The Best Beverage Cooler Reviews 2020: Personal and Commercial Use

If you’re here, chances are you’re probably past the stage of contemplating whether investing in a beverage cooler is a great idea or not. Beverage coolers are perfect for showcasing your collection, providing the perfect temperature for storing beverages for longer periods and serving chilled soda and beer cans on parties as well.


Top 10 Beverage Refrigerators – 2020 Picks

Best Rated Beverage Fridge Reviews

Read these beverage cooler reviews to find out about our top picks in detail.


This Kalamera beverage cooler is ideal for individuals who have a huge beer collection to showcase. Although it has a compact size of 33.9” (height) and 22.4”x14.9” floor space, it comes with a storage capacity of 96 cans. The storage space is adjustable with 6 removable racks to adjust cans and beverage bottles of a variety of sizes and shapes.

The compressor is equipped with a vibration reduction gear that keeps your beverages cool without starting and stopping several times unlike older models. Enjoy the coolness of beer without having to compromise on the noise compressors make, since this compressor is whisper quiet.

You don’t have to worry about high temperatures ruining your beer quality since the temperature memory function allows you to restore the temperature once it is back on, in case the cooler shuts down due to power outage. The cooler keeps your beverages cool between 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is easily visible on the LCD display.

The best thing we like about this beverage cooler is its security, with the hexagon bolt lock protecting it from unnecessary and frequent opening in a house with kids. To keep the cooler air pure, it comes with an embedded carbon filter, that preserves your beverage bottles from developing any kind of odor and unwanted particles in the air.

Whether you want to place it as a freestanding cooler or fit it in a built in cabinet is totally up to you. The cooler goes well with any traditional or contemporary styled kitchen, living room or even bedroom, since it is sleekly designed with inner blue LED lighting to add beauty.

If staying in a budget is your top priority for purchasing a beverage cooler, then Edge Star is the one you need to consider. The perfect economy package, this cooler comes with a manual temperature control setting, that can be adjusted anywhere between 30-50 degree Fahrenheit.

Though the cooler is only built for freestanding settings, it isn’t a bad deal, given the reasonable price. The storage capacity is certainly a win here, with its ability to store 103 12 oz. cans and around five 750 ml bottles. The storage is also made adjustable with the 6 removable shelves that can be slid out anytime you need to.

With its sleek stainless exterior and chrome shelves, highlighted by the blue LED lighting, the design is also a treat to the eyes. The light can be turned on and off as per your convenience. You can always place it in your living room if you are often hosting parties, or place it in the bedroom at other times for your convenience.

To make it inaccessible for kids and other unwanted people, the cooler has a built in integrated lock system to keep your beverages safe and secure at all times. All these qualities make it the best beverage cooler for money.

However, one downside to buying this cooler is the manual defrosting that may be a problem, since it hampers the cooling process of the entire cooler. While users have complained about its inability to keep beverages chilled, it does maintain a favorable temperature for beer and drinks to be served cool when desired. Compared to other coolers, its compressor may seem a little noisy. This, however, is something that can be compromised on, considering how affordable it is.

This Whynter beverage cooler is a value packed appliance that provides unmatchable cooling to your drinks, keeping them fresh and crisp as new. The cooler’s mechanism works to create even cooling throughout the compartments with consistent temperatures.

This fridge is the perfect combination of compact and huge storage. With a capacity of up to 120 standard 12 oz, cans, the cooler doesn’t appear as large and can settle in perfectly anywhere in the house. It features a sleek and trendy stainless steel exterior with a reversible trimmed glass door making it visually appealing enough to be the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom. The collection showcased is enhanced with the soft LED lighting inside.

Easily operable for people who dislike automatic cooling, The temperature control is manual, allowing you to set it anywhere between 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior features an internal air cooled system to ensure even cooling through a fan, with its powerful compressor.

Alongside other features, it has a cylindrical lock with two keys to ensure safety at all times. This compact beverage cooler, is, however built for freestanding settings only and can’t be placed in built in cabinets, which is a bummer if you’ve already got a space reserved for it. Another drawback to getting this beverage fridge is the noise associated with it, which shouldn’t be much of a problem, if you’re not too sensitive to compressor sound.

Avallon beverage cooler is the hallmark of style and outstanding performance. Built to keep your beverages cool within the temperature range of 34-50 degrees Fahrenheit, this appliance comes with a single zone unit. The touch control panel and white LED display adds to its class and makes it absolutely worth every penny, something worth showing off.

This beverage cooler is the perfect choice for party lovers and even commercial use with its 3 sanded glass shelves that can accommodate up to 152 cans. Now you can serve chilled beer without having to worry about frosting. Similarly, there are no hot spots or trouble regarding uneven cooling. The powerful compressor ensures cool air is distributed throughout evenly to serve chilled beer.

The cooler supports a true key lock giving you complete control of your beverages. Its double-paned low E glass adds a sleek finish to the cooler that makes it a great centerpiece to place in your living room or bedroom. Since it can be used both as a freestanding and built in beverage refrigerator, you can also place it in your kitchen.

As far as its insulation is concerned, the Argon gas between its two panes ensures that the cooling is confined to the inside of the beverage cooler, maintaining set temperatures. All of these features combined provide superior value for the given price.

The Danby beverage Cooler has got everything you need in a budget friendly appliance: It’s trendy, holds great capacity, is energy efficient and has mechanical temperature control. What we like best about this cooler is that it has a reversible door which is extremely user friendly for both right and left handed people. This refrigerator comes with an adjustable hinge that can be adjusted according to your need.

With a consumption of just 368 kWh/year, the refrigerator is extremely energy efficient without compromising on the cooling process. The temperature control ranges between 43-57 degrees Fahrenheit and has to be adjusted manually. This means you can simply set the temperature and forget about it.

This particular model can hold up to 120 cans of your favorite beverages, making it an ideal cooler for serving chilled drinks at your party. Moreover, it has a tempered glass, that makes your collection easily visible to everyone under the blue light.

With its integrated lock, your drink bottles stay secure from kids and any unwanted access on a gathering as well. While some users have complained of insufficient cooling, the best way to avoid that is by not stocking up the fridge to its maximum capacity.

Although this might seem like a drawback, for a price as reasonable as this, one should take this as a precautionary measure for better performance.

Probably the most value packed beverage cooler on the list, Phiestina promises to deliver quality of high end brands in the price of budget friendly beverage coolers. With a capacity of 106 cans, this beverage fridge gives you your drink as per your preference, whether that’s frosty, cool or light chilled, by setting up the thermostat between 38-50 degrees.

You can readjust its 6 shelves as per your requirement to accommodate bigger sized bottles and cans. Not only that, but you can also free up space to cool food alongside your drinks.

Since its a freestanding appliance, you’re free to place it anywhere you desire and keep shifting places when you need to. The stainless steel exterior definitely adds to the beauty and grandeur of this refrigerator as the blue LED lighting enhances your drinks collection. It has a touch control panel to add to its modern design.

Although you’re adding to the electrical appliances in your house, its energy efficiency won’t spike up your bills like others. Compared to other beverage chillers, this specific model has a quieter compressor with minimal vibrations on starting and stopping. Even cooling is ensured with its latest air circulation technology.

Loaded with features, we believe its one deal that needs to be struck if you’re looking for an affordable yet purposeful beverage cooler.

You can showcase your drinks with this beverage cooler, if you don’t already have one. It has got everything one possibly looks for in a beverage fridge. You can easily store enough liquor, 58 bottles or 96 cans, for an upcoming party or just enough to make your cooler appear full.

The design is pure stainless steel and is definitely not designed to be hidden behind cabinets. The cooler can be used as a built in appliance for your kitchen or as a freestanding cooler that can be placed wherever required.

For the convenience of left and right handed users, the door is reversible and its hinges can be attached as per requirement. This becomes especially important when you’re using it as a built in cooler, where the opening direction should be in alignment with other cabinets.

The blue LED lighting alongside enhancing the visual appeal of your beverages, also helps illuminate the interior of the cooler when you want to find a bottle. With energy efficiency at heart, this cooler only consumes 217 kW per year, not to forget the minimal vibrations compared to other alternatives.

What we like best about this mini-fridge is its compact size. You don’t need to worry about spacing since it is only 15 inches wide and 23 inches long. Moreover, the shelves are completely customizable and can be taken out to make space for larger bottles. Lying midway on the price continuum, this NewAir cooler has good value to offer with a variety of features.

Want to put your liquor collection to display but aren’t looking for a big investment? The NewAir AB-850 fits your needs perfectly. Visually appealing and energy efficient, this cooler fulfills all your beverage cooler requirements without costing you a fortune. This beverage cooler is bound to become your go to place for chilled beer or soda. Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere and everywhere without occupying too much space.

Its matte black finish distinguishes it from the other stainless steel alternatives available and makes it easy to blend with your existing cabinets and kitchen counters regardless of being a freestanding appliance.

The interior is just as impressive, with 5 adjustable racks to accommodate your bottles and cans and the internal LED lighting. As far as the cooling is concerned, it is capable of cooling your drinks down to as much as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. That too, without its compressor making any noise.

Not only is this specific model affordable but also keeps your utility bills from spiking up due to its energy efficient technology. The refrigerator also features a small lock at the bottom for you to monitor access to your collection.

However, there are some factors you need to look out for, considering its a low budget option. Avoid stuffing in too many bottles at a time and ensure proper ventilation for the compressor for proper cooling. Because of this, it isn’t advised to use this as a built in beverage cooler. Rest assured, this is the most budget friendly option you can find on the market given its wide functionality.

This sleekly designed KoldFront beverage cooler is ideal for your kitchen and lounge. Its touch control panel, LED lighting and digital display are definitely its best features when it comes to being visually appealing. Its tempered glass door with black trim add elegance to the overall design. So if you’re searching for something stylish, this is what to get.

To tackle ventilation problems, this cooler has front venting, making it suitable for built in and freestanding placement, both. That means you get to have chilled beer any time of the day, with temperature that goes as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Storage capacity is reasonable, up to 80 cans, given the compact size. If you need to place bottles, cans and other items, you can always adjust the shelves as you may please, leaving extra ones out.

The double pane glass provides perfect insulation, preventing warm air from getting in and cold air from escaping. Since the insulation is good for the given price, your sodas and beer are cooled quickly, without defrosting. You won’t have to worry about defrosting manually as it is an auto defrost refrigerator.

Another cool feature is its reversible door that can be hinged according to your cabinet installations and user preference. The appliance is highly user friendly and offers great value for a reasonable price.

This beverage refrigerator is suitable for commercial purposes and office use but not so much for your personal use because of the Coca Cola branding on the glass door and the sides. However, for a commercial beverage cooler, it has a reasonable capacity of around 80 cans or 60 bottles and is pretty spacious when it comes to storage capacity.

Since the cooler is designed for commercial use, it has a lot of customization to offer. You can adjust the leveling legs according to requirement as well as set the temperature manually, as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. To accommodate bottles and cans, it has three adjustable shelves that can be customized as per need.

The double pane glass door is frosty, giving a chilled effect, and has a stainless steel frame with a door lock on the bottom. This keeps your drinks secure from theft and unwanted access. The LED lighting brightens up the door, giving off a really cool vibe and is sure to get many compliments.

Whether its a token of dedication or simply fulfilling your requirement, this drink cooler is as real as it gets in true Coke fashion. Most importantly, it is DOE commercially compliant. Easy to set, high quality and great utility, we believe its the perfect package.

How to Buy the Best Beverage Cooler

So what is the right criteria to keep in mind when purchasing a new beverage cooler? Here, we take into consideration certain factors and specs that you need to analyze before you go on a hunt for your new beverage refrigerator.

Beverage Kind

The first thing to ask yourself is why are you getting this cooler in the first place and what purpose will it serve? Will you specifically be using it for storing beer and letting it age, or is it going to be used for cooling soft drinks and soda cans? Once that is decided, your decision for considering other factors like dual zone vs single zone, manual vs automatic temperature etc, will become a lot easier.

Single Zone vs Dual Zone

Refrigerators with dual zone cooling allow you to set two different temperatures in separate compartments simultaneously, depending upon their storage condition. So basically, if you want to store drinks for longer periods and chilled icy soda in the same fridge, you will be needing a dual zone cooler.

On the other hand, if all the beverages you plan on storing require the same temperature for cooling and preserving, a single zone beverage cooler will work for you. Dual zone coolers either have side by side or top/bottom compartments providing two different storage temperatures in one appliance. People who store canned goods, liquor and sodas in the same coolers find this feature extremely useful.

However, ad-hoc features like dual zone cooling also come with an additional price, therefore this decision needs to be made by doing a small cost-benefit analysis for yourself.

Freestanding vs Built In

Coming to the placement of your beverage cooler, you broadly have two options: place it as a freestanding compact mini-fridge or install it in existing counter spaces. Freestanding refrigerators have more flexibility to offer in the sense that they can be placed anywhere around the house, where required. Whereas, built in refrigerators have to be placed in specially designed spaces. This is a good option for those with space issues in the house, since a built-in cooler gives a more neat and assembled look without occupying additional space in the house.

Additional Features to Look for

Now that we’re done with important factors to be considered when buying a new cooler, here are some additional features found in certain refrigerators. Mostly included for visual appeal, some of these specs actually offer great convenience for a nominal price change.

To make your beverage coolers more aesthetically appealing, some models come with digital control and touch panels that go with the sleek and stylish finish of the refrigerator, bringing out the class in it. They go well with your living space and make adjusting temperature much easier.

LED lighting not only enhances your collection and showcases it beautifully, but helps you pick out the desired bottle or can at night when the lights are out. You’ll notice LED lighting is mostly available in most expensive beverage coolers.

Some beverage fridges come with reversible doors, i.e. you have the option to select which side the door opens to. This is important for built in coolers that need to be in alignment with the rest of the cabinets and the direction their doors open in. Also offers great convenience for both, left and right handed users.

Adjustable shelves come in really handy when the bottle or can sizes are unconventional or when you have a variety of them. You can adjust your fridge storage according to your requirement by removing some shelves and placing them back later.