Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews (2021 Updated)

best pull down kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucets are no longer the traditional type. Like everything else, they have improved and upgraded to different designs and technologies, offering a wide range for you to select from. Selecting a kitchen faucet may look like a simple task, but a lot of thought goes into selecting the right one, considering you have to deal with the installation yourself. To avoid complications after the purchase, it is advisable that you analyze your sink and the water lines thoroughly and select your faucet accordingly.


Secondly, its important that while you stay under the budget, you survey the market to get the maximum features for the minimum price. Most importantly, the faucet should be compatible with other kitchen hardware, beautifying the entire appearance.


The Best Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets (2021 Picks)


Here, we discuss the best selling kitchen faucets, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses and utility, easing your task of selecting from a number of options available in the market:


Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews



The Delta Faucet 9192T-SSSD-DST is one of the most stylish and intricately designed faucet commercially available. Its pull down technology provides ease of access to parts of crockery that were difficult to reach earlier.  The Delta Touch 2O technology matches your contemporary lifestyle by allowing water flow to start and stop on the touch of a hand, wrist, forearm or elbow, letting you finish your kitchen task swiftly. Its TempSense technology prevents water from being too hot or cold, giving just the right temperature, conserving water and saving your time. The LED light changes color to indicate when the water temperature is right for use.

Its wide angled swiveling feature lets you wash dishes in sinks with varying depths alike. The pull down spray is kept intact and in shape owing to the MagnaTite docking technology that makes use of magnets. The rubber nubbins installed in the spray make cleaning easier by blocking out lime and calcium deposits. One of the most exciting features of this faucet is the dual function spray, that comes with a built in soap dispenser, placing everything you need during dish-washing, inches away. To deal with leaks and ensure longer durability, this Delta faucet comes with a Diamond Seal technology.

Since this faucet is battery operated, the maintenance may become an issue over time, however the design and utility sure add delicacy to your kitchen, making life simpler with its wide functionality.

Kraus KPF-1640SS is designed elegantly to match your contemporary or classical themed washrooms alike by keeping under a budget. Kraus kitchen faucets are renowned for their versatility and functionality. The regal design is secure from corrosion and rusting with its stainless steel or chrome finishing for you to choose from. Simplicity at its heart, this Kraus faucet has a single lever to adjust water flow and manage the temperature. Its Neoperl Aerator is uniquely designed to ensure minimum wastage of water without letting the water pressure decrease, to match the needs of time. Rubber nozzles in the spray prevent scaling of calcium and lime, easing your cleaning task.

The magnetic docking incorporated in its design makes it all the more easier to use, holding the spray in its place, keeping it docked when not being used. One of the most innovative feature of this faucet that makes this particular piece comply with the contemporary standards, is its option that lets you switch between water spray and aerated stream through the push of a button, making the dish-washing process a breeze.

A modish look with a hard metal frame offers both the look and durability you desire. To facilitate you in its installation, an optional deck plate and mounting hardware are included within the packaging. Bottom-line being convenience and elegance at a good price for long lasting results.

This Moen Brantford article offers more of a vintage look. Contrary to the standard stainless steel look, it features a spot resistant stainless look to keep your faucet free of water spots and fingerprints, letting the faucet do the cleaning job rather than you. The 68″ hose length provides you with flexible and far reaching spray movement. This pull down faucet lets you access all parts of the dishes and sink, with the hose returning back to its position smoothly after use. Installation and fixing has been made hassle free with the Duralock Quick-Connect Installation System that saves you the time and effort of manually fixing the faucet with tools.

By letting you choose between two spray modes, the Moen Bratford 7185SRS offers versatility in its utility. It features two rinse modes :  an aerated spray system with consistent pressure and a full pressure, more powerful rinse for varying usage. Sticky and clingy stains or pieces are easily removed through the Power Clean technology with its steady and high pressure. 

The dripping and leakage may become a problem but can be overcome by changing cartridges. Being the right size and right material, this faucet offers flexibility and resistance without compromising on the appearance of your kitchen.

Kohler is one of the market leaders in kitchen fittings. The Kohler K-560-2BZ Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet offers a 360 degree rotating neck for glaring cleaning. The spray-head comprises of touch control, adding to its wide utility, ranging from stream to Sweep spray to pause, depending on the rinse type. With a simple tap, you can choose among the three, with the added Pause feature to stop water flow, hence conserving water in between tasks.

Its DockNetik feature smoothly returns the spray in its place and keeps it intact in its place using magnetic technology. This, in turn, is facilitated by the nylon hose and ball joint adding comfort and ease to the task.

The 1-2-3-4 hole installation with included escutcheon adds customization to the task. The MasterClean Spray face makes cleaning facile and effortless as it prevents all kinds of mineral deposits in the hose. The spray functioning is brilliant, suitable for all kinds of cleaning. Water temperature is adjustable through the single handle movement.

The faucet is aesthetically beautiful, adding to the elegance of your kitchen, providing wide functioning features for you to choose from.

Presenting the perfect combination of simplicity and modernity, this Delta pull down faucet is coated with stainless steel. Ideally designed for kitchens with a vintage theme, this Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST comprises of various contemporary features to ease the kitchen tasks and reduce dish-washing time considerably. Diamond Seal technology prevents the faucet interior from wearing out too soon. This also prevents leakages reducing cartridge replacement costs, for a durable and longer life.

No claims for non-existence of calcium and lime deposits have been made, rather their cleaning process is facilitated through soft, rubber Touch-Clean spray holes.

The MagnaTite technology ensures the precision and smooth return of the hose back into its place once released. Multiple water flow options add to the customization in dishwashing by letting you choose between spray and stream. InnoFlex PEX supply lines keeps the water within the faucet keeping it away from the metal contaminants. Its availability in four finishings i.e. Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze, and SpotShield Stainless finishes, gives you a wide variety to select from, to match your kitchen theme.

Types Of Kitchen Faucets

Single Handle vs. Double Handle

Faucets can be broadly categorized into two types when it comes to their structuring i.e. single handled and double handled faucet. Both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. The two differ in terms of control offered, installation and temperature control, all working together to give you ease of access. While the double handled faucets require three holes for their installation, single handled faucets are more practical and require one hole to be drawn on the counter top. In a double handled faucet, you would need to control water temperature by balancing both handles. This, in turn, is relatively much simpler to control in a single handled faucet where the knob only needs to be moved faintly to get the preferred temperature.

Over the years, continuous upgrading and advancement has made the single handled faucets capable of possessing all the features a double handled faucet has. Though the double handled faucets are known for the better control they provide, another pro of opting for a double handled faucet is their longer durability. Single handled faucet tend to be more vulnerable to leakages as compared to the former. You will have to replace the whole faucet in case that happens unlike a double handled faucet, where the working handle can be made use of in case one is damaged.

In the end, it all comes down to what goes with your kitchen theme and what you’re more comfortable using in your kitchen.

Motion sensor vs. Touch Technology

While Touch faucets lie somewhere in the middle of the traditional to tech savvy spectrum, motion sensor (touchless) kitchen faucets are the latest addition to kitchen accessories. Since there’s a huge difference in the price ranges, you can always opt for touch operated faucets if you don’t want something too traditional in your contemporary kitchen. Touch technology faucets operate on a single touch of the finger, wrist, or forearm, anywhere on the faucet, letting you allow and pause the water flow, and select between different water flow options. They work on batteries that need to be replaced biannually or so.

Touch-less kitchen faucets function on the motion sensor technology, allowing water to flow once the object is detected at a particular distance. The touch-less faucets are excellent water conservers. They do not allow water flow if  your hand gently brushes against them by mistake and are way more hygienic than other kitchen faucets because there is minimum contact with the faucets, thus keeping them germ free.

The downside of getting a touch-less motion sensor kitchen faucet is the premium cost, which isn’t a one timer, since you’ll be spending a lot when it comes to their maintenance. In worst cases, you might have to replace the whole thing, forcing you to ask yourself, Is it worth the luxury? These features make both, the touch and touch-less unreliable and short lived. Sure, everyone wants highly upgraded kitchen accessories, but a cost benefit analysis must be done beforehand.

Pull Down vs. Pull Out

A little confusing in their terminology, pull out and pull down kitchen faucets differ in the direction their sprayer goes, when detached from the main body. A pull down faucet generally has a goose neck and the sprayer points in the downward direction when detached. The pull out faucets have smaller spouts with a longer hose neck allowing it to move in many directions.

Pull down faucets are relatively newer and offer special features like stream flow control and magnetic docking system to retract the hose back in its place once used. They are suitable for deeper sinks and are ideal for filling longer pots and vases. Since pull down faucets provide water flow in one direction, they ease the task and have been known to be ergonomically suitable for kitchen work.

Pull out faucets are ideally designed for shallower sinks and come in handy when filling pots with bigger diameters. Pull out faucets minimize splashing and are recommended for kitchens with littles or no area around the sink. The faucets work well even with low water pressure, unlike pull down faucets. Pull down faucets may be technologically advanced, but their magnetic docking system may wear out too soon incurring high maintenance costs.

Ideally, pull down faucets are designed for bigger kitchens and pull out faucets for smaller kitchen spaces.

Deck Mount vs. Wall Mount

Deck mount and wall mount faucets differ in terms of placement. As the name suggests, wall mounted faucets are installed on the wall and hang over the sink, the tip of the spray being 1 inch above the level of the sink. Deck mounted faucets, on the other hand, attach to the counter base, are installed using a single plate, with everything equipped on them, including the handles.

If you desire to have a wall mounted faucet in your kitchen, it is necessary for you to have a proper pre planned hardware installation in the wall prior to wall painting and finishing. Wall mounted faucets are designed to be longer than deck mounted faucets in order to line up right. Deck mounted faucets prevent splashing and are extremely simple to replace unlike wall mounted faucets.

Inspired by countryside kitchen styles, the wall mounted faucets are actually being reintroduced in the market, originally having existed for years. The deck mounted faucets are more contemporary in style and go with any kind of kitchen theme.

Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Selecting kitchen accessories can get a bit too overwhelming when renovating or constructing a kitchen from the scratch. You have to keep all accessories in co ordination with the theme. However, there are a lot of technical aspects to making choices when upgrading your kitchen. The following paragraphs provide a comprehensive guide to purchasing kitchen accessories by highlighting important criteria that need to be kept in mind.


Select your kitchen faucet based on utility of handles. If you feel more at ease with the control, double handled faucets have to offer, then go for them. If you want to give your kitchen a more contemporary and sophisticated touch, a single handled faucet is what needs to be installed. It can perform almost all the functions a double handled faucet does, with one less handle, simplifying kitchen tasks.

Faucet Size

Faucet size less or entirely depends upon your kitchen size. Ideally, pull down faucets are bigger than pull out faucets and are designed for bigger kitchens and deeper sinks while pull out facets come in smaller and compact designs, best suited for small kitchen spaces.

Matching the Sink with the Faucet

When replacing a kitchen faucet, perhaps the most important step is matching the number of holes in the mounting to that of the faucet. A double handled faucet requires two holes, while a single handled faucet requires one. Other kinds of faucets commercially available differ in the number of holes they have to offer. Many faucets, nowadays are accommodating and give you an option to select from, for different sink designs.

Similarly, pull out and pull down faucets go with different sizes of sinks. i.e. pull out for shallow sinks and pull down faucets for deep sinks.

Sprayer Features

Since you’re already replacing your current kitchen faucet, you might as well go for something modern. Today’s faucets come with multiple water flow options, letting you switch between different water flows, spray for swift cleaning, stream for washing dishes, or full pressure stream for filling pitchers and pots, saving time and conserving water at once.

Traditional faucets do not possess this function, providing a similar flow for every task. The touch and motion sensor faucets do come at a premium price, but the options offered go a long way in conserving Earth’s most treasured resource.

Water Filtration

Water filtration systems are easily attachable to your existing faucets blocking out harmful chemicals like mercury, lead, chlorine taste and odor. Most of us already have that attached. But a revolution in kitchen accessories, is the invention of built in water filters in kitchen faucets. They perform the same function as any other water filter, without an additional accessory. It is a one time installation, that occurs with the faucet installation, and doesn’t require replacement.
Other latest additions in the faucet product line also provide additional water filtration options by preventing lime and calcium buildup in the spout. Keep the water filtration aspect under consideration when going kitchen shopping.


One of they key factors to consider while revamping your kitchen or replacing a kitchen faucet simply, is your budget. Staying under a budget is as important as purchasing a quality faucet. It is pertinent to note that a low priced faucet may not always be the best option. Similarly, paying a fortune for a kitchen faucet is not a smart move either.

The price paid should always be in alignment with the features offered. The features, in turn should provide actual utility and ease your kitchen tasks. For example, while a touch system is preferred for its contemporary appearance and technological advancement, water flow may start if and when your hand slightly brushes against the faucet, while grabbing something. This expensive accessory installed becomes more of an inconvenience rather than simplifying kitchen chores.


Some might argue that the finishing of your kitchen faucets is merely for aesthetics and does not serve any real purpose, one should keep in mind that something worth spending hundred of dollars should also complement other kitchen accessories. That includes sink accessories, soap dispenser and sink hole cover. You can go for a stainless steel look, or a dull vintage appearance.
Some faucets come with a spot resistant matte look, which unlike the stainless steel look, resist finger prints and water spots that leave the faucet handles looking absolutely tidy, and you spend half the time cleaning your kitchen than you usually do.

Extra Features

Contemporary faucets comprise of a number of features in addition to simply providing good water flow. These features may include soap dispensers, a detachable spout for reaching different areas of the sink, temperature control, touch and motion sensor technology, spray selector options etc. With such a wide list of special features available with just a faucet, you’ll have to take your pick, sensibly. That is because all of those added features come at an additional price.

Few of the features that actually provide utility are temperature control and soap dispensers. Temperature control is managed through an LED indicator that changes color depending on how hot or cold the water is, avoiding burns. A built in soap dispenser also comes in handy, making cleaning easier than ever.