but constantly reinvent itself. Highly regarded as one of the best wine books of all times, it is appreciated by critics as the essential and most authoritative wine reference work available today. This eight edition might just be the tip of the iceberg: written for both old and new readers, the book sheds a fresh light on the evolution of wine industry, capturing the interesting and dramatic changes in the global wine scene over the past six years.

Do not get fooled or spooked by the impressive dimensions of this book. It has 416 pages and 22 maps, but we can assure you that none of them is boring. The new design brings the public closer by catching your attention through many vivid photos and entertaining infographics, while the information is presented in a fascinating yet casual manner. If you have the audacity to go through its pages, you will definitely learn about wine as much as your brain can take. We will not try to hide it and describe this book as a piece of cake, but if you are a wine enthusiast and a self-taught person, it provides you extensive information so as to gain confidence not only when you drink wine, but also when you talk about it. Be a geek thirsty for knowledge!

Take a closer look through the windows of wine industry and find out the secrets that James Beard Award Winner Kevin Zraly felt so eager to expose. Considered one of the best wine books in contemporary times, the author takes the reader through a fascinating journey from the famous red wines of Bordeaux and California to the trail-blazing white ones of Washington State and New Zealand.  You get to walk together on country maps, see wonderful scenery captured in vivid pictures and better understand all there is to know about your favorite beverage.

Leaving aside the beaten path, this book presents the ultimate vintages to savor and the best ideas for combining food and wine so as to live the utmost culinary experience. It even answers the most uncomfortable questions and presents upcoming classes of wine in South America, Australia and New Zealand, new sparkling wine ideas and the novelties that are currently gaining more and more ground such as Prosecco or rose.

Take a sneak-peak through this special window and you will definitely want to learn more.

If you are an organized person and prefer learning new things but in the old fashioned manner, this is the best wine book for you. Some of the world’s leading wine experts gathered around, put their minds to work and came up with this great volume including an all-encompassing history of grapes, grape varieties and the ultimate goal, grapes becoming the sublime wine you love to drink. Find out all there is to know about the 1400 distinct grape varieties and do so in an organized alphabetical order, making sure that you let nothing out of sight.

The great design with eight-page gatefold and the colorful photographs from Viala and Vermorel’s century-old classic ampelography adds value to the book, making the text crystal clear with the help of visual representations that speak for themselves. Learn about the complex relationships that form around grape families, their characteristics in the wineries and perhaps the most important, what a great taste they provide to your beloved wine. This is a book for wine students, wine experts and wine lovers everywhere.

Moving on and changing the tone, forget all about the fancy, complicated, strict etiquette you were taught to respect when drinking wine. This should be just a fun and relaxing activity before calling it a day, not a process locked up in rules. Jon Bonne beautifully summarized this idea in his best wine book suggestively called “New Wine Rules”. We are certain that the first association of words that comes to mind when seeing this title is “New Year rules” or “New you rules”.

Well, the book can be compared to such a list of resolutions and if you read it, you will definitely see why. A wine writer ascending star, the author makes it as simple and clear as possible: the new rules are that there are actually no rules. Warning: this book is clearly not recommended for wine snobs. It was intended especially for wine lovers and amateurs who are willing to learn how to get the most out of the sublime experience of drinking wine. If you can relate to that, purchase this volume with a clear awareness that you are doing the right thing. Browse it around and learn simple, basic information such as how to properly store wine, what type of wine glasses to use at certain occasions, what kind of wine to bring at particular events and other interesting fun facts about diverse varieties of wine and wine buying habits.

Appreciated even by the most critical readers as “concise, to the point, with just the right notes of seriousness and humor”, the book sheds new light over the traditional wine-drinking practices, reminding the general public that a bottle of wine is good for pretty much every occasion and in every instance, you feel the need to enjoy it. Having this new revelation and the author’s approval, we can only give you some wise advice: pour a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable and read the book. You will definitely enjoy this bumpy ride.

Available on Kindle or paperback, this book surely catches your attention just by reading the title. It clearly states the obvious: wine is great on all times and occasions. Not only at fancy dinner parties, not only on weekends, not only at restaurants but every single time you long for it. Blogger Marissa A. Ross is the voice that you heard so many times in your mind, but which you did not have the courage to bring to life. She did it for you and nailed it in the funniest way possible.

By listening to this friendly approach, you will learn how to accurately describe what you are drinking and how to recognize your preferences, find the best bottle matching your budget and occasion, carefully read and correctly decode the label’s message. Moreover, you will get familiar to the way you can exquisitely combine your favorite wine with a delicious meal in order to enjoy the ultimate culinary experience. Her proficiency will advise you on how to organize the most memorable dinner parties, for which you will become the talk of the town among your friends. Trust us, it is way easier and funnier than it sounds. All you have to do is follow these simple guidelines and your wine will never taste the same: it will taste even better.

Another James Beard Award-winning authors team makes the way to the top of best wine books by providing the most sought after answer to the question: “What drink better goes with my meal?”Appreciated as simple and non-pretentious, this book is great not only for daily intellectual entertaining but also makes a great gift for a true wine lover friend. It presents spectacular combinations between various types of food and wine or any other beverage, opening up new horizons beyond your taste and imagination. The vivid 70 full-color pictures will surely leave you craving by providing fresh ideas on what to cook for your partner when preparing a romantic dinner where wine is the star or what appetizers would be more suitable for weekend gatherings with good wine and dear friends.

Even experienced bartenders and sommeliers found this book incredibly useful, shedding a new light over various combinations that can be put together in order to pleasantly surprise the restaurant’s guests. And if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for you. Don’t waste any more time with trying to come up with unique ideas by yourself. This great team has already done it for you, so just purchase the book and match your favorite food and wine for an enjoyable time. You will not regret it.

We dare to say that until now, you’ve only known wine and books separately. Now you have seen them together and surely noticed what a great couple they are. Spare no second, choose one book or all of them, raise a glass of wine and prepare yourself for the beautiful adventure you are about to embark on. Cheers!