6 Quick Wine Etiquette Tips

Wine tasting
Wine tasting

It can be scary to step inside the tasting room with a group of sommeliers or other expert drinkers. You don’t know how long you should sniff the wine or hold the glass properly. Fortunately, this is not something that you need to worry about. Today we will share you with the top 6 quick wine etiquette tips to help you on your next wine tasting tour.

6 Important Wine Etiquette Tips

#1 Don’t be afraid to ask questions

This might come as a surprise, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. The sommelier’s job is not only to sell you a bottle of wine. Instead, the sommelier is there to enhance the tasting experience by teaching you the history of the wine you are drinking. In addition, people who are involved in the wine industry love getting the chance to talk about their passion.

#2 When to spit the wine

Most beginners are shocked to find out that you need to spit the wine when tasting. This is not a rule that you are forced to follow, but it’s best to do it on wine tasting tours. The reason behind this is that you will taste different bottles, and by not overindulging, you will be able to taste every flavor until the last bottle. Keep in mind that you need to spit the wine into a cup and then pour it into the buckets that are usually located at the counter.

#3 Don’t sniff every bottle of wine

If you ever order a regular glass of wine at a restaurant, it’s best not to sniff it and just enjoy drinking it. A standard bottle of wine that costs around $50 at the restaurant is usually purchased for less from the market. This means that you will end up sniffing a $20 wine from a local shop. The golden rule to follow is that sniffing wine needs to happen at high-end restaurants, wine tasting tours, and vineyards.

#4 Tilt the glass

The most common pet peeve that sommeliers share is when people pour wine without tilting the glass. While this might sound like something not that important, it actually plays an important role. By not tilting the glass when pouring the wine, the drink will get all bubbly. You will now need to wait for a couple of seconds until the bubbles fizzle down so that you can keep pouring.

#5 Leave a tip

Even though tasting room servers are there to serve you wine and tell you about its history, they are not bartenders. If you feel like they are helpful and made your wine tasting experience better, you should consider leaving a tip. The servers will feel appreciated, and doing this will help you build a relationship with the local winery.

#6 Enjoy the wine and drink slowly

When you are going wine tasting, you are not there to get drunk. While overindulging might seem like the right thing to do since there is so much wine around, this is never a good idea. Wine etiquette calls to pace yourself.

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