Best Nutribullet Blenders for Refreshing Smoothies

best nutribullet blender

Small changes lead to drastic improvements. If you’re also trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle as a result of some disease or simply by choice, getting a nutrient extractor is a step in the right direction. NutriBullet has become a household name when it comes to manufacturing nutrient extractors. Their machines are powerful and long lasting.

Let’s take a quick look at the top rated NutriBullet models.

NutriBullet Reviews

Here, we review the top Nutribullet blenders, weighing their pros and cons to decide what is the ultimate best choice for you.


This Magic Bullet NutriBullet is a great extractor with amazing convenience to offer. Its High Torque Power Base with 2.3 horsepower breaks downs the hardest and toughest food materials to create nutritious smoothies for you, that too with 95%  extraction rate.

If you’re new to this, the appliance comes with a guidebook to encourage you to try new and better recipes ranging from smoothies and beverages to soups and sauces, from wholesome and fresh fruits and vegetables.

If your diet plan involves soups, you’re in luck. Try a variety of soups in the Soup making mode. Its Soup Blaster pitcher makes it easy to pour soup and provides ideal conditions for preparing your soup.

You can prepare different serving sizes with Magic Bullet nutrient extractor. The top cups in different sizes allow you to prepare single and family serving sizes.

With its Pitcher lid and Stay fresh resealable lid, transporting and storing your smoothies is no longer a problem. The lid does not allow for any contact with air, keeping your beverages fresh and healthy.

What gives this an edge over other nutrient extractors is its Auto Start-Stop technology that automatically detects how much time is required for breaking specific foods down, depending on their type, since different kinds of food need different amount of time to be turned into liquids.

Though its a slightly high end appliance, we believe its the best bullet blender, provided you get to shred, blend, grind and chop in one appliance with small features built for ease of access.

NutriBullet Pro has to be the best nutrients extractor that can be purchased without breaking the bank. If affordability is a key concern to you, then you would want to get your hands on this one. Its flip top lid makes it highly portable without compromising on its freshness. Take it with you to the gym or simply to work, and enjoy the freshness of wholesome smoothies and freshly extracted beverages.

To make your life easier, the Nutribullet Pro comes in a compact size that barely takes up any counter space in your kitchen. Moreover, its blades and other accessories are easily washable in the dishwasher.

If you’re getting this as an upgrade to a previous model, you can use the cups and the blades for this model as well since they can be used for different models of the same brand. However, if this is your first purchase, then the downside to it is that it doesn’t come with a milling blade.

Another drawback that we noticed was that there are no speeds or levels to change to. You can either switch it on or off, which makes it weaker than other heavy powered motors.

Leaving aside these factors, this is the best NutriBullet to buy, if you’re slowly making a transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Now this is what we’re talking about when we say elevate your health game. Designed to meet the technical requirements of the modern day, this nutrient extractor is just what you need for your diet to go along with exercise.

By connecting your phone app to the appliance via bluetooth, you can calculate the exact nutritional value of your beverage or smoothie. Now isn’t that impressive? The app also lets you set and track your individual diet and nutrition goals, create a virtual nutritionist as well as keep tabs on your pantry requirements and shopping lists.

While all other nutrients extractors face leakage issues at some point, NutriBullet Balance’s matte base shell protects it from all kinds of leakage alongside providing convenient clean up and maintenance.

Everyone out there looking for a low carb diet definitely needs to get this since one doesn’t realize the importance of keeping a food log until they can see how much extra have they been consuming, thinking its healthy! You basically get to track how many proteins, carbs, fibers are you consuming, customizing your smoothies according to your diet goals.

The 1200 watt motor leaves no solid residue and gives you perfectly smooth beverages. As far as the appearance is concerned, it has a very sleek design with a blue LED button and rubber base for better grip and hold.

You can prepare up to 5 servings in it, basically for the entire family. The NutriBullet balance is your perfect diet companion with a whole new world of recipes to discover, try and share on its app. Definitely the best extractor on our list.

The Veggie bullet is a 3 in 1 appliance that basically replaces the need for a food processor and electric spiralizer by slicing and shredding your vegetables for you. Veggie Bullet is perfect for those who like fermenting their vegetables, since it is the most nutrition packed way to have your diet. It makes the whole process easier by shredding and chopping your vegetables for you.

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It has a transparent plastic exterior with stainless steel blades, through which you can easily see the quantity of ingredients as well as the whole procedure. You can try a variety of recipes that involve vegetable cutting and shredding, whether its making purees, slicing meat or shredding cheese and cauliflowers.

One downside to this is the vegetable residues that remain inside the bowl and on the blades are hard to remove. The red button that indicates if all the pieces are assembled right has also received complaints of malfunctioning. If you’re looking for something less noisy, then this isn’t the appliance to get.

All in all, for the given price, it does not have a lot to offer, considering your existing food processor can also perform all these functions.

One gift to add to your baby shower registry is this Magic Bullet’s Baby Bullet System, which saves you time and hassle considerably while you’re still in your initial phases of being a mommy by making a week’s supply of baby food in minutes.

It isn’t the same as the regular Nutribullets, since it comes with a milling blade for preparing rice and oatmeal recipes for your little one. Moreover, the serving size of the preparation and storage cups is designed bearing in mind baby diet.

It is ideal for making grocery store like purees, that too with the wholesome freshness of organic ingredients minus the preservatives. However, you need to remember that it is designed for fruits and vegetables only and not for meat and poultry.

What we liked best about it is the guidebook that comes along, which gives you stage wise tips and pointers on baby diet and nutrition, recipes you should try and what precautions to take. Now isn’t that wonderful?

It comes with storage jars which easily fit in refrigerators so storage is no more an issue. The plastic used is BPA free and non toxic which makes it safe to use. All of this for an extremely nominal price makes it totally worth a try.

This Nutribullet is a great addition to your kitchen appliances, especially if you’re working out these days and need freshly extracted juices as part of your diet plan. This Nutribullet ensures that your smoothies and beverages are loaded with nutrients.

The tall cup is perfect for bigger and multiple servings. You can also use smaller cups for preserving the extracts for longer periods of time. This especially comes in handy when you’re extracting juices from seasonal fruits, only present for a small period of time.

The machine has a high torque power base and a 600 watt motor which extracts maximum pulp by cracking through the hardest of materials and vegetable/fruit skin, giving you fresh pulp, that too within seconds. It comes with 12 accessories including blades, cups, lids etc.

One issue many users face with it is leakage, but they are primarily responsible for it themselves. To avoid this, you need to look out for the water quantity you’re adding in. Adding in too much water will definitely make the cup leak once you start blending.

It lies downwards on the price range but has almost everything other high end alternatives have to offer. This Nutribullet is a good choice to start your healthy routine with.

The Nutribullet Pro is different from its predecessors in terms of power . It features a 900 watt powerful motor that breaks through tough seeds and fruit skin, giving you the freshest of pulp and juice. If you already have an older model, you can use its cups and blades for this as well. The plastic used is BPA free so it is totally safe for use, ensuring you’re only eating/drinking healthy.

It is ideal for preparing protein shakes, smoothies and nut butters. Frozen foods are also easily blended within seconds so you can enjoy slushy beverages as you may please. It extracts maximum pulp out of stem, seeds and fruits, which might end up in your trash can otherwise.

It has a very compact size and that is probably what we like best about it. Without occupying too much space, it has great utility to offer. Problem solved for people with smaller kitchens.

Cleaning it is super easy and dishwasher safe. You don’t need to disassemble any parts to wash it. All you need to do is rinse it with water and the blades and cups are good to go.

The price is definitely a pro since you don’t have to break the bank to start a healthy routine. It comes with a recipe website membership that gives you access to over 700 smoothie recipes and free online dietitian consultancy, that leaves no room for doubts when it comes to eating a nutrition filled diet.

As the name suggests, this specific Nutribullet comes with 8 additional pieces. Its 600 watt powerful motor does all kinds of blending and extracting for you, easing your job considerably. Try out smoothie, puree and beverage recipes, for yourself and your family, including your newborns if you’re not looking for an investment in the Baby Nutribullet.

Compared to pro versions, it is reasonably priced and offers similar utility when it comes to features.  This version lacks the rubber washer which was a pain to clean. This model, however, is user friendly to access and clean as well. Takes second to make smoothies and seconds to clean.

If you’re worried about noisy blenders, then you’re in luck. This one is pretty quiet compared to other alternatives. So you don’t have to fret about waking the whole house up when making your morning gym smoothies.

For your convenience, it comes with a pocket nutritionist and manual with ample recipes for you to try throughout the year. Now enjoy your freshly extracted smoothies without compromising on taste.

The NutriBullet N-12 is the strongest machine we have to offer. Its 1200 watt motor is powerful enough to blend and extract pulp and richness of vegetables, fruits and seeds of all kinds, with ideal consistency. It comes with a 14 piece set, all of which assist you in your weight loss journey. It is basically a set of tools which assist you in losing weight without compromising on proper nutrition.

Every accessory tells you the exact amount of carbs, vegetables/fruits, fats or proteins you basically need to strike the perfect balance, when it comes to diet, whether its the cup, the divider or the spoons. Since it is an upgrade to the previous models, its blades are sharper and it blends way more smoothly than any other alternative.

It comes with a 7 day transformation plan which incorporates everything you’re looking for when you’re on a diet, including recipes, meal plans, tips etc. However, make sure that you don’t overpack it with ingredients since that will only result in leakage and overheating of the motor.

It may sound a little louder than other models, but since you only need to run it for a few seconds, we believe other factors matter more.

Is Nutribullet Any Different from my Juicer/Blender?

Many people confuse nutrients extractors with juicers and blenders. Therefore, before you mistakenly believe they’re one and the same thing, you need to understand what sets them apart. While juicers extract the juice from fruits and vegetables, separating them from the pulp and and fibrous material present in them, nutrient extractors basically liquify your fruits/vegetables/seeds for you, to create healthy, nutritious beverages for you.

What gives Nutribullets an edge over your conventional juicers and blenders is that nothing goes to waste with nutrient extractors. Whereas, in juicers and blenders, half the nutrition present in the skin of the fruits and inaccessible parts, ends up in your trash can. So while you fool yourself into believing that you’re sipping healthy, you might be missing out on the major nutritional component of that particular food item.

Nutribullets have high powered motors, that may be noisier, but extract fresh pulp and fibrous material present in fruits, seeds and vegetables for you. This way you get optimal nutrition from your freshly extracted smoothies and beverages.

Which Nutribullet is Right for me?

Nutribullets have not only proven to be effective for people who’re trying to burn some serious calories and lose weight, but other people who can’t go on a solid diet due to medical reasons, as well as babies whom you can’t feed solid food, have also benefitted from it big time.

Nutrient extractors are basically made for people who want to incorporate more of liquid intake in their everyday diet, in the form of smoothies, fresh juices and beverages. What Nutribullet you should get depends on what kinds of smoothies you plan on having and how many people will be using it. Before you buy one, ask yourself what serving size would be ideal for you, since different models come in different sizes.

Secondly, you need to see if the Nutribullet you’re getting can perform multiple functions like making soups, desserts or simply sauces. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something that can only make you smoothies for you morning gym routine.

Some Nutribullets come with additional accessories that make measuring food and making portions easy for those on a diet. Recipe books and memberships for websites are also an added feature that comes with certain models. If you’re new to this, you might want to try out new recipes, which are given on these platforms, keeping in mind Nutribullet’s serving sizes.

Should I Get a Nutribullet?

So what’s the final verdict? Is getting a Nutrient extractor worth the investment? While it is a very compact appliance that barely takes up any space on your kitchen counter, some people face issues with leakage and plastic parts coming off in smoothies.

However, nutribullets are a great way to start with a healthy routine with a fruit/vegetable based diet and are easy to operate and clean.

You don’t have to worry about food and nutrient wastage and can enjoy your optimally nutritious smoothie everyday. Summing it up, if this motivates you enough to work out, then you should definitely get it, providing it has a lot of convenience to offer for a nominal price.