Best Waiters Corkscrew

best waiter corkscrew

A wise man once said: „There comes a time in the day when no matter the question, the answer is wine” – I am sure that we can all relate to that from time to time. You feel it when you are pressured by a strict deadline, you think of a glass of wine when the baby won’t stop crying, you long for it when a friend complains about the same things over and over again. But at the end of the day, when the sun sets and the world goes silent, you finally have the chance to open your favorite wine bottle, pour into a glass and take a sip for the stress to fade away.

In an improved story line, you could actually go to your favorite restaurant, order a bottle of wine and an elegant sommelier would approach your table and serve you in a graceful manner by gently opening the wine bottle and pouring the blissful liquid, respectfully inviting you to enjoy it.

No matter the scenario you place yourself into, the thrill of the moment would be ruined if the process of opening the wine bottle does not go smoothly. How would you feel if you push and pull the corkscrew on the bottle’s neck until your hands hurt, ultimately spilling wine on your clothes and countertop? And how ridiculous a fancy dressed-up waiter would be if he would perform this strange dance in front of a customer? Not a nice picture at all! Even if you are just a casual wine consumer or a professional waiter or sommelier who wants to maintain a flawless reputation, a good corkscrew is your best friend as it comes in handy in the most difficult situations.

We are certain that you have seen plenty of options on the market, but you should not get deceived by a colorful design or fake promises. Look for reliable and sturdy tools as best friends, not good looks but weak hearts. A fragile corkscrew is a bad investment as it will not last long and will definitely spoil your mood if it breaks until completing the opening process – just imagine how dreadful would that be. We know we could not get over it!



Now that we got you on board, let’s see what aspects you should take into consideration in order to purchase a proper tool, assuring that you are selecting the best waiter’s corkscrew catering for your needs and demands:

• Durability: a good waiter’s corkscrew should be durable in time as it opens hundreds of bottles per week. You should not have to replace it every other month. Choose a high quality opener as your reliable best friend.

• Comfort and easy handling: since wine has started being stored in bottles instead of wooden barrels in the late 17th century, people have developed easy and harmless ways of properly opening them. A good corkscrew should do this fast and efficient without damaging the cork and should have a comfortable grip so as not to injure the user’s hands.

• All you need in one place: before removing the cork, the wine bottle must be unsealed first. An efficient tool gifted with a tiny knife blade attached is considered the best waiter’s corkscrew as it helps you remove the wrapping foil from the bottle’s neck without carrying an extra accessory in your pocket. Also some corkscrews are equipped with a beer opener on top, so if you prefer a beer from time to time, we are not judging, but this high-end, all-purpose 3 in 1 product will seal the deal for you.

• The kind of wine you prefer: most corkscrews brag themselves for being able to open any wine bottle, but you might want to be extra careful when it comes to old, aged wines. They usually must be treated with the same respect and safety precautions you owe to an old gentleman. Somehow difficult to handle due to the cork’s sensitivity, only certain wine openers are a good solution if the cork is rotten or looks like it will fall apart at the gentlest touch. No one appreciates cork residues inside his glass, so make sure that the corkscrew you are handling comes to the rescue, softly sliding between the cork and the bottle’s neck and removing the cork in one piece with a simple twist. Otherwise you might have wasted years of waiting for your wine to become its best.


The Spanish alcohol industry deserves the loudest cheers not only for the fine wines and creative cocktails that are associated with their traditional culture, but also for the high quality related accessories they design. Created in a small town near Barcelona where the company still places its headquarters today, the Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew is no exception to the fine mastery they portray. It is not exactly a Gaudi masterpiece, but still it is considered one of the best waiter’s corkscrews available on the wine market worldwide due to its impressive durability and design.

The double-hinged fulcrum makes it easy and comfortable to handle, assuring extra leverage and a smoother cork pulling process. It does not matter if the user has inserted the whole screw part or only half of it into the cork, either way it will complete a flawless job. The Teflon coated worm is sharp and shiny and also long enough and highly efficient in order to remove any type of bottle corks despite their condition, ensuring that no wine drop gets spilled and no cork residue spreads throughout the bottle.
The corkscrew is fully equipped with a serrated foil cutter, so you do not have to carry an extra pocket knife. Moreover it comes along with a bottle cap opener on top in case someone else at the table prefers beer rather than wine. Talking about efficiency, right? It is somehow amazing how many functions this tiny tool perfectly fitting your hand and pocket can complete at once.

As the Catalan region is best known for eccentric and playful design, the Pulltap’s Double Hinged Waiters Corkscrew makes no exception. It is not as colorful as Sagrada Familia, but it definitely portrays the same elegance and craftsmanship through its stylish and refined matte black design. Also it depicts the same sturdiness and durability in time due to the stainless steel material that completes the lever. We cannot guarantee that it will last so long, but we are sure that it will develop a great friendship with a waiter or a wine lover for many years to come.

If you are thinking “What a funny name for a corkscrew!”, just take a closer look at this elegant tool and you will notice that the name makes perfect sense. Shaped as the profile of an elegant black rabbit with big years left behind, it is considered one of the best waiter’s corkscrews as it can pull out a cork in sharply 3 seconds. Just vertically place it on the wine bottle’s cork and easily pull down the comfortable and ergonomic designed lever. The cork will silently pop out in no time and will instantly be released afterwards without any extra twists.

Made out of polished stainless steel and a die-hard metal handle for increased durability, the Rabbit Waiter’s Corkscrew has stood the test of time as it has been tried on over 20 000 pulls and all types of bottles and corks available with outstanding results, strengthening its reputation as one of the best waiter’s corkscrews on the market. However, the 10-year guarantee is more than enough time for you to test it yourself.

If you are still not convinced, just notice that nothing was left to chance and the corkscrew is even equipped with a soft rubber grip so the user does not hurt his fingers if dealing with a more stubborn cork. Furthermore, it comes along with a foil cutter and an extra spiral, making sure that you have all you need in one place, and in case disaster strikes, the replacing worm will be there to help you out. We are now very impressed with the manufacturer’s attention to even the slightest details, how about you?

Traditional in design and intuitive in usage, the HiCoup Wine Opener is regarded as one the best waiter’s corkscrews as it is simple yet highly efficient. Do not think that just because it looks and works like any other household corkscrew it is not worth the handle by a gifted sommelier in a fancy restaurant. On the contrary, this solid wine opener stays strong and assures a successful bottle opening process, removing any risk of damaging the cork or splashing the surroundings. Just carefully insert the coated sharp metal spiral into the bottle’s cork, notice as the wings rise, then push them downwards and delight yourself when the cork is gently lifted and released. The metal wings are long and broad enough to feel comfortable and demand minimum effort during handling.

Apart from being a well-functioning wine bottle opener, the HiCoup Corkscrew also serves as a beer opener, so a waiter will be more than happy to have a multifunctional tool to help serve all types of drinks around the table. Furthermore the wine stopper included in the package is a thoughtful gift for those guests who would rather enjoy a prolonged wine tasting experience than a quick glass sip.
In terms of strength, the rust proof wings assure a long time usage, while the fact that it is dishwasher safe and stain resistant assures many votes from housewives and kitchen staff in a top developed for best waiter’s corkscrew.

Despite being a relatively new company on the market, the HiCoup knows its way around: not only did they conceive a durable product, but are also providing an excellent customer service, being able to answer any questions and demands. They even offer a life time warranty for the wine opener, which means that they trust it entirely and there is no reason why you should not – after all, no wine will be spilled on you, so you have nothing to lose if purchasing this stylish product.

If you are looking for a wine opener that is appropriate to use in your restaurant, at home or even take it on vacation with you, search no more. The Smooth Dragon company surfaces one its best assets in the form of a stainless steel product, beautifully enriched by a Rosewood handle for extra elegance and easy handling.

The materials used in its structure testify for its durability and remarkable intuitive usage: the integrated double-hinged fulcrum with Teflon coated 5 turn-worm ensures a clean and simplified cork removal process, confirming that this product is one of the best waiter’s corkscrews available on the market. Just place the lever in the right position, twist it until the cork gently moves and pop it with a flawless move. It works just as smooth for longer corks, so it is suitable for any wine bottle you prefer.

In a testimony, the General Manager of a fine fishing restaurant appreciates not only its long durability and good looks but testifies that it works like a charm all day long, highly appreciating its complexity as it is equipped with serrated foil cutter and a built-in bottle opener. Just imagine how many customers this waiter’s corkscrew serves and makes happy in only one day!

In order to feel 100% satisfied, the company raises the bar even higher and promises full refund or product replacement or both if you are not fond of your wine opener. You have to admit that we came across a game changer in the field, so make up your mind at once.

The OXO Steel Double Lever Wine Opener is widely regarded as one of the best waiter’s corkscrews as it gets five stars in customer’s reviews for easy handling, ergonomic looks, sturdiness and comfort.

Made of stainless steel and non-stick coated, this device uses a double lever for extra power in order to ensure a clean and effortless cork removal process. The anti-adherent screw accurately slides into the cork, while the lever retracts and extracts the cork in one single move. The corkscrew is equipped with a small foil cutter, so you will have all your wine needs and deserves in one place, and can also work as an efficient beer bottle opener for the days when friends gather around to watch a football match.

In all the other days, this stylish wine opener is known as the best waiter’s corkscrew as it is perfect to be carried around in vacation or when you want to enjoy a glass of wine during a picnic in the park. It is small in dimensions and definitely worth taken from one place to another just in case the opportunity of drinking fine wine comes along. All you have to do is pick the OXO corkscrew that speaks to you the most, black or silver- you are even allowed to choose the best color matching your soul.

This 2 in 1 beer bottle and wine bottle opener is highly appreciated by waiters, sommeliers and bartenders all around the world as it serves many purposes, is easy to use and comes up in multiple vivid colors for a special design.

Choose the look that goes best with your home kitchen pattern or your restaurant’s ambiance: Ebony, Rosewood, Bai Ying, Black, Gold, Pink or White Resin, Natural Red Pear or Pakka Wood. No matter the color, we are sure that this exotic and refined wine corkscrew will prove to be love at first opening due to its comfort and efficiency.

Equipped with a serrated foil cutter, it comes in handy when removing corks from any kind of wine bottle. The double-hinged fulcrum only takes two steps to complete the job perfectly, successfully working on natural or synthetic type of corks. It is even appropriate for aged wine bottles with fragile corks, but in these cases we advise you to be more gentle than ever just to make sure that it completes a clean job. The comfortable grip needs minimum effort, so use it properly and then enjoy your favorite beverage.

Small in dimensions, it easily fits your hand and the inside of your pocket, allowing one to carry it all around the place. However the stainless steel material makes it a reliable friend, but also strong and sharp, so you might want to have it packed in its original box for extra safety if you do not need it on regular bases.

If you cannot make up your mind, just be aware that its simplicity and efficiency is widely appreciated by both casual and professional users. Also it would make a great gift for any wine lover as it is stylish and comes up beautifully wrapped.

Now that you have seen the best waiter’s corkscrews available on the market, take your time and choose the one that suits you better. Do not fall for cheap tricks and colorful designs, the corkscrew will become a trusted companion during hard times when wine is highly required. If you are a casual consumer, do not lose precious moments fighting a cork just because you do not have the proper tool – it will spoil your mood. If you are a waiter or a professional sommelier, you do not want to keep your guests waiting for their wine, this might cost you a generous tip. Oh, so much wine, so little time!

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