5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine Cooler

A wine cooler or refrigerator is an excellent addition to any home. It is a necessity for wine lovers and collectors. Drinking wine has a lot of benefits including the fact that it reduces risk of heart stroke and cancer. Wine coolers are referred to as refrigerators or wine chillers (because they are essentially specialty refrigerators designed to store wine). Wine coolers are built to keep wine chilled for serving purposes. The actual temperature for cooling solely depends on the type of wine.

Below are some of the considerations for people looking to buy a wine refrigerator:

1. Budget

Before starting the purchasing process, every wine collector must consider their budget. The prices of wine coolers vary widely depending on a host of factors including capacity, size, brand, and other considerations. It is crucial to prepare a pre-set budget limit if you want to simplify the buying process.

2. Size

Before purchasing a wine cooler, critically think about the quantity of wine that you intend to store at any particular time. Since wine coolers aren’t long-term storage options, it is best to consider how much-chilled wine you will need in a short period. An excellent rule of thumb here is determining the amount of wine you need and doubling that quantity.

3. Temperature Range

The main purpose of purchasing a wine refrigerator is to keep your wine at a unique temperature. If you intend to store beverages with varying temperature storage requirements, search for a wine cooler model that offers multiple temperature controlled functions (this means that it can be set to varying temperatures).

4. Storage Location

When selecting the kind of wine chiller to buy, the amount of space you have in your home is another important factor to keep considering. There are diverse and multiple wine cooler designs available that you can use to accommodate different needs.

5. Design

a) Built-In

Built-in wine refrigerators are located under counters. These types are costlier than countertop units. It paramount to put the cost of labor (for its installation) into consideration. These type of coolers can be alternatives to dishwashers or trash compactors.

b) Countertop

Countertop wine chillers are ideal for small spaces. People who want to store only a small amount of beverages at any particular time can also benefit. This model is energy-efficient and budget-friendly. They are versatile because it is easy to relocate them to different locations when necessary.

c) Freestanding

Freestanding wine refrigerators have the most volume. They are the most space-consuming as well. These units are nearly the size of traditional refrigerators, so placement is an important consideration if you decide to buy this model.

6. Shelving

Shelving can vary depending on the wine cooler model or its price. Basic wine chillers come with wire shelving. More expensive models come with wood-reinforced shelving. It is important to indicate that most shelving units aren’t built to hold larger bottles. If a unit holds larger bottles, then a buyer shouldn’t forget that the overall capacity of the cooler will be reduced.