Best Garage Refrigerators – Top Rated Fridges

So you have decided to buy a refrigerator for your garage; it’s party season, and you need something to keep beer cool on a hot summer day? You suddenly realize that you have no idea what the difference between a  good and a lousy fridge is. That is where we come in. If you are struggling with a multitude of choices when it comes to the best garage refrigerator, look no further. Here are our top features to look out for when it comes to buying a new garage refrigerator.

Top 7 Factors to Look for When Getting your new Garage Refrigerator Kit

1.    Size

The most important aspect of a new refrigerator is quite obviously its size. There is no point in buying one too big and never using the space. This is a waste of energy and money. The same goes for if you buy one too small. It will not be near as a bigger one could have been. There is also the issue of space at home. It is vitally important that you measure your space at home and buy a refrigerator accordingly. This will prevent any significant disappointments when you get your refrigerator home, and it can’t fit in anywhere.

2.    Adaptability

The adaptability of your refrigerator is a very important aspect, and it will determine how useful it will be to you going forward. Things to look out for that make a refrigerator particularly more adaptable are features such as removable shelves for storing different size cans and bottles, more than one compartment to allow storage at two different temperatures and a fully reversible door, so you can fit it into even the tightest of spaces. The purpose of appliances, especially refrigerators, may change with time. So adaptability will come in handy down the line.

3.    Style

We all pay a lot of attention to the way our appliances look in our home. TV, stereos, cookers, they all have an impact on how good our rooms look. This is the same for refrigerators. It is an essential piece of decor and its looks should not be neglected. Pay close attention to the materials used to build them, other than the colors and their style. All play an important role in making your home or garage look as good as possible.

4.    Noise

Refrigerators are machines, and machines can make a hell of a noise. As technology improves the ability to reduce the noise without refrigerators gets better, but not all of them will be completely silent. The poorly manufactured models will still make a humming sound that can be very distracting when you are having a party or trying to work. Noise is measured in decibels (Db) and anything below 40 dB is quiet enough to not be distracting. Some options produce much less noise than that – if that’s what you are after.  A silent refrigerator is a must-have feature, in our opinion, and something you should pay close attention to when considering your next purchase.

5.    Power consumption

Refrigerators are large appliances that can consume a fair amount of energy to create cold environments for our food and drinks. That being said, some are much better than others at being efficient with the use of that energy, and as a result, are much better on the environment and your energy bill. Make sure to take a look at the energy rating of the machine before purchase. As well as efficient energy consumption, the build quality can also affect how much power you use or, indeed, lose. Make sure the door has a strong seal, and the refrigerator is adequately insulated, so heat is not lost needlessly.

6.    Cooling power

The speed at which a fridge can cool products is an important aspect of their design and usefulness. Some refrigerators have cooling fans that aid this and therefore cool very fast. Others cool slowly but can reach a colder temperature overall. There are many variations, and it is essential to understand what is right for you before buying. For example, if the refrigerator has no fan, the inside will have different temperatures due to a lack of air circulation. Reliable cooling power is most important for refrigerators that will be opened and closed often. Most of the heat is lost this way, and if the machine is weak, it will warm up rapidly and not be able to cool down fast enough.

7.    Added extras

In addition to doing the primary job of cooling products, some refrigerators also come with some nifty extra features. Keep a lookout for any such things as an added bonus. Some features we like are: a defrost mode for defrosting the refrigerator if it ices up, drinks dispensers inbuilt, digital displays to show live temperature readings, and reversible doors.

Now that you are an expert on the most important features to look for, you can take a look at our comprehensive list of the best garage refrigerator kits you can get.

The 10 Best Garage Refrigerators:

The NewAir Beverage cooler is a good looking and highly functional refrigerator for the garage. This machine cools down to super cold 34 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than most beverage coolers around. This means that your drinks will be kept frosty cold on those hot summer nights. The refrigerator itself is a full 3.4 cubic feet in size and can hold up to 126 cans. The shelf racks on the inside are constructed from a sturdy metal that will provide longevity to the life of this machine.

There are five racks in total, each of them removable so that you can adjust the refrigerator set up for different size bottles and cans. This refrigerator is ideal for storing everything from wine to beer cans to soft drinks. The frequency of this refrigerator is 60hz, and it has a noise level of 35db and a voltage of 110 volts. The built is modern, and the metal gives a pleasing look to the device. The contemporary mixture of a cool looking black and a stainless steel case will blend it in the decor of any home.

Some points of note, though. The fridge door is not a reversal on this model, so that means that the places where you can put this machine in your home are limited somewhat. Also, it does not have a fan to circulate cold air. This results in cold air settling on the bottom of the machine, and the drinks at the base may freeze over.


  • Good looking design is minimal, but sleek and will look great in any home.
  • Fully removable racks make this refrigerator versatile in what drinks it can hold.


  • The non-reversible door makes it more limited in where you can place it in your home.
  • No air fan inside, making the bottom colder than the top.

This model is what is amusingly referred to as a toolbox fridge, but you won’t find any tools here. The name refers to the fact that this refrigerator looks just like a mechanics tool station. Its capacity is a modest 3.2 cubic feet. This is not very large, so anyone looking to store more than a few items will be best looking elsewhere.

A nice feature of this model is that it comes on a set of 4 wheels, making it portable and efficient. It also has removable wires shelves making this refrigerator very high on the versatility scale. Also included is a crisper shelf and drip tray to keep things tidy and clean. Due to the design, this machine would be best suited to use in a garage or shed area, and not at home, so it is a great garage refrigerator kit. It has a very rugged looking design that would look very out of place in the kitchen, for example.


  • The unique ‘toolbox’ design is perfect for garage storage.
  • Removable shelves and wheels make this highly adaptable to many needs.


  • Rugged design means it will look out of place in the home.

The Kuppet MIni is a petit refrigerator that gives a surprising lot of space for drinks. At 4.5 cubic feet in size, it can hold enough drinks to last you to the end of the party. The machine has a nifty little can dispenser as well for those that are extra lazy and want to impress their friends. The door on this refrigerator is fully reversible, which is a great feature that we really love. It gives a lot of choices when it comes to placement in the house. There is also extra space inside the door for a few extra drinks — a nice bonus on one of the best garage refrigerators.

An easy to reach thermostat knob on the inside gives you complete control over the temperature. The noise levels that this machine emits is also relatively low, meaning you will not be disturbed by that low hum that some poor quality refrigerators make. Inside the fridge, there is a single glass shelf that can be adjusted and removed if you so wish for the organization of taller drinks. It also makes it easier for cleaning. Overall, this fridge is an excellent option for mixed storage of goods, much like a traditional full-size fridge.


  • A fully reversible door means more choice of location in the house.
  • Extra space in the door.
  • Very quiet.


  • Not ideal as a drinks fridge as it has tall shelves and big spaces.

The Northair mini refrigerator is a stunning machine. It is equipped with a very versatile two-door design. This provides two spaces independent of each other so that you can store products at two different temperatures if you so desire. One compartment can be cooled to between 1 – 8 degrees celsius and is excellent for storing drinks and fresh meat and vegetables; the other can be cooled down to -18 degrees celsius and is perfect for frozen produce and ice. The build of this machine is high quality, and it has a body made from ABS plastic and sheet metal that is both strong and durable. Inside it has a built-in food draw, adaptable glass shelf perfect for multi-layered storage.

One of the best features of this model is that it takes energy efficiency seriously and has an efficient compressor installed in the inner core. It is claimed that this refrigerator can use as little as 1KW a day in energy. It is also made from environmentally friendly materials that stand up to rigorous testing, while also being less damaging to the natural world. If you are looking for a green option, this may be the best garage refrigerator for you. Temperature control on this machine is also good, and it allows for precise adjustments via a dial on the inside. In addition, temperature preservation is also excellent, and the refrigerator will remain cold up to 8 hours after a power failure. Finally, this model is relatively low noise and emits nothing louder than 40 decibels. This makes it suitable for placing in working environments such as offices, where silence is needed.


  • The striking red two-door design provides beauty and adaptability.
  • Low power consumption and low noise emittance.


  • It could be a bit garish for some tastes.

This Danby refrigerator has a sleek and modern metallic design that really looks good in a modern and contemporary home. It also features a useful combination of a two-door fridge freezer setup. This model has a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet or 87 letters. It is also compliant with energy star standards, to keep energy costs as low as possible and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Its sleek build makes it a great addition to garages, offices, and everything in between.

A nice feature on this model is its defrosting system that will help defrost ice build-up fast and reduce the resulting leaks substantially. Besides, it has an intelligent reversible door that means you can adjust to open from either the left or the right side, making placement more simple. In terms of noisiness, this machine is very quiet. So quiet in fact that it is virtually silent. Great for bedrooms or offices.


  • The sleek and elegant metal design looks great anywhere.
  • Two-door design is suitable for freezing as well as chilling.


  • It could be too big for some locations.

This Kuppet refrigerator is beautifully manufactured, using only the best quality materials and plastics. It has the look of a more conventional refrigerator only in a smaller form. It looks very striking with its midnight black metal finish covering every part of the machine. It has a two-door design – that means you can store products at two different temperatures, one chilled and one frozen. It functions at a reasonably low noise level of 40dB and will be fine situated in-home or office.

It comes fitted with precise temperature control for small adjustments as required. Happily, the door is also fully reversible, so you will have much more choice when it comes to placement. Inside, this model has a cool box and space in the door for a few extra items. It is also brightly illuminated inside with a set of LED lights so that you can see what’s inside in any lighting situation you may find yourself in. Like other Kupet products, there is an issue with the fragility of the metal that covers the frame, and as such, it is quite easy to dent when moving, so be careful.


  • Gorgeous midnight black finish makes it look terrific in the kitchen or garage.


  • Easily dented when moving it around.

The first thing you notice about this refrigerator is its super classy retro style aesthetics.  This look comes mainly from the gorgeous chrome 50’s style handles. A real standout feature. When this is combined with the matte black finish to the frame – and you have a winner in terms of design. The door is also fully reversible, giving this model high adjustability in relation to placement in the home. You will find a fully adjustable thermostat inside for temperature control to within a few degrees.

The temperature range on this model is between 32 Fahrenheit and 50 Fahrenheit. Compressor cooling also helps to keep produce fresh. Noise emittance is very low and simply won’t be an issue with this one. Its capacity stands at a generous 3.2 cubic feet, making it perfect for a multitude of uses. Finally, the interior is illuminated with some strong led lights for ease of use in dark environments while also being energy efficient. One potential issue is that if impacted, the outer metal casing does dent quite easily. This makes it vitally important that when installing this refrigerator, you are super careful not to bump it against any walls when you fit it in the home.


  • Beautiful retro stylings make this refrigerator a real looker.
  • Very accurate temperature control.
  • There are strong LED lights in the interior.


  • The metal frame does dent easily if bumped.

This stainless steel fridge has a beautiful brushed metal look to it. The mechanical range temperature ranges from 32′ to 35.6′ Fahrenheit, and it is really precise. The storage is ample, with plenty of room for beverages and snacks; the legs are adjustable, and the door reversible. A truly versatile product and one of the best garage refrigerators if you are on a budget.

To add to that, this fridge is Energy Star rated. This is a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to promote the efficient use of energy. This means this is a genuinely economical refrigerator that also makes almost no noise. An improvement point for this fridge would be to add an interior light to it – it is a bit strange that this is not a feature already.


  • It comes with the Energy Star rating.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It has plenty of storage.
  • The doors are reversible.


  • It does not have an interior light.

The Northair refrigerator is not only cute but feature-packed. It is very budget-friendly while also being effective – a combination we can get behind. This fridge has a retro look that comes in red, turquoise, and the traditional white, and a square shape that makes for a spacious inside. To give you an idea of the capacity – you can fit 60 cans in this fridge, even though it only measures 17×18 inches.

The temperature is manually controlled, from 32 to 50 Fahrenheit. The inner core is lined with R600 – a powerful refrigerant that has low Global Warming Potential. That means this is a highly energy-saving fridge that only uses 1-kilowatt hour a day. The design is well-thought-out, while the outside is appealing and round, the inside is full of compartments and removable shelves.

This refrigerator makes some noise while it’s cooling, but after it gets cold, it gets pretty quiet. Northair is known to push the boundaries in terms of design while still providing quality products, so rest assured you are getting a good fridge. The cooling power is good enough for the size, and users are happy with customer support.


  • Fresh and retro design.
  • Compact and spacious.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Low Global Warming Potential.


  • It is a bit noisy while cooling down.

The Smeta comes practically ready to use – it is already wired and pumped, and anyone can install it. Although this is a gas-powered fridge, the best feature is that you can choose between propane and electricity easily. The average gas consumption per day is 0.6 lb – you can save a lot of money with this model.

Even though it is a small fridge, the slide-out storage shelves make it up for it – you can fit over 50 cans of drinks in it! This is one of the best garage ready refrigerator freezer to get, a premium product with immense power that makes little noise. Even if you choose to use the electricity feature, it is still very economical. One thing to notice is that the hose is not included, this can be very annoying if you didn’t know to purchase one separately.

The fridge keeps quite cold, and if you put it in maximum cooling mode, it can start freezing your food, so always keep an eye on it in the beginning. Users that live off-grid especially love this model, but this is also a great one to stay in the garage and to use it in case of a power shortage. The Smeta is not the cheapest of garage fridges, but well worth the investment. The freezer itself has a temperature range of -0.4 °F to 32 °F, ensuring a minimal freezing time.


  • It is very powerful.
  • It is quite economical.
  • You can choose between propane and electricity use.
  • It is very quiet.


  • It does not include the gas hose.
  • It is not inexpensive.


Buying a refrigerator is not something that you will often do, and as a result, there are many features that you may not be aware of in their design. Fortunately, all it takes is a little patience and a little research, and you will be able to learn all there is to know about these useful appliances. Before you know it, you will have the best garage refrigerator for your needs sitting proudly at home. Happy shopping!