Best Rabbit Wine Opener and Stopper

Best Rabbit Wine Opener and Stopper

For many people around the world, enjoying a glass of wine after a hard, fatiguing, and a long day of work is the highlight of their day. Although, getting into that favorite bottle of wine can become fairly flinty if you don’t have a good corkscrew or a wine opener at hand. In addition to our basic kitchen utensils, it has become a norm for us to take accessories like corkscrews, wine stoppers, and wine preservers, etc. for granted. These items live in our cutlery drawers even if we don’t know how they got there.

However, to get that cork out as efficiently as possible, it is important that you get the best one available. Plus, to conserve the remains, taste, and aroma of your favorite bottle of wine, you need a wine stopper or a preserver that, if not more, is just as effective as its original seal.
We believe that opening or preserving a wine bottle can be just as much about theater as it is about the grape. To aid your grandeur with a noteworthy pinch of class, coupled with unrivaled reliability, we have put together a list of top Wine Openers and Wine Stoppers by Rabbit to help you choose the best ones around!


Why Do You Need Wine A Wine Opener/Stopper?

The primary purpose of a wine opener is to stop you from wrestling with the corks on traditional wine bottles. For some people, pulling the cork out can put a real strain on their wrists, but a wine opener will allow you to pull out stubborn corks from bottles in a rather efficient manner, especially the ones by Rabbit. In addition to the newer, automatic corkscrews by Rabbit, their Lever Style (Rabbit Design) corkscrews reduce everything to one lever and allow the person opening the bottle to have complete control over it. While hosting dinners and parties at home, there is normally a need to open multiple bottles of wine in one go and a suitable Rabbit Wine Opener, in that case, happens to do the trick just fine!

Similarly, the goal of a wine stopper (preserver) is to preserve the aromas and flavors of your wine by slowing down the oxidation process. Normally, an ideal stopper would form a vacuum seal that flattens the taste of wine, slows down the oxidation process, and thereby, preserves your favorite wine until you are ready for another glass. There’s no rocket science here, just a simple, uncomplicated mechanism that prevents air from entering into the bottle.
Whether it is the Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Valentine’s, or just a regular day, having a wine opener and a stopper at hand is an absolute necessity, especially if your family has an exquisite tongue for delicate wines.

Types of Wine Openers and Wine Preservers Available In the Market


There are a couple of wine openers and wine preservers available in the market currently and the type you choose may vary depending on your level of comfort, need, your taste, and budget.

Types of Wine Openers

The various types of Wine Openers available in the market are all built with different abilities, designs, and offer separate functionalities. While most of the traditional corkscrews are manual, mechanical ones, the market is now also full of hi-tech, electric wine openers.

Winged Corkscrew
A winged corkscrew usually comes with a screw in the center and two wings on the side on which you have to pull once the screw has penetrated the cork.

Waiter’s Friend
Also known as the Sommelier’s Knife, this type of wine opener is the pride of any restaurant or bar and is the simplest one to use.

Lever Style (Rabbit Design)
The rabbit design corkscrews (also featured in this article), are the type of corkscrews that you have to clamp over the top of a wine bottle, pulling the lever inserting the worm into the cork, and then pushing it the other way, back to its original position, to pull the cork out.

The Ah-So
This type of corkscrew features two thin metal blades of unequal length that burrow between the cork and the bottle to lift the cork out.

Automatic Wine Opener
These modern-day corkscrews do all the work for you while you’re opening a bottle and save you from struggling with the traditional corkscrews.

Types of Wine Preservers

The type of wine stopper you choose may vary depending on your budget, personal taste, and how soon you plan on consuming your bottle of wine. Because, even the top-grade, longest-life wine stoppers only preserve wine for a week or two at max.

• Vacuum Preservation Stoppers (Longest-Life)
These stoppers can help you create a vacuum inside the bottle, theoretically extending the wine’s life by slowing down the oxidation process.

• Pourer Stoppers
These stoppers are usually made of metal or plastic, extend the wine’s life, and provide you with the ability to pour through a small spout that minimizes drips.

• Decorative Stoppers
Decorative stoppers minimally seal out the air in wine, work like replacement corks, and they are easy to remove.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Rabbit Wine Opener/Stopper?

Once you’re familiar with the most popular types of Wine Openers and Stoppers available in the market, there are still a few more things you could look for before finalizing on one option. We’re listing a few of the said factors below so that you know what to expect from your Rabbit Wine products.


If you are the type of person who is constantly traveling and is always on the go, then you must keep an accessory that is light-weight and easy to use. Whether it is a corkscrew or a stopper, you need a product that fits perfectly in your pocket and is also portable.

Hand Strength

If you are someone who lacks the upper body strength, you should opt for products that are easy to use and get things done through minimal effort. While choosing a corkscrew, you should opt for the new electrical openers which can open bottles with the simple push of a button. As far as its counterparts are concerned, the stoppers are relatively easier to put in place.

Material Type

One of the factors that can help you define the durability and reliability of your product is the material it’s made of. The openers and stoppers made up of zinc alloy, metal, or stainless steel can relatively withstand more tearing than the plastic ones.

Battery Life

A manual corkscrew doesn’t have a defined lifespan or a battery and it’s hunky-dory as long as it continues to serve its purpose. The wine preservers follow a similar pattern. However, when it comes to an automatic corkscrew, especially an Electric Rabbit Wine Opener, its battery can set out at least 30-35 bottles.

Expected Usage

If you often like to have friends over, love hosting parties and dinners, and have a family that recognizes the charm of wine savoring, then you may need a bunch of wine openers and preservers that keep up with your lifestyle and can get a lot done swiftly. Before you set your eyes on an appealing corkscrew or an elegant Rabbit Wine Preserver, it’s important to keep in mind how often you’ll be consuming your wine so you can make an informed choice.

Best Rabbit Wine Openers and Stoppers

For many wine lovers, the word Rabbit is synonymous with hassle-free and effort-less preservation of wines. The Rabbit is no longer just about opening your bottles of wine anymore but with similar patterns of innovation, quality, and modification, the Rabbit has been extended to a larger line of wine accessories. Today, in our crosshairs, we have six such Rabbit products out of which the first three are top-grade wine openers and the next three are premium wine stoppers.

  • Material Type: Metal
  • Cork Detachment: Yes
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x 6.2 inches
  • Durability: Good 

This Rabbit Wine Opener is a vertical lever corkscrew that conveniently unlocks any bottle of wine in 3 seconds flat and immediately releases the cork after opening. The complete package includes a foil cutter, an extra spiral, and a 10-year warranty. The Rabbit Vertical Lever Corkscrew comes in Candy Apple Red color and features a sleek and eye-catching shape while its ergonomic handle ensures smooth control and extra comfort.

In addition to the increased functionality and resilience of this corkscrew, it has also been tested for 20,000 cork pulls to clinch a smooth wine opening experience, every time. To set the seal on its durability and use, this Rabbit Wine Opener is constructed with rugged and polished stainless steel.

Lastly, its convenient and prompt cork release after opening the bottle eliminates the hassle of manual twisting. This wine opener by Rabbit is certainly an unrivaled candidate for your custom wine set!


  • Comes with an extra spiral and a foil cutter
  • 10-year warranty
  • Works great on every cork 


  • Costs a little higher than average openers
  • Material Type: Polycarbonate Metal and Nylon
  • Cork Detachment: Yes
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Durability: Great 

This Rabbit Wine Corkscrew is an award-winning wine opener, also tested for 20,000 cork pulls to ensure a smooth, struggle-free wine opening experience, every time. One, two, three, and there opens your bottle of wine in three seconds flat! Designed for superior performance, its single, effortless pull can uncork any sized bottle of wine and release the cork immediately after opening.

Apart from the design, the W6004N Rabbit Wine Opener is a lot like the previous corkscrew. While both these wine openers by Rabbit deliver superior performance and modern design, the different ergonomic handles on both corkscrews identify them as essential additions to any kitchen or home bar by adding extra comfort and control. The difference, however, comes with this product’s even increased durability since it’s constructed from tough polycarbonate metal and nylon that ensures the longevity of its service span.

We believe that in order to enjoy your glass of wine peacefully, you should not have to fish out that old souvenir opener from the back of the kitchen drawer. Why should you have to begin your glass of wine with pinches of exasperation when you can have a wine opener that does not only deliver a smooth, velvety black finish and unique shape but also features an incredibly simple operational criteria?


  • Comes with a case that can be used as a stand
  • Increased ease of opening bottles
  • Comes with a foil cutter and extra spiral


  • Costs a lot more than conventional corkscrews
  • Not a one-handed opener
  • Battery Health: 30+ Bottles
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Cork Detachment: Yes
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 9.5 inches
  • Durability: Good 

The ideal choice for large gatherings and dinner parties, this plain sailing electric corkscrew automatically removes cork after cork so you can set out your favorite wine in seconds. This Automatic Corkscrew by Rabbit is the first of its kind, an innovative wine tool that conveniently removes the cork from the bottle on contact and then automatically ejects it from the corkscrew. Suitable for all types of corks, it also works great on the wine bottles having plastic or synthetic corks.

Since it executes the simplest operational feasibility, you can just place it on top of your wine bottle and let the electric corkscrew do the rest – no buttons required. This tool also includes a built-in foil cutter so you don’t have to seek a separate foil cutter before placing the corkscrew in position. In addition to its smart and modern design, this automatic wine opener can open up to 30 wine bottles in a single charge and the battery then can later be charged through its micro USB wall charging unit.

This Automatic Electric Corkscrew by Rabbit has indeed proved to be a revolutionary addition for any home, kitchen, or bar – no exaggerations.


  • Rabbit provides its replacement USB chargers and corkscrews
  • No wrist struggle required


  • Its corkscrew lasts for 800-1000 openings
  • Suction Power: Great
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Dimensions: 9 x 1.9 x 7.7 inches
  • Durability: Good

This battery-powered, Rabbit Wine Preserver is designed to fit all bottle types and activates with an easy push of a button. This tool has all the ingredients to keep your wine fresh and aroma-retained for more than a week. The complete set includes two wine stoppers and an electric vacuum pump that digitally displays the time remaining to achieve a proper seal. It must also be noted here that the two stoppers that come with its package are designed for use with this Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver only.

After this gadget is placed on top of the wine bottle, followed by the push of a button, the battery-powered preserver draws a vacuum of 19hg inside the wine bottle. The complete procedure will take about 10 to 15 seconds and you will be all set to seal and preserve your favorite bottle of wine for up to a week or more!

In short words, the W6254, Rabbit Wine Preserver is a stylish gadget and modern addition for any home, bar, or kitchen.


  • Helps the wine to taste great even after multiple days
  • Qualifies as a great gift
  • Easy to use


  • Adds 1-2 inches on top of the bottle, could be a problem if you have limited space in the refrigerator
  • The suction pump does not have intelli-sense
  • Sealing Power: Great
  • Material Type: Rubber & Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: No
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Durability: Great 

Unlike the operating mechanism of an electric wine preserver, this Rabbit Wine Stopper provides a rather air-tight seal to prolong and preserve an opened bottle of wine. This wine and beverage stopper usually comes in sets of 4, designed to fit all bottle types. The stoppers are constructed of stainless steel and durable rubber so you also don’t have to worry about any crack, rust, or fade. The soft-texture allows them to provide a tense seal so you can easily preserve the freshness of your wine, champagne, soda, oil, or vinegar.

The stoppers insert easily and can be removed with an effortless and hassle-free pull. Being soft and cushy, they are also dishwasher safe and reusable after a proper clean up. They come in multiple colors, allowing you to not only preserve your bottles of wine in style but also help you distinguish between them during a tasting.

These wine stoppers by Rabbit are sure to spice up your fridge, kitchen, and bar, with a splash of functional colors and practicality.


  • The stoppers seal very well and slide in easily
  • Can save your drinks from going flat
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Reusable



  • The stopper may become loose with an accidental flick
  • You need to keep a few of them at hand in case you lose one
  • Sealing Power: Great
  • Material Type: Synthetic Rubber
  • Warranty: No
  • Dimensions: 2 x 0.8 x 2 inches
  • Durability: Great

This intuitive Rabbit Wine Stopper comes with charm markers that can fit tightly on any wine glass. The charms are stored on top of the stopper and you can fit them back at any time. So basically, this bottle stopper doubles as a set of wine charms so you never have to misplace or confuse your wine glass again. You can mix and match colors and shapes to build your design and since they nest on top of the bottle stopper, it is convenient to not lose or misplace the charm markers.

In addition to the colorful, cute, and functional charms, the wine stopper fits tightly on any bottle of wine and preserves your favorite wine for retained taste and aroma with its super clever design.

In summary, with this intelligent gadget, you will not only be able to preserve your bottles of wine but you will also be able to give different color to each wine glass so the wine connoisseur can easily identify each guest’s specific glass with a quick look at the stem.


  • Allows you to keep track of glasses
  • Preserves your wine bottles with an air-tight seal
  • Great price



  • The charms could become a choking hazard if not placed properly

Can I open a bottle of wine without a Wine Opener?

While we do not suggest that you go down that road, you may be able to open a bottle of wine with the help of a screwdriver, hammer, and a specific technique but again, it’s risky.

Instead, choose one of the wine openers above!


What is the difference between a Corkscrew and a Wine Opener?

Technically, there is no difference between the two. But, a corkscrew normally is a screw that goes inside the cork to pull it out. A wine opener on the other hand, is any device that opens a wine bottle.


What is the best type of wine stopper/wine opener?

The choice of a wine stopper or a wine opener can vary according to an individual’s need and style. However, since the automatic stoppers and preservers by Rabbit offer maximum comfort, we would suggest that you go with them.


Do Rabbit Wine Stoppers actually work?

While there is always a room for exceptions, most of the wine stoppers by Rabbit can preserve a bottle of wine for up to a week or more. So yes, the wine stoppers do work and we have listed some of the best ones above.

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