Best Napa Wine Clubs 2020 – Don’t Miss out on these Clubs!

1. Beringer Wine Club 2. Goosecross Wine Club 3. Chandon
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It is a widely known fact that being part of the best Napa wine club congeals your standing as a bonafide wine enthusiast. A wine club membership is a promise and should be committed to after putting in a lot of thought.

Although a lot of wine clubs have yearly subscriptions that present to you a vast array of wine varietals and heavy discounts on samples, some clubs leave no stone unturned when it comes to hosting exquisite events and tailored membership choices.

Why Choose Napa Wine Clubs?

The dorkiest manner in which one can drink wine in Napa once they’ve gotten their bearings is looking out for wine producers that do not have a tasting chamber. Small-scale winemakers that put in a lot of efforts and energy into production are the ones that usually have the best-quality wines. However, private tasting sessions are something many big-time wine sommeliers enjoy as an advanced way to drink.

Even if you’ve never been to Napa Valley, it is a well-known fact that the city comprises the best wine clubs there are. Also, Napa is one of the world’s first regions to indulge in viticulture. Keeping the city’s history aside, Napa is also celebrated for birthing the best of chefs, extraordinary resorts, tons of amazing bed & breakfast lodgings, and of course, hot air balloon rides for anyone who would like to take in the sight of beautiful vineyards from up above.

Now, if you’ve been looking for wine clubs in the region for some time, you know that there are some amazing locations and happening tourist spots that have marvelous clubs that only serve basic samples. You may have done thorough research, but don’t forget that despite its diffident geographical spread, Napa is a pretty large ground to cover.

Don’t be disheartened! Its reach just adds up to your list of reasons to research even more in order to find the best of what Napa has to offer. Look for samples and tastings that augment your wine know-how in Cali’s most admired wine-producing city. We’re sure you had the time of your life partying on a beach, but now it’s time to scavenge for some amazing wine clubs and wineries in Napa Valley!

In the pursuit to discover the best Napa wine clubs, many people have spent years trying out different clubs that suit their needs. But worry not – we’ve made it far easier for you to choose a wine club in Napa. With our list of the top ten wine clubs in this wonderful city, it will be extremely easy for you to narrow down on one that suits your needs best.

Top 10 Best Napa Wine Clubs 2020

1. Beringer Wine Club

Beringer Vineyards is an extremely celebrated wine club credited to its intricately-adorned 17-room architecture – the Rhine House mansion – which was constructed in 1884. People who are part of the Beringer Reserve Club get complimentary samples and tastings at exclusive areas of the mansion away from the hustle bustle of crowds.

The club also lets you choose between two other options with members of each section relishing complimentary spring and special holiday dinners at the Founders Room in the colossal historic mansion.

Being a part of this club means receiving special invitations to classes, performances, recitals, and many other pop-up occasions that include some of the best gourmet dishes and many barrel-tasting sessions in the manually dug tunnels where wine producers work their magic.

Famous for being one of the oldest and most colossal wine club that still functions wondrously, Beringer Vineyards holds many events and get-togethers all through California. This means getting box seats at your favourite baseball game as well! You no longer have to be a part of the country to make the most of everything this wine club membership has to offer.

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2. Goosecross Cellars Wine Club

Goosecross Cellars Wine Club, an old-fashioned and modest Napa Valley winegrower, brings to you an amazing proposal for its wine club members. Wondering what that is? Well, if you choose to be part of this wine club, you have to pay absolutely zero money to join! The club will just add bills to your credit card after you receive each shipment.

The events and occasions at the picturesque vineyard definitely call for special visits. Their lobster-in-the-vineyards dinner parties and social get-togethers are definitely something you, as a wine aficionado, would want to be a part of.

Moreover, the club also delivers special recipes with each shipment so that you can whip up a delicious meal to compliment your Goosecross-sent wine perfectly. You can take your pick from the four club options they provide. The options are simple since they solely depend on the number of bottles you want to receive on a yearly basis.

You can now sample the richest wines, make friends with the warm, hospitable staff, stroll through their vineyard, and kick back and chill on the beautiful deck and see how you favourite wines are produced. All of this is made possible by the wonderful Goosecross Cellars Wine Club in your very own Napa!

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3. Domaine Chandon Wine Club

Preserved by French luxury-commodities corporations – Moët, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton – through the years, Domaine Chandon has proved to a sparkling wine club that has become much-frequented with an enormous gift store and tasting chambers that are bound to make you feel like you’re a part of a private wine club.

This club has members that are more likely to have tons of millennials rather than snooty uplifted muzzles. Large clusters unite with cameras flashing from the selfies people click, and wine glasses clinking is just a small picture of what you’ll experience should you be a member of this club.

Yet, with the gorgeous, scenic lands plush with green pastures, duck pools, statue parks, and hillside oak copses, you’ll definitely desire some private time to kick back, relax, and take in the true beauty of it all. If you’re someone who likes staying away from the hustle bustle of crowds, then worry not! Just get some cheese or a charcuterie platter from the shop and sneak away to a picnic spot where you have your solitude and can enjoy the time your way.

Moreover, the club offers six shipments delivered to your doorstep on a yearly basis. This sums up to 12 to 18 wine bottles every year. Domaine Chandon members can customise their shipments and choose to receive all-sparkling, all-still, or a combination of both. They also get to attend complimentary sampling and tasting sessions hosted by the club’s much-admired Brut Classic with each visit.

Lastly, members also get a 20% discount on tasting menus, special merchandise, and all other wines along with a reduced tour cost. Also included are a complimentary glass of still or sparkling wine and a members-only area which is much requested by all wine enthusiasts who love a quiet withdrawal in this happening place.

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4. Inglenook Wine Club

Napa Valley’s icon in the 1800s, the Inglenook wine club has made quite a mark in the history of viticulture. A sea captain from Finland named Gustave Niebaum, who was an entrepreneur and a wine sommelier, came to Rutherford in order to construct the celebrated vino estate that was meant to stand against Europe’s finest of wines. After many years in the wine industry, the club became very famous globally, thus making it one of the best Napa wine clubs to be a part of.

Moreover, in 1975, Francis Coppola bought this historic winery and sustained the bequest that he desired. “Our goal has always been to make one of the world’s great wine,” said Coppola. Certainly, the club has succeeded in doing so.

Wine tasting is an important activity that must be carried out in this ancient club. You can choose between the Heritage tasting, open to only 8 people, and the Food and Wine preparing available to only 20. They also bring to you a special Inglenook Experience offered to just 10 people and provide 25% off to people who don’t drink. Minors up to 12 years of age are also allowed in the premises with parental supervision. You can opt for the Private experience with a 24-hour prior notice for booking. You even have the liberty to tailor your experience across the domain.

Lastly, this wine club also consists of a Rubicon Exploration option wherein you have the opportunity to take a tour of the vineyards and learn more about the heritage and history of the place. There’s also the infinity tunnel tour to help you understand the wine aging process better.

This is definitely a great Napa wine club and there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

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5. Far Niente Wine Club

Famous for housing Cali’s oldest bottle of wine discovered in the Martini region cellar, Far Niente is also the National Recorded Landmark since 1885. The history of the place is simple and beautiful. It all started with the Nickel family founding the club and re-establishing the historic landmark. They are also known to have dug their very own wine tunnel and cultivated their own gorgeous nurseries.

The club’s domain-bottled Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines are recognized to have the aptitude to modify and are in the process of growing old. The more aged the wine was, the more richer, rounded and better it tasted.

In order for them to obtain wines of such a high quality, they always store it underneath a consistent temperature of 58-60° F along with the normal moisture of the chamber.

If you’d like to opt for a Tour & Tasting, you will have to pay a certain amount to experience the history of the place along with a 1.5-hour tour of the wine tunnel. Estate Tasting is another activity you can choose. This will allow you to try their latest antique in conjunction with their hand-picked wines. Another preeminent experience is the Cave assortment library wine samplings. You’ll also get to be a part of their recent launch – Napa Valley Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon – along with their tremendously-rare cave collection of wines.

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6. Corison Wine Club

Corison Wine Club is one of the preceding ancient Cabernet wineries in Napa Valley. Cathy Corison, the proprietor, fashioned wines that consisted of both power and grace.

Corison was also extensively identified for its constancy and permanency. The clandestine for its prodigious palates lies in the manner in which it was cultivated. The cautious canopy organization corresponding with scrupulous handwork makes the wine hold its natural tartness with a reasonable amount of sugar for the sweetness.

“Great grapes make great wine” is a quote that is displayed on their website. And rightly so. The wine would definitely not turn out to be good if its grapes weren’t high-quality, and this is an aspect that Corison pays a lot of attention to.

You can definitely check out the amazing collection of sample wines – an experience that will not leave you disappointed. If you also want to opt for their Tour and Tasting activity, you definitely can by all means at a certain cost. However, if you buy 3 wine bottles along with the membership, the tasting becomes complimentary. Appointment bookings are made via your credit card and any experience has to be booked 24-hours in advance.

Lastly, we all know that Cabernet Sauvignon can be a pretty problematic grape to produce rosés with. Tons of specimens are either super-extracted, bizarrely greasy, severely herbal, or steadfastly tannic. The Corison wine club has, in some way, managed to get it right. So in case they aren’t completely sold out, be sure to try a glass of their infamous pink wine!

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7. Duckhorn Wine Club

Now and for many years before, Cabernet Sauvignon has been extremely celebrated in Napa Valley. So it is natural to deliberate over the thought processes of Dan Duckhorn and his partner Margaret when they chose to opt out of this Cabernet hush bush and decided to focus on Merlot instead. They could have failed miserably, but today we understand just how wise their decision was.

Currently, Duckhorn Vineyards is the most celebrated and eminent maker of Merlot in the whole of Napa Valley and perhaps the entire world.

Duckhorn was the innovator of Napa’s contemporary era. Labelled as one of the top 100 vineyards by Wine & Spirits, the club is also one of the best wine clubs found in the region. In 2017, it was awarded “Wine of the year” by Wine Spectator.

This wine club is dedicated to choosing only the most premium grapes while prudently handling it in order to make their wines taste super-rich.

You can also opt for a wine tasting session for a certain amount of money or choose from their numerous limited-edition bottles. Being an appointment-only experience, “A Day of Duckhorn” is an amazing all-round activity that you can participate in for a life-changing experience.

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8. Caymus Wine Club

You enjoy wine not just because of its taste but also due to the emotions it stirs up within you. Caymus Wine Club caters to that part perfectly.

Like almost all high-quality wines, there are yearly modifications and excellent years. But one of the most amazing things about this club’s devoutness to the quality of its wines is that there are factually zero vintages that don’t live up to your expectations.

Caymus has an extended track record of brilliance and hence the quality of the wines they deliver is tremendously consistent. It surely is not inexpensive, but there are many wines that just fail to compare. Their Special Selection is only produced during good years, while the normal Cabernet is produced every year. Nonetheless, both of them are classically 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

In case you want to sample their best wines, you can pay a certain fee for the outstanding tour and wine tasting session. However, if you buy 3 wine bottles, the tasting will be free of charge. If you end up inviting 5 or more people, an advance booking will have to be made.

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9. Frank Family Wine Club

A true magnum opus, the Frank Family’s wine club is Napa Valley’s most-pursued tasting chambers that were known to be the best tasting rooms for 8 years in cove zone’s A-list. Additionally, they have also been awarded with the “Winery of the Year” designation in 2012 by the Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine.

This wine club has earmarked wines that are made in small lots, which makes their wines all the more sought-after and rare. Their collection can only be accessed at the family’s vineyard and at certain high-end bistros and wine stores, counting their Patriarch and Winston Hill Red Blend.

In case you want to get a taste of their wines, you can opt for a wine tasting, or in case you choose another package you get to try special wines along with delicious cheese at a certain fee.

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10. Newton Wine Club

One of Napa’s premier wineries on Spring Mountain, the Newton Wine Club is one that employs sustainable cultivation. The method used to produce their wines is exceptional with careful handling of the fruit by an old-fashioned style that consists of natural fermentation and storage without percolation.

This wine club has also been awarded with the “Best in Show” honour as Newton’s Sole Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon in Yountville.

The club was traditionally fashioned to enabling limited handling of grapes. Naturally fermented, the fruit thus results in one of the best wines that you will pour into your glass.

Lastly, you can opt for a Tour & Tasting experience, open to only 8 people, at a certain fee. This package allows you to try out their pure Chardonnays, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can also sample their Single Vineyard Immersion, which is available to just 8 people, after paying a fixed amount. This experience allows you to sample their Solitary Vineyard Chardonnay, Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon.

Furthermore, they also have a Vineyard Exploration – an experience that you can take part in only from May to October with only 5 people per slot.

It certainly is expensive, but it should undoubtedly offer you the time of your life as well.

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Best Napa Wine Clubs – What’s Your Pick?

If you’re searching for a wine club in Napa that offers more than just complimentary tastings, give a shot at any of the aforementioned wine clubs. They not only ensure you get the best shipments from your preferred wineries, but also are a secured bet that get you many surprises throughout the tenure of your membership!